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Larn Release 13.0
« on: February 28, 2016, 03:53:20 PM »
Another major Larn release, binaries for Win32, BSD, GNU/Linux and OSX.

Enjoy :)


February 26 2016

1. Replaced crusty 80's random seed macro with one that is easier to maintain (tested level generation, save and load).
2. Added stdlib.h to relevant files for 'random' function.
3. Cleaned up Bank display of text.
4. Added ability to have multiple scores in the same scorefile.

February 20 - 22 2016

1. Fixed final warnings from debug and -Werror

February 11 - 19 2016

1. Removed variables from larnfunc.h and added them to header files.
2. Cleaned up some internal things.

January 1st/2nd 2016

1. Removed kbhit functions for Unix-like systems (inc kbhit.c .h).
2. Implemented recommended standard C fflush(NULL) in-place of lflushall.
For Windows, this is kept for now.
3. Created larn.h for keeping most of the headers in.
4. Fixed code so it can be built on BSD systems.