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UNLOVED (now at Early Access v0.2.8) $
« on: August 22, 2015, 10:30:11 PM »  $14.99 Win

UNLOVED is based on the community award-winning mod for Doom2 with the same name by the same creator. UNLOVED is a strange place. A twisted reality. A nightmare that comes to life. A place where demons and abhorrend monsters manifest and possess the living with only one goal: to end you. Nothing wants you here. And there is no way out. Only the elevator that leads further and further down into the darkness of your insanity.

Play alone or in a group of up to 4 players and explore the endless amount of basement levels that are procedurally arranged every time you enter. Work as a team, open new areas, find weapon-mods, solve personal challenges, complete level objectives and unlock new skills to survive this trip into the unknown.
Main Features
Randomly arranged Levels
Every basement area is generated from hand crafted level chunks that are randomly arranged. After that, certain areas get locked by the "Architect" and you have to find certain key items to access them. Maps can have different sizes and special end rooms with objectives that have to be solved to complete the level.

Fast paced Coop Gameplay
The game resurrects the old-school fast paced action shooter gameplay. Combined with deadly monsters and modern coop-features that encourage playing in a team to stay alive in a harsh and deadly environment. Find and join other players online or play via LAN. If you don't feel like playing in a team, you can play alone just as well.

Create your own unique Persona and Play-Style
Besides customizing your appearance, you can also create your own unique play-style. Equip magic trinkets with unique powers that can completely change the way you experience the game. Want to become super tough, or do you prefer to run super fast? Do you want to deal lots of damage, or have the highest chances of survival? The right combination of trinkets makes it possible and sets you apart from other players.

Find Weapon-Mods to be more efficient
Every weapon can be upgraded with special mods. These can alter the way a weapon functions in dramatic ways. They may change the way the weapon operates, increase fire rate or give boosts like speed reloading.

Gain Karma by completing personal Challenges
You don't just get experience points for killing monsters. Each time you play, certain challenges are given to you. If you fulfill your personal objectives, you get Karma points that you can spend to upgrade your Persona.

Unlock new Items and the Mysteries that UNLOVED holds
Within the levels are different mysterious objects scattered. By collecting them, you can later unlock new player customization items, trinkets and pieces of information that may or may not have clues about this unearthly realm of insanity.

Why Early Access?
“The future of UNLOVED is in your hands! I'm completely honest with you guys. I have no idea if anyone is interested in this game. If you want this game to succeed, spread the word! Maybe it will have a huge community one day. Or maybe it will just die and drift away into the endless void of cyberspace... forever... unloved.

UNLOVED has randomly arranged levels and a focus on multiplayer coop. This gives it the potential to create a large community around the game. Everyone can influence the next update, discuss the next features and direct the future of the game.

I develop games for about 7 years now, with UNLOVED being my 5th release. I'm very confident that I know what I'm getting myself into. With UNLOVED being such an open game with a wide range of possibilities, I wanted to make it accessable as early as possible.

There is also a Trello page that shows the current progress and planned features of the game:

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?
“For now, I plan the Early Access phase for about 1 year. In case you guys are interested to see more features, more monsters, more everything - the Early Access phase could expand further to add more content to the game beyond my current goals.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?
“UNLOVED has the potential to have an endless amount of new content thrown into the mix. The whole game is procedurally generated and the more stuff I add, the more varied it becomes each time you play.
My current plans for the final release is a total of 4-6 different level themes, 12-14 monster types, 6 weapons and tons of power-ups, skills and weapon mods that alter the way you play.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?
“The game is fully playable. The current version is a stable foundation that has the main gameplay features working. All I will add over time is MORE. More levels, more monsters, more skills, more weapons, more everything...”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?
“The game has reduced price during Early Access. Over time, when more and more features are added to the game, the price will increase to represent the added value.
Price changes will be announced early!”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?
“I've always seen myself as part of the community around my games and I will continue to do so. You can find me on the Steam discussion boards here:

Also there is a Trello page that shows current plans for the development. I've enabled comments and ratings, so if you are interested in particular features, you can vote for them. Check out the Trello page here:

Definitely a bit different, but a long simmering project that just may wind up with something interesting as it goes from here.   :)
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Brian Emre Jeffears
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Re: UNLOVED (now at Early Access v0.2.3) $
« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2015, 02:59:21 PM »
So...yeah....v0.2.3 and much more as this has rolled on along~   8)

New items: Totems!
You can now find Silver Keys in the levels that unlock small, mysterious chests. Inside these chests are Totems. Powerful items that will somehow change you for the rest of the map. Right now there are 9 different Totems which are all playing cards, but in the future a whole lot of different items will be added.

Totems are meant to be like mini-trinkets. For example finding a 2 of Clubs will give you a 20% armor bonus for the rest of the map.

Clown corpse is now heavier
Changed Pistol Mods so that you can either have Crit multiplier or Damage upgrade

Classic Horror enemy damage reduced from 400% to 300%
Classic Horror spawn rate of enemies increased from 20% to 30%

New Enemy added: The Clown!
This disgusting being will haunt you in your nightmares. It is fast and deadly and it will throw the souls of its victims at you that will follow you wherever you go. You have been warned.

New Game Mode: Classic Horror!
With the Halloween Update, I wanted to try out something different. When you start a new game, you can now select to play Classic Horror mode besides the regular Ultra Violence. In Classic Horror, you will barely find enough items to survive and enemies are much deadlier, but their spawn rate is also reduced. This is kind of experimental at this stage, so I disabled the multiplayer for now. Please try it out and let me know what you think!

Added 3 new Achievements for the Clown
Fireball size slightly increased - hitbox did not change
Fixed player HP rounding showing max HP +1 sometimes
Fixed Shotgun reloading 2 shells if only 1 is available
Increased hitboxes from items, especially flat items like cards and photos

New Clinic Room Layout added
Added a little something for Halloween

Fixed Crest Icons show up when entering Multiplayer game even without discovering them properly (thanks to oXYnary, Sir and Moki for pointing this out)
Fixed double item spawning at certain location in Golden Room in the Clinic
Fixed very flat items cannot be picked up at certain locations in Clinic

ew Area: The Clinic
New Enemies: Demon Nurse, Burnt Nurse, Lobotomized Doctor and Drowned Surgeon
New Weapon: Silenced Machine Pistol
New Music: 3 new music tracks have been added for the Clinic
New Trinkets and Weapon mods have been added for the SMP
New Personal Objectives have been added for the new enemies and weapon
New Achievements: a total of 11 new achievements are in the game

Key items now will be highlighted if they have been found but the player doesn't pick it up and leaves the area.
The elevator now shows a highlight icon after all objectives are complete, to indicate the direction.
Improved visual quality of enemy fireballs
Cannot pick up Weapon Mods anymore when you have no weapon.
Attempt to fix half-rendered rooms on Minimap with some Radeon cards.
Made ragdoll of Butcher fly a bit further by the impact when getting killed
Increased Melee Damage that is required to fulfill personal objective.
Reduced amount of Butchers you have to kill to fulfill personal objective.
Increased amount of Cutters you have to kill to fulfill personal objective.
Difficulty settings now have a brief description next to them.
Fixed 3rd person muzzle flash appearing when attacking with melee
Fixed clients sometimes couldn't fire the weapon anymore after reloading in multiplayer
Fixed weapon flashing for 1 frame when you change weapon
Fixed enemies sometimes spawned with demon speed enabled even if they shouldn't have it
Fixed enemy fireballs go through other enemies
Fixed mouse wheel not changing weapon when you have no starting weapon and pick up any weapon

Increased Enemy spawn rate from 75% of room weight to 130% of room weight. Meaning objects in red, blue and yellow rooms have a higher chance to spawn enemies than before.
Dropped Pistol Ammo increased from 10 to 15
Increased enemy health on lower difficulty settings by roughly 10%
Reduced damage from enemies by roughly 10-25% for all difficulty settings

Hotfix 0.2.0b
Fixed blood splat sound effect not being affected by sound volume adjustments
Fixed enemies can't get through angled doors
Attempt to fix very rare instance of "third person mode" when joining a multiplayer game
Fixed some item spawn locations in the Clinic, resulting in unreachable or backwards facing items

Overhauled Enemy spawn system. Now the game does not take single enemies and weight them for the next spawn, but instead it takes whole groups of enemies that are pre-designed just like how I would have placed enemy spawns in the original mod. This gives the game a much more "designed" feeling in terms of enemy encounters. It also makes enemy encounters more strategic and gives a sense of progression, since enemy groups are now layered in Tiers.
Every enemy now has a chance to drop an item on death.
- Spawn rates:
- Salem Servant: 10%
- Cutter / Dark Cutter: 15%
- Butcher / Bloody Butcher: 20%
- The spawn chances of the item that is dropped are 75% small ammo and 25% small health or armor.
Fixed HUD Health amount rounding issue resulting in 0 Health while being still alive.
Fixed Fool sometimes showing very blurry textures
Changed No Hope difficulty icon color to differentiate it better
Fixed Kurki melee attack sometimes dealing critical strikes when Pistol was selected
Increased player "safe zone" to 15m up from 10m. Enemies cannot spawn in this area around the player.

Salem Servant anger build up rate reduced from 120% to 100%
Salem Servant pistol damage reduced from 5-20 to 3-15
Dark Cutter health reduced from 120 to 90
Changed amount of enemy spawn progression depending on room value by 30%. Basically red, blue and yellow room items now don't increase enemy spawns that heavily anymore.

Slightly increased hit boxes for items to make them easier to focus (about 5-10%)
Fixed light above the bathtub room to remove performance dip
Blood splatter sound effects are now restricted to Pistol crits
Menu "Illumination" renamed to "Unlockables"

Reduced cooldown for enemy spawns by roughly 50%
Removed "controlled" spawn chances. This game needs chaos to breathe
Adjusted Monster spawn rates to offset the reduced cooldown
- SoM was 125% now 100%
- NH was 150% now 120%
- KEA was 200% now 140%
- TTD was 250% now 160%
- BM was 300% now 200%
Increased Weapon Mod spawn chance by 5%

Upgraded the game to latest Unreal Engine 4 version for an overall improved experience (new engine features, better performance etc). Please tell me if you see any new issues this may have caused.
Added Motion Blur as seperate option that can be disabled in the Video Menu
Several netcode improvements to reduce the amount of required packages
Game does not pause anymore when player dies in single player mode
Opening ESC menu in single player now shows "PAUSED" in the middle of the screen when it is actually paused
Achievement Kukri Warrior 2 now unlocks as intended
Fixed Salem Servant playing pain animation twice when being shot
Renamed difficulty setting "Beast Mode" to "Time to Die"
Renamed difficulty setting "Ultra Violence" to "Beast Mode"
Added big blood effect when pistol hits critically
Added blood splatter sound effects when player deals massive damage with single hit
Slightly reduced amount of light reflection from blood, making it less sparkle
Muzzle Flashes now stay on the weapon while running
Pistol clips now looks more like metal

Increased pistol critical hit damage to 250% up from 200%
Butcher and Bloody Butcher melee damage reduced from 10-60 to 4-40
Monster spawn chance is now much more stable. Before, interacting with objects could result in increasing the spawn chance very minimal or even not at all. Now, it always increases monster spawn chance at a more stable rate, reducing the chance of having empty levels with barely any monsters at all.
Increased spawn rates for monsters on all difficulty levels:
- Sliver of Mercy was 120% now 125%
- No Hope was 140% now 150%
- Kill Em All was 175% now is 200%
- Time to Die was 200% now is 250%
- Beast Mode was 250% now is 300%
Reduced monster health for higher difficulty levels:
- Time to Die was 125% now 110%
- Beast Mode was 150% now 125%

Hotfix 0.1.12b
Fixed gamma settings not working

Hotfix 0.1.12c
Fixed black bar on some screens
Changed "Extra" menu name to "Illumination"
Added around 10+ memories that can be unlocked with photos

New Trinket Slot: Gloves!

10 New Trinkets added to the game: Law Enforcement Gloves, Special Forces Gloves, Reinforced Gloves, Armored Gauntlets, Fighting Gloves, MMA Gloves, Thief Gloves, Heister Gloves, Sterile Gloves and Surgeon Gloves.

Buy new Trinkets from the menu!

Enemies will not spawn anywhere near players anymore (safe zone around players 10m).

Fixed Color Collector II and III Achievements to unlock properly. You need to buy a new Color to make them appear.

Blood on Screen effect slightly reduced in size.

Performance of the whole game should be improved without any visual difference.

Attempt to fix minimap not showing rooms correctly. This is an ongoing investigation, so if you experience any issues with the minimap, please let me know.

Trinket Ranks have been adjusted, lowest Rank is now 1 instead of 0.

Minimap added to Death Screen.

Players that leave the game now disappear from the HUD and Minimap.

A chat message now tells you when a player left the game.

Some minor fixes for Enemy AI. They should not stand around in the corners anymore (even though it looked kinda creepy).

Added new images for Indogo Marine Trinket and Angry Panda Trinket.

Flipped location of "Rank" and "Level" in Trinket description text.

HOTFIX 0.1.11b changes:
Fixed an issue with buying new Trinkets from the menu
Changed stats on Glove Trinkets to make more sense. Armored Gauntlets now increase max armor and MMA Gloves give more armor protection.

New Room layout! This layout has a different method of rendering walls and lights. It should not look any different, but increase performance on all systems. Please give me feedback about the new room layout, how you like it and if you can notice any performance difference. If the performance is increased and no visual changes are apparent, I will change all other room layouts to have the same method of rendering in a future update.

Increased monster spawn amount by roughly 10-20% for every difficulty.

Weapon spawn rate slightly reduced (was 80% now 75%)

Trinket reward level for highest difficulty adjusted (Trinket level 4 instead of 3)

Changed default max players back to 4 (this was an oversight when testing)

Reduced interaction time for Photos and Ink Bottles from 2sec to 1sec.

Renamed "Bloody Kukri" Trinket to "Old Kukri"

Added a Photo symbol to the Extras

New Feature: Trinket Manager! You can access it from the Trinkets menu. Use it to upgrade your collected Trinkets and unlock new Trinkets that you cannot obtain in any other way.

6 New Trinkets added to the game, old Trinkets were rebalanced slightly.

Detail Texturing added to almost every surface in the game (special thanks to Vom, the Gelatinous Spider for pointing out this awesome technique to me!) For a before/after comparison, take a look at this:

Improved overall pacing of the game. Enemy spawns now have a cooldown to prevent constant floods of enemies. Also the area sizes have been reduced.

Selecting bigger area sizes now rewards the players with more Trinkets (smallest area 1 Trinket, biggest 4 Trinkets)

Game will now pause when you press ESC or enter a menu while playing single player

Player animations better fittet to the player movement speed

Increased Weapon spawn chance from 66% to 80%

Pressing "B" while playing opened the menu. This was a left-over from testing.

Some menu Button colors changed to make them more obvious

HOTFIX 0.1.9b Changes:
The Enemy spawn cooldown could occasionally reduce the amounf of enemies that are supposed to spawn. This was unintentional and was corrected.

HOTFIX 0.1.9c Changes:
Salem Servant animations and ragdoll fixed to prevent it from "exploding" or getting stuck in architecture as much as it did before.

dded new enemy variations to the game. Whenever a certain enemy type is spawning, there is a chance that instead the alternate version spawns in it's place. All variations count towards the objectives, achievements and statistics of the base enemy type.
Dark Cutter: a tougher version of the Cutter. It has more health but deals less damage and is slightly slower than the original.
Bloody Butcher: this version of the Butcher has less health and is a bit slower, but has a ranged fireball attack that deals lots of damage.

Changed default difficulty setting to lowest. Please keep in mind this game is hard and the higher difficulty settings are meant to be played with higher Player Level.

Lowest difficulty renamed to "Sliver of Mercy"
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Re: UNLOVED (now at Early Access v0.2.8) $
« Reply #2 on: January 05, 2016, 01:07:51 AM »

New Clinic Room layout added
This layout is a bit simpler than the others to reduce the average amount of rooms for the Clinic. Right now the Clinic has a higher average room amount than the Apartments which makes it feel more difficult and longer to play through in comparison.

Added resolution scale to video settings menu. This option is helpful if you want to finetune your performance while keeping your standard display resolution.
Added new Pistol sounds when you select the Magnum Trinket, giving it a much more beefy sound to fit the added firepower.
Fixed multiplayer statistics for killed nurses, doctors and clowns
Added a bunch of new memories
Added back flashlight movement when looking in any direction with mouse / gamepad, giving a smoother looking experience ;)
Fixed hud showing health and armor bonus wrong (120% health showing 121 instead of 120)

Slightly tweaked the Pistol Magnum Trinket. It has additional push force on enemies but slightly less ammo per pickup (from 50% down to 40%).

Added 3 new Apartment room layouts
Three new layouts have been added to give the Apartments more variety. One of these layouts should feel very familiar to those who have played the Unloved 2 beta Doom2 mod.

New Apartment Music Track!
James has created a new piece for the UNLOVED Soundtrack, which is now added to the Apartment music playlist. If you like the soundtrack, keep an eye out for the full UNLOVED album that will be released soon.

Additional Karma reward for completing a map! Karma is now also rewarded for the area size and difficulty. You get 1 Karma per room and it gets multiplied with the difficulty. Lowest difficulty is multiplier of 1, highest of 5.
Using a melee attack does not reset the reload sequence of a weapon anymore
Tweaked all reload animations to be slightly smoother and have better transitions between reload phases
Tweaked how reload speed bonus gets applied to animation speed to make it less choppy on higher values
Reduced Enemy fireball collision size radius from 13 to 7
Reduced staircase width in one of apartment room layouts, also added a few new item spawn points to it.
Added dry fire sound when weapon is empty and no ammo is left to reload
Silver Key pick up sound volume increased slightly
Minimum amount of silver keys + totems increased to 3.
It is now always possible to find all totems in the map. Before, totems or keys could spawn inside sealed off rooms.
Changed a few item locations to be more reachable
Removed a few candles in an apartment layout for performance reasons
Clown Fireballs sound volume slightly increased
Changed Clown ragdoll slightly to be less stuck in the floor with a foot
Clown ragdoll has slightly less weight to fly away further on death
Slightly lowered candle light brightness inside the Intermission House Screen

Reduced enemy damage on Sliver of Mercy by 10% (from 40% down to 30%)

Added 6 new Totems (including Tactical Goggles, Vampire Tooth and Ghost Ammo)
New Memory added
Added Bloody Kukri Evidence Rank 2 Trinket
Added Life Leech to both Kukri Evidence Trinkets
Added bonus Melee push-force to Fighting Gloves and MMA Gloves
Fixed Melee attacks did not have as much push-force behind them as ranged attacks
Fixed black bar on the bottom of the screen when message box is empty

Increased all Spades card totem effects by 50% for each item
Increased minimum Melee damage (from 5 up to 10)
Changed Pistol custom clip Trinket from having increased ammo capacity to have ghost ammo chance.

Hotfix 0.2.6b changes
Fixed a crash in multiplayer after picking up Tactical Goggles (thanks to Hush and Bathory for reporting this issue)
Fixed Ghost Ammo not being applied correctly after picking up a Totem
You can now also use Mouse4 (thumb mouse button) to melee attack

Hotfix 0.2.6c changes
Fixed reload speed carried over after weapon switch (thanks to Dope Fish. for pointing this out)
Fixed occasional bullets not hitting the enemy even if they should (thanks to Dope Fish. for pointing this out)
Fixed some auto reload issues that might occur in multiplayer games, getting the weapon "stuck" and require manual press of reload button to work again
Improved performance of Trinket menu

Steam Cloud Support
The game should now use Steam Could to save your profiles. This is currently in testing phase and it would be very helpful if you could give me feedback if this feature works as intended.

Added Gamepad support! You can adjust sensitivity and X Y axis in the Mouse/Gamepad Settings menu. The menu controls are currently still mouse only, but the game should be 100% playable now.
New Feature: Head Bobbing! This feature can be adjusted (or turned off completely) in the Game Settings menu. The default value is 100% - turn to 200% for the ultimate nostalgia trip ;)
Adjusted Camera Light Exposure to be less distracting with certain lights

Increased Classic Horror Player movement speed (from 75% up to 85%)
Doctor Movement speed increased (from 250 up to 300)

Hotfix 0.2.5b changes
fixed SMP icon and ammo not being displayed on multiplayer huds
fixed increased max ammo not showing up correctly on clients in multiplayer games
increased volume of shotgun fire sounds slightly

Revamped the Trinket Manager. Trinkets can now be broken into Fragments. The amount of Fragments you get depends on the Level and Rank of the Trinket you break apart. Fragments can be used to upgrade Trinkets. Higher Rank Trinkets can not be created through upgrades anymore. They can now be obtained after you complete a level.
The chances to get a Rank 2 Trinket are as follows:
Sliver of Mercy: 10%
No Hope: 15%
Kill Em All: 20%
Time To Die: 25%
Beast Mode: 30%

4 New Trinket Slots with a total of 14 new Trinkets added to the game, increasing Player max level to 70

3 new Totems added to the game

Ambient Occlusion added to the game, which greatly improves visual quality! AO is nothing new to modern games, but it was not so easy to get it to work in UNLOVED since it is not supposed to work with fully dynamic environments. But with a little trick, it is now working and gives the whole game a new sense of depth, especially in the dark.

Upgraded the game to use the latest version of Unreal Engine 4 (4.10.0)

Finding all card pieces now displays a text telling you that you get +1 Trinket rewarded
Fixed "hold E to do stuff" text was cut off with some resolutions
Fixed Trinket Manager did not show "Glove" category if trinket of that kind was selected
Added Trinket descriptions to selected Trinket in Trinket Manager
You can now break Ink Bottles into Fragments to upgrade your Trinkets.
Trinkets with Rank 2 now have a yellow glow around them
Maximum Reload speed bonus for weapons is now capped at 80%
Maximum damage reduction is now capped at 75%
Maximum Interaction Speed bonus is now capped at 80%
Slightly reduced the cost to unlock Trinket slots

HOTFIX 0.2.4b Changes
Fixed Trinkets Rank 2 not being awarded correctly
Rewarded Trinkets are now displayed after completing a level
Intermission House map floor texture changed
Intermission House map candle light slightly increased
Removed FPS cap
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