Author Topic: Professional Adventurers' League v0.3.4 (Now with less freezing!)  (Read 2868 times)


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While normally I'd like to add a lot more between releases, a buddy was playing and found a bug which froze the game upon entry into a level.  He actually found it twice, which was super impressive, considering in hunting it down I found it occurred about once in every 1000 - 2000 iterations.

Direct Link:
RogueBasin Page:

New this version:
Tall grass, which blocks line of sight (as well any items or corpses on that tile)
Fires spread
New arena map type variant
Animal pens, crops, and fountains for villages
Goats.  The magically summoned ones explode.  While they're normally cowardly, if you're clever you can unleash a horde of exploding rage-goats upon your enemies.  Which is every bit as enjoyable as you'd think.