Author Topic: Guide HOWTO: roguelike 1bit tileset font creation  (Read 4897 times)


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Guide HOWTO: roguelike 1bit tileset font creation
« on: October 25, 2016, 04:24:24 PM »
Hi ho!

Currently I'm making 1bit (monochrome) tileset for TomeNET. I've learn some trickes and wanna to share it :) For example, you would find a LIFEHACK - how to generate loads of art from just one texture %)

Guide # 1: I'll show how to create two color tilesets very fast and beautiful :)

Guide #2: I'll show how to make FONT .fon from any picture or tiles in Fony :)

Please write your feedback and suggest which video or guide to make next time :) Soon I'll make more guides! Also I make daily streams where I work at my tileset %) JFYI it would be totally free and I'll be glad to share it when I'll finish ;)
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