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Undervault (now at Alpha v0.1.1) $
« on: August 22, 2017, 08:58:23 PM »   $3.00 Win/Mac/Linux/Android   Demo available

Undervault is a role-playing game with random levels and perma-death. Game level contains rooms of different types (kitchen, bedroom, treasury etc.).  Some rooms are 'unknown' and can be revealed by spinning roulette, or by using a room card. The only goal is to escape from the dungeon.

Each of the room types has its own special features. In kitchen you can find food and kitchenware; in arsenal – weapon and armor; chapel destroys enemies in nearby rooms; in bedroom you can rest and heal. Some rooms might have enemies. Fight them or avoid – depends on you.

Battles are turn-based with such features:
    Aim on different body parts – head, torso, legs
    Use active skills. Roar to make enemy retreat, punch to stun
    Consume items (syringe, bandage, pills)
    Character statutes and traits which affect battle
    Enemy AI which controls use of items and skills

More game features:
    Skills tree with ability to focus on different play styles (battle, stealth, room generation)
    Trading. Each trader in the game has its unique list of items and prices. It's possible to speculate with some items by buying from one trader and selling to another with a higher price
    Farming. All you need is room with soil and light, seeds and some time
    Mining. Dig new rooms or connections between existing rooms
    Character leveling system. Improve certain characteristics on each level
    Different room connection types - door, ladder, hole (move only downward), locked door (pull lever to unlock)
    Backpack system. You can take only limited amount of items to the next dungeon level (number depends on player stats and equipped backpack)

My first serious game is finally released. It was really hard and sometimes frustrating to develop. Especially it's true for art because I am not an artist and never did it before. While the game is still in development most of the core features are implemented. My plans for the nearest future are:   

    Polish art, UI, gameplay
    Make game easier to get into and improve overall usability

If I'll get a positive feedback and some funds for additional development I have some additional features in mind:

    End game statistics
    Daily challenges, leaderboards
    New content: items, enemies, rooms etc.
    Different playable characters, each with its own special feature

Anyway, check it out (demo is free) and share your thoughts about the game. Have fun!

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