Author Topic: Shadow of the Wyrm v1.6.5 "Reusner"(formerly Savage Lands)  (Read 226670 times)


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Re: Shadow of the Wyrm v0.5.8 "Merlin"(formerly Savage Lands)
« Reply #210 on: January 01, 2017, 02:26:03 PM »
Time for the January release!  This version doesn't have a ton in the way of new content, but has a bit.  But it's the biggest release in a while, I feel, because of the huge number of bug fixes that have been made possible by people reporting crashes and providing dump files.  This has allowed me to fix no less than three crash bugs, including one that's been around for a long time, so I'm hopeful for greatly increased stability in future.

The full list of changes:

Shadow of the Wyrm v0.5.8 "Merlin"
- Version declared December 1, 2016.  Version finalized January 1, 2017.

- Poison spells/wands now can affect any consumables on the ground.  This
  doesn't destroy the item, but makes it poisonous, instead.

- Acid spells/wands can now dissolve any item on the ground.

- Fire spells/wand can burn cloth, paper, and wood.

- Undead now leave poisoned corpses, as do any creatures that deal poison
  damage with their regular attack.

- Mines were generating in such a way that unconnected pieces were
  possible.  The black manticore quest from Gnordvar could then generate
  the manticore within the unconnected piece.  Rewrote MineGenerator to
  generate an empty room, and then scatter rock segments throughout the
  floor.  Connectedness should now be guaranteed as pieces are only placed
  if their enlarged bounding box (which is not minimal - should bound
  with distance 1 to the nearest outside point) can be placed on a set
  of floor tiles. (Dallas Herrin)

- Mines now generate on the world map.  Their symbol is still 'o', but
  has been changed to bold yellow to differentiate them from caverns and

- Green slimes and red oozes are now mobile.

- Mighty blows now do 80% of the max damage roll (instead of 100%) and
  allow 75% of soak (instead of 50%).  Critical hits still do max damage,
  but allow 50% of soak (instead of 25%).

- Eka and Zaeda's Tower are protected by strong magics and are no longer
  diggable. (Dallas Herrin)

- Additional names and name fragments for randomly chosen names.

- Changes to automove:

  - Automove now breaks when receiving damage, or a change in a status
    like blindness (Dallas Herrin).  It also breaks when you're attacked,
    and missed.

  - Automove can be interrupted by pressing a key. (Lagi)

- You can now fish using a spear, but only while standing on a land tile,
  and only if the spear is wielded - it can't be held in your off-hand.

- More stanzas for the epic poem.

- New items: wand of acid, Eka key.

- Added a dev script to check for creature spells with bad IDs.

- Isen Dun has a new character (worried mother).  Her son is somewhere
  in the Barrows new, very minor quest out of Isen Dun that will give the
  player a couple of silverweeds, but is more for flavour and lore than
  anything else.

- When the player moves, there is now a chance to search/detect traps
  without having to actively spend a turn doing so.  This is based on the
  Detection skill.

- Dusk and dawn now shade items and creatures as well (Dallas Herrin).
  Also rejigged the colours:

  - Night is now dark blue (surroundings) and bold cyan (creatures/items).

  - Dawn is red/bold red.

  - Dusk is yellow/bold yellow.
- New creatures: worried mother, Ead.

- Bug fixes:

  - Dragon breath wands were correct - flame - but the spell itself was

  - Typo fixes in keybindings (Larzid) and game text (Dallas Herrin).

  - Mines and sewers were showing day/night transition because the map
    type wasn't being properly set during generation.  Refactored some
    per-map code into a common function to ensure this always gets set

  - Various bug fixes surrounding displaying text in larger resolutions.

  - Text would sometimes double-line-break, when a line was just up
    against the maximum width.

  - The key to Eka was not actually being placed.  Placed it hidden in the
    rock in Cithriel, protected by divine avengers within the chamber.
    Added a clue to the whereabouts at the end of Gildi's quest for the
    Black Orb. (Dallas Herrin)

  - Fixed a number of instances where custom maps had the wrong map type,
    causing day/night transitions. (Dallas Herrin)

  - The guidebook wasn't referencing the new deity stat modifiers.
    (Dallas Herrin)

  - The game could crash when there were multiple tiles present with
    traps, and the user selected an invalid direction in which to disarm.
    (Dallas Herrin)

  - The monster decision code to figure out what spell to cast would
    crash when given a spell ID that didn't exist. (Dallas Herrin)

  - Zaeda is able to cast Lightning Bolt, but the spell ID was typo'd,
    which would cause the crash described above.

  - Spirits weren't tagged as flying, so weren't moving over water
    properly (Dallas Herrin).

  - Fixed a crash with setting hostility for far-off creatures outside the
    player's LOS (kraphead, Dallas Herrin).

  - Self-attacking creatures were drawing the hate of other creatures,
    which was not intended.

  - Shrines were not being marked as permanent.  If you left/came back,
    the shrine would be re-generated and the shrine gem would be gone,
    since it can only be generated once. (Dallas Herrin)


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Re: Shadow of the Wyrm v0.5.9 "Galilei"(formerly Savage Lands)
« Reply #211 on: January 12, 2017, 01:32:16 AM »
Mini-release: I'm not going to release in February, so I can tackle some slightly-larger stuff for the March release.

But, thanks to a few people, I've been able to fix more crash bugs.  Here's to (hopefully) more stability!

Shadow of the Wyrm v0.5.9 "Galilei"
- Version declared January 1, 2017.  Version finalized January 11, 2017.

- Nobles now start with a number of crossbow bolts, instead of just one.

- Witchthorns are far more dangerous for early game characters.  They have
  a chance to do a ranged attack: 1d3 damage, piercing.

- Added a "brandable" flag.  This allows a weapon or piece of armour to
  take on a particular non-physical (slash, pierce, pound) damage brand:
  holy, shadow, flame, etc. 

- Removed the old hard-coded branded weapons to make way for the
  dynamically-generated ones.

- Almost all weapons and armour are now brandable.  The exceptions tend to
  be specific-damtype items like poison darts and shadow bombs.  Armour
  created via skins is also not brandable.

- A brandable item has a ~15% chance to be branded when enchanted.  This
  is modified to 0% (when reading a cursed enchanting scroll), or ~30%
  (blessed).  Once an item is branded, its brand is fixed, and it cannot
  be branded again.

- Branding will associate a particular damage type with the item.
  For armour, this will give an additional 15 percentage points of
  resistance.  For weapons, it will switch to that damage type, and
  add an additional die of damage, and +1 to the modifier.

- Weapons have a very small chance, upon enchantment, to gain a damage
  flag such as vorpal, draining, chaotic, etc.

- Now that damage flags are available to weapons outside of artifacts,
  any damage flags will be shown on the second line of the equipment
  screen (in addition to the "W" command).  The "Resists" line is now

- Weapons are now less likely to gain resistances when being enchanted.
  The chance has been halved.

- Jellies can now split in half when they're wounded and have more than
  a third of their maximum HP.  The creature that splits off has half of
  their current HP.

- Up staircases should no longer lead to a zoo.  But they can, like
  down staircases, once a certain amount of placement tries has been
  reached.  This should be very unlikely.

- Bug fixes:

  - Pack generation shouldn't be attempted for uniques (Esran).

  - Fixed a looping issue with entering a map where the entry tile is
    occupied by an NPC (Esran).

  - All-zoo dungeon levels weren't allowing stair placement.

  - Tile-related messages were not always being displayed correctly when
    moving to a new map.

  - In certain situations on map creation, creatures weren't being
    removed properly which caused the player to be not placed properly.

  - In some cases, a creature could try to act with a null FOV map, which
    would cause a crash.


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Re: Shadow of the Wyrm v0.6.0 "Capirola" (formerly Savage Lands)
« Reply #212 on: February 04, 2017, 02:46:27 AM »
February release!  The big addition this version is shops, though on a very limited scale: Isen Dun has a shop, as does the Forest of Yew and Atua-Elar.  In the next release, I'll work towards adding these randomly to dungeons, and very occasionally to the wilderness as bazaars.  There are also a number of bug fixes, though thankfully nothing as crucial as in the last few versions!

Items will need a lot of rebalancing over the coming versions.  If you have any feedback regarding item values, distribution, etc., I'd love to hear about that.

Shadow of the Wyrm v0.6.0 "Capirola"
- Version declared January 11, 2017.  Version finalized February 3, 2017.

- More potential random names for character creation.

- Witchlings and sages now get fewer castings per level (Esran).

- Thievery is no longer a slow action - it should be about the same as
  attacking. (Dallas Herrin)

- When sacrificing consumables, there are now additional checks for the
  item to be accepted by a deity.  It must have either a large amount of
  nutrition, or have some sort of magical effect.  For food, things such
  as corpses, silverweed, food rations are all okay; fish and roots and
  such won't meet the minimum. (Esran)

- Primary statistics (strength, dexterity, agility, health, intelligence,
  willpower, charisma) are now capped at 99.

- Hungerless races like the Fae now can now mark Health when being neither
  hungry nor full, but at a greatly reduced rate compared to other races -
  they only get a 20% chance to mark the stat, compared to 100% for the
  other races.

- When treating skins at a tannery, you can now select the ranged weapon
  slot, which will allow you to create a sling.  These can take on
  evade/soak/resistances based on the corpse like other tanned equipment.

- The mortuary now tracks the maximum difference between a slain
  creature's danger level and the player's level when that creature was

- Character info/dumps now also tracks the number of turns taken.

- Puglists now deal more damage.  They deal 1d(level) from 1 to 25, and
  1d(50 + (level-25) * 3) from 26 to 50. (4chan /rlg)

- When firing a branded ranged weapon with ammunition, the ammunition's
  damage type becomes that of the launcher.

- Oracles get a 5% bonus on experience points when killing a creature
  that has at least one status.

- Creatures now get angry at you if you teleport them.

- Added a new map, Whaling's End, at the south-most part of the world.
  An ancient citadel, it has been repurposed by traders as the last
  outpost at the edge of the map.

  - Hrethel, the hedge wizard of Whaling's End, will trade you one of his
    many spellbooks in exchange for a score of magici shards.

  - There are two shops in Whaling's End: Noah and Itzchak have a variety
    of goods for sale.  Unpaid goods will list the total price when you
    look at them.  All shops have a minimum item value, so very low value
    items (rocks, turnips, etc) won't be generated.

  - Shopkeepers don't enjoy literal door-crashers.  They also don't like
    people kicking the wares, reading the wares, eating the wares,
    quaffing the wares, or generally acting antisocial with regards to
    the wares.  In fact, they're rather unpleasant.

  - Shopkeepers also look out for each other - if they see you outside a
    shop with unpaid goods, from any shop, they will seek revenge.

  - The total amount owing can now be seen with the "$" command.  You can
    pay for unpaid merchandise by chatting to the shopkeeper.

  - When you buy or sell, the Bargaining skill, in conjunction with your
    Charisma, determine if you can get a reduced price on a purchase or
    a better price on a sale, and if so, by how much.

- Added a shop to Isen Dun (food, weapons, ammunition), Forest of Yew
  (wands), and Atua-Elar (books).

- Now that money is more useful, nobles now start with more money.

- More stanzas for the epic poem.

- New creatures: Hrethel, whaler, scrimshander, shopkeeper, seadog,
  swabbie, harlot.

- New items: lunch.

- Bug fixes:

  - Missed comma in one of the naming options was leading to
    three-syllable names like "SulTanak."

  - Keys were stacking incorrectly, causing different crypt keys to be
    grouped together and lose track of the lock they open. (Dallas Herrin)

  - Traps without components (light traps, etc) couldn't be disarmed.

  - Alcien and Rukhala weren't specified as unique (Esran).

  - When deities summoned creatures around the player when angry, these
    could, like regular creatures, be generated friendly. (Dallas Herrin)

  - Branding was not properly adding resistances for armour. (Dallas

  - Altars could be converted by offering items that generated no piety.

  - Status effects that applied modifiers, such as blindness with evade
    and disfiguration with the primary statistics, weren't having these
    modifiers properly removed when the effect was undone via prayer.
    (Dallas Herrin)

  - The "fire through" code for archery had a bug in it that was
    preventing the proper targetting of creatures at high Archery skill
    values. (Dallas Herrin)

  - In-game character dumps were trimming left spaces on each line.

  - Doors could open and shut when there was an item present on the tile.

  - Rarity probabilities weren't properly defined for the "very rare"
    rarity, which is used for shops.


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Re: Shadow of the Wyrm v0.6.0 "Capirola"(formerly Savage Lands)
« Reply #213 on: February 04, 2017, 03:21:13 PM »
Small "gripes"... but certainly not the end all be all of gripes.

The interface(?) seems a little lacking. I mean that the on-screen information seems a little bare, as well as a lack of an options menu (at least I couldn't find one). I realize that this is a little different than some of my favorites like PosChengband, FAangband and sCthAngband... but I do like being able to bring up additional windows and edit them in the .ini file, so as to have them present during gameplay. Honestly, it took me a while to figure out how to resize the font and size of the main window, and even then, it still feels a little off.

Again, these are not the end of things, just makes it feel a little odd to me.

Have a blessed day,


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Re: Shadow of the Wyrm v0.6.0 "Capirola"(formerly Savage Lands)
« Reply #214 on: February 04, 2017, 04:03:18 PM »
All games that you listed are Angband variants. Additional windows are almost exclusive *bands feature. Also, there is nothing odd in way to resizing font / windows - it is default (and probably only one possible) way to do it in terminal-based applications. And it is very common approach to develop roguelike games.
So, in general, nothing strange here - just your opionion is biased by, I suppose, your *band habits.

@jcd748 - congrats for February release! Nice list of changes, especially that you stated that "there won't be February release" ;)


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Re: Shadow of the Wyrm v0.6.0 "Capirola"(formerly Savage Lands)
« Reply #215 on: February 04, 2017, 06:07:38 PM »
@Avagart... thank you for your input, although I will say it was nice that you gave the time to answer, it was actually not as helpful. My opinion of how odd it is to resize the window and the fonts is a valid opinion, and remains so, even in the wake of you basically dismissing it. As I said, it isn't the end of things that these issues are present in the game, at least my perceived issues of the game, but it does feel odd none the less. Obviously I need to simply move on to something else... maybe back to my "opinion biased *band habits" :)

Have a blessed day,


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Re: Shadow of the Wyrm v0.6.0 "Capirola"(formerly Savage Lands)
« Reply #216 on: February 04, 2017, 08:37:20 PM »
Don't know why did you take it so personally. I'm just saying that it's how terminal roguelikes usually work. I didn't say that your opinion is not valid. I'm not dismissing anything - just wrote that it's a way how terminal works. It's fact, not opinion. What's offending in that? *band-biased opinion?

Obviously I need to simply move on to something else
It's your own fiction, I didn't even suggest it. Don't put your words in my mouth.
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Re: Shadow of the Wyrm v0.6.0 "Capirola"(formerly Savage Lands)
« Reply #217 on: February 04, 2017, 08:44:53 PM »
@Avagart... Taking it personally due to you dismissing my opinion as a result of my "*band habits", when I was simply bringing up things that I like about other games that I play. Now, we can continue down this path if you choose, but ultimately, you dismissed my opinion because your opinion differs. Twist it back around on me if you wish, but those are the facts :)

Have a blessed day,


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Re: Shadow of the Wyrm v0.6.0 "Capirola"(formerly Savage Lands)
« Reply #218 on: February 04, 2017, 08:58:26 PM »
I'm not trying to turning around you. I just feel you misunderstand. Or maybe I write something unclear. So, I was trying to explain what I meant. But if you are not willing to discuss and just want to start whining about 'bad, evil Avagart' - OK, think what do you want.

Or learn to understand what do you read.

Or learn to discuss.

Or learn that not everyone is native English speaker, so it's possible that posts are, say, wrongly written.
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Re: Shadow of the Wyrm v0.6.0 "Capirola"(formerly Savage Lands)
« Reply #219 on: February 04, 2017, 09:12:08 PM »
@Avagart... Thank you for devolving this into foul language, and for making my point in the process. No need for further responses to me from you, as I said, I will simply move on to something else that fits with my personal taste in gaming options offered. No biggie :)

Have a blessed day,


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Re: Shadow of the Wyrm v0.6.0 "Capirola"(formerly Savage Lands)
« Reply #220 on: February 04, 2017, 09:43:42 PM »
@jcd748 I'm really sorry for losing SotW player, it wasn't my intention.
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Re: Shadow of the Wyrm v0.6.0 "Capirola"(formerly Savage Lands)
« Reply #221 on: February 04, 2017, 10:13:22 PM »
@Avagart... OK, one last note, seeing as how I am somewhat surprised that you did this.

Editing your own comments to rearrange your previous thoughts in your original posts to me and take out offensive remarks, to THEN post an apology to the author of the game... is quite disingenuous... and honestly... quite rude.

Again, we can call this what it is. You took my original, polite comments to the author of this game, about features that I was thinking could use a little tweaking, and took your comments to name calling and foul language. Then you took steps to remove your comments, rearrange those thoughts previously posted by you, to then offer an apology to the author for running me off?

Your native language was never the issue at hand. But thanks to your deliberate actions to edit your previous posts, then basically hide behind your native language... I am sorry... as I said... disingenuous.

Have a blessed day,


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Re: Shadow of the Wyrm v0.6.0 "Capirola"(formerly Savage Lands)
« Reply #222 on: February 04, 2017, 10:35:59 PM »
...Not entirely sure what transpired here, but at any rate: U/I and other such reckonings are always at least worth broaching from time to time, as be it they in the ADOM or *BAND or whatever style there are surely kernels of wisdom to be gleaned from each and all towards an ultimately better and more intuitive end.  In this case jcd might well have things to ruminate upon on the above issues since the game IS still very much a WIP and all~   8)

So yeah, keep things cordial and in perspective folks with another Truly Major Roguelike forming before your very eyes here in the present and to come with priority instead of the distant hazy past removed from all actions you can take to encourage and shape it.

Congrats on the release jcd---somehow wasn't expecting it until the end of the month!
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Re: Shadow of the Wyrm v0.6.0 "Capirola"(formerly Savage Lands)
« Reply #223 on: February 04, 2017, 11:11:55 PM »
I was rearranging my own posts before your answers. I didn't change any single world after your posted answers. So no, I wasn't deleting any single word. If you are saying that there are no offensive remarks in my posts now, it means that there were no offensive remarks when you were replying. My - at least first - answer was polite*; more: technical. Now, you are just provoking, but not sure what or who. If do you want to prove that I was offensive - just call the moderators, it's very likely that they have access to something like 'post history'**.

I'm sure there is no point to trash this topic by this so-called discussion. If you have problem with me, or you feel really offended, just PM me.

* to be honest, I doubt that any single answer was rude, but - ok, subjective thing
** getter77, does this sort of data exists? I'd be glad if someone would check it before making me banned ;)

edit: whole page saved via webarchive, just in case. :D
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Re: Shadow of the Wyrm v0.6.0 "Capirola"(formerly Savage Lands)
« Reply #224 on: February 05, 2017, 12:25:15 AM »
@Avagart... I was then, and I will continue to be now, above the attitude that you have been throwing. The fact is that you did delete words, you did add and rearrange wording, and you did decide to hide behind a language barrier that was a non-topic until you made it one (after making said changes and alterations).

Now... you and I can consider this conversation line closed. Hopefully by me refusing to engage you any further, this thread can resume its original intent of showcasing this game's design and progress... as well as possibly field some additional questions and suggestions concerning its development.

Have a blessed day,