Author Topic: Professional Adventurers' League v0.3.3  (Read 4264 times)


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Professional Adventurers' League v0.3.3
« on: March 11, 2016, 07:27:41 PM »
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New this version:
Ossimancers: evil sorcerers who specialize in bone magic
Burning Skulls: Floating, flaming skulls who leave a trail of flame
More chests on the first floor to reduce getting item-screwed from the start
Fixed corner case where ghouls would inappropriately approach
Changed the symbol of potions to "+"
Small changes to some existing uniques
Added charms and potions that grant fire and acid immunity
New unique weapons, armors, and charms
Scroll of Gomorrah
Wand of Grappling
Wand of Entombment
Wand of Fire
Wand of Purity
Renamed Wand of Firebolt to to Wand of Blasting avoid confusion about fire immunity
Fixed bug where Wands of Immobilization spawned as Wands of Blasting
Combined Healing and Purity scrolls (Wands of Purity made Purity scrolls a lot less attractive)
Scroll of Teleportation now applies to enemies (Wands of Teleportation made Scrolls of Teleportation totally unattractive)
Dialed down the minimum monster population of zoos a little, and the exit is always right next to the entrance . . . in a cage that doesn't open for a set amount of time
Will-o-Wisps no longer spawn in zoos
Negative effects on charms now stack properly
Fixed following behavior
Added visual effects and color changes to make it a bit easier to tell what's going on
Multiple status effects of the same type displayed more cleanly
Changed look mode, help screen text, and bump against wall message to make it possible to check if a wall is breakable . . . really important once the ossimancers start showing up
Wand of Digging digs through up to three tiles in a row
Adding minions to the ossimancer, necromancer, carnimancer, and devourer no longer freezes the game (kind of an important update)


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Re: Professional Adventurers' League v0.3.3
« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2016, 09:02:35 PM »
This has great potential to be a really fun hack`n slash killfest. Hope you stick with it.

At the moment it could use a bit more immediacy maybe - got down to level 4 and things started getting difficult and interesting there, three previous ones were just steamrolling over zombies and skeletons. That`s bit too long - one "easy" level is enough imo. Also, it`s a gameshow not a structured dungeon so you can go wild from the get go: I`m sure  the audience would appreciate it. So, I think it`s okay to release some strong enemies early, maybe the longer the player lingers on the level and so on...causing mad dashes to the exit...think Rome cruelty/entertainment style.

Also, would appreciate a save function, unless I missed it somewhere.


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Re: Professional Adventurers' League v0.3.3
« Reply #2 on: March 12, 2016, 05:32:44 PM »
Thank you for playing, and for your feedback!

The difficulty definitely spikes after the fourth floor.  I want to make sure the player has the opportunity to get some resources, but with this releases' increasing the chests on the first floor it might be good to make it more challenging sooner.  Or at least more tactically varied.

Saving was about half-coded at the time of this release.  It's something I've been planning on implementing in the same way as DoorRL (only on the stairs down).  The same function will also allow me to save defeated adventurers to be brought back in later games as reanimated enemies.