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Larn 13.5 Released
« on: May 26, 2016, 09:14:29 PM »
A new Larn release (13.5)

Bug fixes, stability improvements and generally, better than the last release.


1. Fixed a bug for web and sleep spells not appearing cleanly on a newline.
2. Fixed some warnings from debug builds (*nix platforms)
3. Fixed old style functions
4. Fixed incorrect text positions in the store when your inventory is full
5. Using -std=gnu11 for C is now a requirement (on GCC)
6. Hardcoded help text into help.c
7. Allowed players to escape from the 'O' command
8. Added a function for displaying 'back to game' (like retcont)
9. Changed some text around to make it suitable for other scenarios
10. Radically changed the directory structure (bringing it into the 21st century)
11. Cmake is now used on all platforms to build Larn.