Author Topic: Golden Krone Hotel - [The Last Update - Controller support, 6 new branches...]  (Read 12661 times)


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Re: Golden Krone Hotel - Launched out of Early Access
« Reply #15 on: October 27, 2017, 08:11:05 AM »
Ouh. I reported that, and I somewhat manage to skip information about fix. Thanks, jere :)


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Re: Golden Krone Hotel - Launched out of Early Access
« Reply #16 on: July 23, 2018, 01:47:20 AM »
Been working on a final update to the game for many months. It's done, so the game is done. Details below...

Some roguelikes never cease development. Well, this ain't one of 'em.

When Golden Krone Hotel was released last October, it was absolutely a complete experience, but a handful of things never made the cut. With this last update, the game is as exactly as I envisioned when I first decided to expand it from its humble Seven Day Roguelike origins.

Six new branches have been added bringing the total number of floors on each run to 27! Controller support is finally here as is clouds saves. Nine new achievements were added.

Hawkers are now friendly so you don't have to tip toe around them.

Several new monsters are introduced with this update including the Devourer, a vampire that can teleport to pools of blood. Other vampires now drink blood off the floor just like the player does.

The Underworld has been reworked to make it more varied, interesting, and fun.

Lore is now permanently collectible and a ton of books, conversations, and even a world map has been added.

A hotel map provides the location of hawkers, chests, and bosses.

New spells, new potions, and a new vampire ability are in the mix.

Dozens of other changes listed below....

Have fun

Enjoy the update, let me know if you see any issues, and one last favor: please add a review to the game if you enjoyed it.

The game should be going on sale within 24 hours.

Thanks for all the support, my kronies!

  • Cloud saves
  • Controller support
  • Zoom level to help with odd resolutions and playing on a TV
  • 2 new guaranteed branches:
  • HIVE
  • 4 new random branches (you'll see 2 of these each run):
  • Added Fede ring. It gives a spell power bonus and can be found in one of the previous two branches
  • Hawkers are now friendly all the time
  • Prices in the hotel have doubled
  • New vampire to fit in for the Hawker: Devourer. This one is bad ♥♥♥
  • Other new monsters: Elder GreenMan, DeathCap Toadstool, Electric Golem, Magma Golem, Artificer, Gargoyle, Naiad (water nymph). Mother♥♥♥♥ing Bees!
  • WARP has been removed. I finally admitted to myself that it was useless.
  • Two new spells: GLACIATE and QUAKE
  • New demon blood ability: QUENCH
  • Demon blood abilities are now randomly swapped out periodically when you have a full set
  • Demon blood abilities are easier to acquire the fewer of them you have (first one is guaranteed)
  • Minimap can be expanded
  • A hotel "overworld" map can be access with 'I'.
  • Expanded and rewritten lore and some more conversations. 40+ pages to collect, plus an infinite procedural "Song of Blood"
  • An actual overworld map is one of the things you can collect, which is totally pointless but cool!
  • New potion: BIG. The berserker starsts with it now.
  • New potion: Clarity
  • Condensed intelligence and mana potion into one way more useful potion, which is now given to the Scholar
  • Merchant gets a bonus $100 to start
  • Walking on stairs automatically tells you the destination
  • Mana increase per level simplified (2mp/level)
  • Fixed a crash bug which happened when falling through a pit onto ice
  • Enemy vampires will drink blood just like you do. Some vampires will even go out of their way for it. The player now bleeds.
  • Strength, which was significantly underpowered compared to dexterity, now gives a percent damage reduction (1.5% per every point above 10) on top of it's previous function.
  • All the statuses have been stylized
  • Added organs. Examine to play (V/select)!
  • Added Time Crystals
  • Blast damage reduced per hit
  • Examing a sunlit staircase gives the proper description
  • Tile animation is slowed down when the game is struggling. I *hope* this helps with performance somewhat
  • Items can be picked up on lava/water
  • Water + lava = stone
  • Fixed a very elusive portal spawn bug
  • Windows are brightened even when unbroken and even a bit before sunrise!
  • Sunlight on windows has been added to minimap
  • Added note to options about Numlock needing to be off for diagonal movement
  • Thumb ring nerfed (100% -> 33% crit chance)
  • Dummy status when submerged
  • New floor sprite on main floors
  • More potions made optional per run, so you get more variety
  • Confirm default moves is now on by default, but way better
  • Wolves are friendly to werewolves
  • Hunters buffed slightly
  • Burning monsters now give off light
  • Invisiblity no longer prevents enemy spell casting when adjacent
  • Solomonari now have colorful robes to hint at their chosen spell
  • Turn count added to UI
  • Morgue auto-upload turned off by default
  • Random class selection
  • Lots of Underworld changes
  • Underworld no longer reenterable except through recall potions
  • Armor now spawns in Underworld
  • New item: Arcane Hammer. Increases your lowest gear by +1. No limit.
  • Power curve in infinite levels retuned
  • Blood drops on ice
  • Too many balance tweaks to mention
  • Each Underworld level has a distinct look and layout and set of monsters rather than all being a generic underworld cave setting
  • Sometimes multiple Baron bosses can spawn
  • Barons have a wider variety of abilities
  • Some more Baron appendages
  • Treasure levels that spawn about 10% of the time
  • Cancelling Grimoires gives +1 MP
  • Tooltips on spells/abilities can be accessed through V + 1-4
  • Fixed an issue with remapping 0 or ` keys
  • Text fix on 1 gold piece
  • Distracting console messages removed after examine/revolver modes are exited
  • Casting a spell now ends the turn for any monster. No more one turn deaths from Gorgon Queen
  • The encounter with Fane has been altered slightly
  • Fixed a light bug with TEMPEST
  • Fixed incorrect key hints bug
  • Fixed selectable loading screen
  • Fixed Gallery crystal display cases that were accessible with 8 way movement
  • 8 way vs 4 way movement is locked per run
  • Fixed a display issue with vampires sometimes having .5 extra MP
  • "Delete save" button has been renamed to "Delete current run" for clarity
  • Fixed the remapping of CONFIRM
  • Now allowing UP/DOWN/CONFIRM to be used on menu lists even if they are mapped to A-Z. But beware if using this feature! It will preferentially select the enumerated menu list item before your command (e.g. picking instead of DOWN)
  • Shift movement no longer brings up Confirm Move warning but instead stops early

Golden Krone Hotel -- available on Steam Early Access now