Author Topic: LambdaHack/Allure of the Stars (now at v0.6.1.0 'Breaking one rule at a time')  (Read 2580 times)

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Have fun! :)

- fix redrawing after window minimized and restored
- hack around vanishing texture on Windows
- hack around SDL backends not thread-safe on Windows
- the only breaking API change: specify font directory in game rules content
- let the game use its own fonts, not fonts from the sample game in library
- tweak some item creation to occur in character's pack, not on the ground
- slightly balance various content
- make sure the 'resolution' effect is not a drawback
- make artifact weapon rarities more regular
- avoid creating lit, open dungeon at the bottom, where foes have ranged weapons
- number scenarios in user descriptions
- correct, add and modify some in-game messages
- let player hear unseen summonings performed by other actors
- don't let actors hear blasts hitting walls, as opposed to hitting actors
- when moving item out of shared stash, reset its timeouts
- when ascending, shift timeouts of inventory as well
- when creating item not on the ground, discover it
- when dominating, auto-discover only if the item can't be discovered by use
- let henchmen take into account their targets, as described in
- let only walkable tiles be explorable, for clear walls inside solid blocks
- move to API 2.0.0 of sdl2-ttf and depend on corrected sdl2 (builds on Windows)
- simplify code thanks to the new sdl2-ttf API
- tweak travis scripts and building docs in README