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WazHack (now at v1.3) $
« on: October 16, 2015, 01:11:52 PM » $9.99 Win/Mac/Linux Misc others

Time moves forward only when you do in the dungeons of WazHack, so you can take your time to solve problems instead of just spamming 'attack' and 'drink healing potion'.

With over 300 unique items to be found, you will invent your own solutions to sticky situations. With over 150 different monsters, many with unusual attacks, you will find plenty of sticky situations!

The procedurally-generated dungeon and vast array of possible items gives immense replay value. Some games you'll find a good weapon early, other times you'll rely on wands or potions or spells.

You don't see it much in the all-action video above, but some of the most fun is had just standing still trying to work out how to get out of a sticky situation. Should you try that unknown potion? Maybe it's Healing? What about that wand? Maybe it's Magic Missile... or maybe it's a Wand of Create Monster, and it'll get even stickier!

You start with your choice from 16 character classes, each with different starting equipment, stats, belief system, and available talents. The game you play also depends very much on what interesting loot you find. Maybe you'll find a great spellbook and put all your efforts into turning your uneducated knight into a master battle mage!


New items! New monsters! New beliefs in gods and the lack of evidence for gods!

Today the new big free update to the game went live to all players* - thanks to all the help from players of the beta!

This release adds some major new game mechanics to spice up your next playthrough.

First are Beliefs: each class has a belief is some inner or higher power which they can call upon for help. Whether your a wizard bursting a blood vessel or a follower of Odin, when the going gets tough, the tough can call on the the even tougher to keep going. You'll want to experiment with each class and alignment to see what works best for your play style. Some classes have the same belief but note the difference alignments can make.

The second more minor mechanic is Eggs. You'll need to work out for yourself what uses these have... beyond a tasty cooked breakfast.

This version also includes many small new features, including new items and monsters, and slight tweaks to some of the game imbalances reported over the last year. The underlying engine has also been updated, which re-enables the Cloth physics last seen in version 1.0. Enjoy the Valkyrie's new hairstyle!

This release also adds support for Android TV, so if you have a supported TV or settop box, give it a go there too!

Get it here for your favourite platforms:

    PC/Mac/Linux on Steam
    Android and Android TV
    iPhones and iPads*
    Web version (note: no longer works on Chrome)

On a personal note, as the only developer involved in this strange game, I've been extremely humbled by the very positive attitudes of players and the community at large. Without this support, the last year of development and testing would have been a chore instead of the pure pleasure it has been. Thanks!


* except iOS - sorry, it's not fair to hold up other platforms while that build goes through Apple's approval process; I had hoped to pre-approve and release the previous beta build, but a last-minute critical bug fix was needed. Not to worry though - it usually takes less than a week.

Huzzah!   8)
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