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Re: Black Ice (now at Beta v0.2.010) $
« Reply #30 on: March 16, 2014, 04:28:27 PM »
Demo keeps pace with the full on releases though with the few limitations as per directly above, and the rest can be unlocked directly with the $5, so it is a pretty good way of doing it---similar to Soldak Entertainment's wares/elder shareware styles.
Brian Emre Jeffears
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Re: Black Ice (now at Beta v0.2.020) $
« Reply #31 on: March 28, 2014, 11:58:09 AM »
beta v0.2.020

Lenna's Inspection - a unique scope with 50% homing
New modular payload: Rainbow bolts! Now available in machinegun/shotgun/sniper weapons near you! These beautiful projectiles have a chance of recoloring an enemy so it fights its friends!
Put several player names into the game to fulfill backer rewards. Still many to do!
Advanced options when creating multiplayer games:
Game name
Game password
A giant techthulhu skull projected from the top of Finality

Changes & Improvements:
"Skip Tutorial" will be selected for the player upon successful completion of the tutorial
Optimized multiplayer message sending => reduced lag with many players in the game
XP required to level past the 250k mark now goes up at 5% instead of 0% each level
Hack Range has been nerfed slightly
Railgun attack speed has been nerfed, but damage has been increased
You can now save without quitting the game
Items now match their loot cube color - Common items are now Green, Set items are now Red.

Bug Fixes:
Cancelling a hack in multiplayer no longer results in zombie enemies
Weapons now no longer do only their minimum damage!
Players can no longer knock each other around in multiplayer
The tutorial no longer gives you a level every time
Charge Jump should no longer have ram return or issues where it won't jump
Cheat codes can no longer work in multiplayer
Demo saves should now transfer over to the full version without difficulty
Bitcred counts of >1M display correctly now
You can now always see all items in the buyback tab, but the size is limited.
Railguns no longer display funny with homing or drunk affixes
Attempting to hack a building that is already being hacked by another player no longer takes your RAM
Buildings now drop loot according to the loot find of the hacker for every player in a multiplayer game
Finality now drops loot in single player
Spiders should no longer get stuck in midair, but if you see this again, please let me know.

Any feedback or bug reports are always appreciated.
How to update: Return to wherever you bought the game, or Indie Game Stand, and overwrite your old game files. Your save is stored in another location.
Brian Emre Jeffears
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Re: Black Ice (now at Beta v0.2.030) $
« Reply #32 on: April 11, 2014, 02:51:37 AM »
beta v0.2.030

Additions & Changes:
The Kokinator - Unique shotgun that shoots rockets and fireballs and does tons of damage.
City size (maxing out at 5) now works in multiplayer. More hacking for all!
Buildings are a little shiny, so you can see the all the pretty lights that projectiles have now :)
Homing and Drunk now start a little later, which should result in increased accuracy
Flat weapon damage will no longer drop on non-weapon items, but percent weapon damage drops in larger quantities.

Bug Fixes:
217 is no longer the max level (MAX_INT was problematic :P)
Hardcore mode now deletes your save when you die
Teleport works better now
Sprinting twice at once no longer makes you go slow
Sparks caused by projectiles now shoot in the correct direction
Rainbow bolts, fireballs, icebolts, and the Finality Hologram are now visible in low particle mode
Popups now actually pop up again. I hope you like spiders in your face!
Fire and Ice aimbots now fire fireballs and slowing bolts properly
Colorizing or slowing a shielded enemy will no longer change the color of their shield
Buffs now transfer appropriately in multiplayer for all players

Known Issues:
You can debuff other players in multiplayer, but not damage them.
Charge Jump is a little finicky, but works in most cases.
Any feedback or bug reports are always appreciated.
I wish I had had more time to add things this week, but life intervened.
Brian Emre Jeffears
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Re: Black Ice (now at Beta v0.3.000) $
« Reply #33 on: June 06, 2014, 07:24:50 PM »
beta v0.3.00

Warning: Due to all of the awesome changes I’ve made, your v0.2 saves will not carry forward to this patch

All items now scale with Item Level, which is determined by the Hack Difficulty of the building the item dropped from
Any level of rarity can be found at any item level
Difficulty Settings - You can now raise the difficulty of single or multiplayer games. This increases the hack levels of servers on the map, which makes the loot better and the enemies harder. Denoted by [+X] in the game browser
Mod Support! All of the item stats can be modded. See here for a guide:
New Music from V-Axys - Two new tracks and improvements to several old ones
Hack Radius Grace Period - You now have 5 seconds to get back into the hack radius if you leave
EMP - A new weapon which stuns and damages enemies close to the player
1990 Mode - A fun option to make the game look low-rez
CRT Mode - A fun option to make the game look like it’s on an old monitor
Comparison Tooltips - Hold shift in the inventory menu to “grab” an item’s tooltip, so that you can compare it to another item
Camera Shake - Explosions and being knocked back or damaged now cause the camera to shake. This can be turned down in the options menu
Recoil - Weapons now have quite a kick to them (Thanks Hoodie!)
Damage Direction Indicators - See where you’re being attacked from
Intro Video from Alon Karmi

Localized Weapon Affixes - Weapon Affixes, like Weapon Damage and ChanceToPierce, no longer affect all equipped weapons; they now only affect the weapon they are on.
Many projectiles and particles now glow
Items now cost 2x what they sell for
Shotguns cost less RAM to fire, especially on the low end
Aimbots now fire at a more random interval, making it harder to dodge their shots
The SHARK now drops a rare or better item of ilevel 100
Talent tweaks - Attack Speed nerf, Health buff
Players now get more health per level
Every item you find should now be better than your starting items
Video options in the launcher have more fun names
High level servers drop less items, and no longer always drop higher rarity items, but the loot is still better because it has a higher item level
Enemies are much harder at high level
Stats in the Stats Window now display relative to your Left Click software. If you’d like to see how another item’s stats are calculated, put that item in the left click slot.

Bug Fixes:
You can no longer debuff other players in multiplayer
Shooting a mine with a rocket no longer causes tons of explosions
You can no longer swap items to wear items with too high of a required level
Fixed spelling errors in the tutorial
Railguns and other piercing weapons can no longer hit some targets multiple times
You can now see the inside of a shielded enemy’s shield
Enemies now readjust to their surroundings better when they are teleported for going too far outside the hack radius after the hack is complete

How to update: Return to wherever you bought the game, and overwrite your old game files.
Brian Emre Jeffears
Aspiring Designer/Programmer/Composer
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Re: Black Ice (now at Beta v0.4.001) $
« Reply #34 on: July 09, 2014, 07:49:55 PM »
Black Ice has launched on Steam Early Access!

The price is now $10, and this will be increasing as I add more features

There is a 4-pack option for $30 (4 for the price of 3!) on the Steam store
If you've already purchased the game, you get a Steam key for free! Return to where you've bought the game, log in, and request a key there.
The no-DRM promise remains intact - you can launch Black Ice from the Steam folder without having Steam open, or even an internet connection!
Thank you all for your votes. I wouldn't be on Steam without you.

The Black Ice Original Soundtrack is now on sale for €4!
New & remastered soundtrack music from V-Axys!
Achievements! 16 achievements, including 2 hidden ones, can now be credited. Press Y to see them, or view them from the main menu
Boosh! Enemies explode into confetti when they die now!
Enemy HP and damage now scales exponentially. Get ready for trouble.
Added "Trip Hazard" hacker name for Zoe Quinn
Added "IDDQT" hacker name for Felix/Maya

Multiplayer servers now default to a 5-player capacity, but this can be changed from 2-10 players
Weapons, especially shotguns, should not kick nearly as much
The SHARK drops lower-level loot to match his challenge level
EMP should look a little better
The Additional Hack Difficulty setting now increases in increments of 100
Icebreaker "Hacking Speed" is now larger numbers, and thus easier to understand
Spawn particles now glow more prettily in the color of what they're spawning
Crit and various hacking affixes now have maximums that can drop on certain items
Finality, Incorporated can no longer be hacked in less than 60 seconds
The starting Jump item is now stronger to allow for conquering Jump puzzle buildings earlier
Lasguns do less damage, but their DPS is calculated accurately now

Enemies should no longer get stuck when falling off buildings
Knowledgizer is now spelled correctly
Critical Hit is now properly listed as a (local) weapon affix
Jetpacks no longer shake your screen
Bubbleshields no longer stop the Disc
Invisible things no longer prevent you from clicking on shops and info boxes
The intro video is no longer pants-sh*ttingly loud
Modding unique weapons is now possible
Brian Emre Jeffears
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Re: Black Ice (now at Beta v0.4.5) $
« Reply #35 on: August 08, 2014, 03:13:36 PM »

The TL;DR is that I changed a ton of numbers, fixed a bunch of bugs, and added a new item: The Lasbreaker. You should be able to carry over your old saves, but it would be best to start a new character to stay balanced.


    Added the Lasbreaker, a new icebreaker type that damages all enemies touching the hack link
    Added a bunch of new achievements, including Humble Beginnings
    You can teleport to another player in multiplayer by holding tab and clicking their name
    XP is now shared evenly among all players within 50 meters in multiplayer
    Added Sprint Toggle option so you don't have to hold the button down
    All text in the game has a new font, which should help Linux players who don't have Arial. It also looks really cool
    :D added to multiplayer (you'll know it when you see it)


    The SHARK now scales with difficulty... strongly
    Damage Returned now scales much more with ilevel
    Changed item rarity colors
    The color red should now only be used in text for bad things. Magenta is used for Weapon stats now
    Set Items have been renamed to Epic items, to properly correspond to their function, since sets aren't implemented
    Weapon Range talent nerfed to 5
    RAM Regen talent changed to 5%
    RAM talent changed to 5%
    Health talent changed to 5%
    Movement speed talent removed (but items now have more)
    Weapon recoil is lower
    Machineguns have been tweaked to be more competitive with snipers and shotguns
    Reason (the Unique machinegun) has been buffed
    Railguns fire faster and cost less RAM, but do less damage
    Most modular weapons fire faster
    Icebreakers hack faster and scale better with ilevel, but cost more RAM
    Item level to Required Level scaling has changed
    Item affixes overall are more variable
    The homing affix now has a maximum amount that can drop on an item
    You now only lose 10% of your credits on death, but the maximum amount you can lose is now 250k (from 50k)
    Enemy HP scaling has changed (more at high level)
    Enemy Damage scaling has changed (less at high level)
    You now get most of your XP from hacking instead of killing enemies
    XP required to level has been lowered, since enemies give less XP now
    Lasgun damage has been lowered a bit, RAM cost has increased a bit. Still pretty OP
    Mines no longer shake your screen as much
    Only 30 enemies can spawn from a server at one time (60 from all servers), but servers will spawn the same total number of enemies before being hacked
    Jetpack is now quieter
    The store near the spawn zone has lower level loot now
    Knockback to players shouldn't ever be *too* ridiculous
    Player HP and RAM Regen per level has been buffed
    Only unique items have a minimum level requirement of 5 now
    Items now cost more from stores compared to how much they sell for, encouraging players to hack for items instead of shop
    Players can no longer spawn more than 6 mines per mine item - spawning more causes the oldest one to explode
    Jetpacks now use a percentage of your RAM that increases as they heat up. This is so that players can no longer fly forever, so they actually have to give the enemies a fighting chance.
    The hack timer is now a progress bar counting up (It's at 80%! I need more time!)
    When you create a character, the default is a blank bar, which should lead to some more interesting names in multiplayer. Random names are still available
    Players can no longer choose to not spawn buildings (which people thought was a bug)
    Enemies fall to the ground faster
    All player projectiles fly faster, so you don't need to put as much of a lead on enemies
    Players can select the closest multiplayer webserver to them manually. All games are visible from all servers. I'm talking about the real, physical, out-of-the-game cloud server that hosts multiplayer games, not in-game servers.
    Servers drop 3 loot less often (1-3 is still what you get)
    Damage taken redness is now a LOT more noticeable, especially after taking multiple hits
    Healing items (Instant and Over Time) heal for a lot more
    The SHARK's death explosion is a lot more spectacular now
    Sprinting now looks cool as it changes your view a bit
    Mines do less damage and use more RAM, but are still super strong
    You can no longer unequip an icebreaker or mine while they're in use, or a jetpack while it's heated up
    Maximum movement speed is now +150% (down from +200%)
    Additional hack range on items is a little lower
    Missiles don't knock enemies back as far
    Other servers spawn further away from Finality
    Finality spawns further away from the spawn zone

Bug Fixes:

    Dying now causes the game to save, so going back to the main menu won't make you lose progress
    Updated the achievement system to work even if you exit the game prematurely
    Mines and Health Powerups now can fall through enemy shields
    Achievement: Pay, Pal now works even if you drag and drop the item
    Enemies can no longer fly at you when you're jetpacking about. They can still jump
    Piercing weapons no longer go through the floor
    Firing two lasguns at once no longer causes crit problems
    Crit and Crit Multiplier are no longer global affixes
    Shops now drop the appropriate item level loot when hacked
    Swarm Server info terminals now display text appropriately
    Enemies no longer seem to stick to you when they're close
    Jumping off mines to effectively walk on air has been disabled
    Pressing enter after you die no longer causes issues
    Skipping the intro video should be faster and not cause issues
    Enemy Shields and Mines should no longer cause lag
    More enemies can be on screen at once now
    Player mines shouldn't blow up on other players in multiplayer
    The modding menu buttons for payloads and unique payloads have been fixed
    Zombie Derezzed enemies should no longer appear
    Joining games with passwords now works properly
    Swarm buildings now change colors properly in multiplayer
    Jump buildings no longer drop the item on top of them when they're hacked
    XP can no longer overflow into negative numbers
    Aimbots and the SHARK are now much better at chasing you down
    You can no longer hear icebreakers from across the map in multiplayer
    Camera shake can be turned down properly now
    The Flatline talent now properly checks for you to be below 5% HP
    Enemies no longer keep being knocked back after teleporting to respawn
    Frostbiter, one of the unique lasguns, spawns less particles and therefore causes less lag
    Music doesn't change way too often anymore
    Really high RAM regen no longer causes items to not reserve RAM
    You can now see damage numbers in multiplayer (crits don't show as red, though)
    You can no longer see the original pre-bloom/1990/CRT textures on items in close range peripheral vision
    Jump puzzle buildings now always have the correct level displayed in multiplayer

Thanks for reading all this! I hope you like the patch <3
- Super Duper Garrett Cooper
Brian Emre Jeffears
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Re: Black Ice (now at Beta v0.5.0) $
« Reply #36 on: October 25, 2014, 08:48:18 PM »

Major Features:
PVP - Shoot your friends!
LAN Mode - Play offline with reduced latency! Great for LAN parties!
Nemesystem - Dying has consequences, but revenge has its reward!
Two New Enemies - The Ghost in the Shellfish and the Scorporation
Minions - Summon your own combat AI!
Reflections - Oooh, Shiny!

Would you like to know more? Keep scrolling! I've got more details on the major features below.

Minor Features:
Cloaking Enemies affix - The Predator comes to mind
Rebalanced Server Difficulty - Now just look at your player level to figure out what level server to hack!
Retooled Level Generation - Easier to find servers of your level!
New Unique Item - The Porta Device - A Unique Mod which has a chance to teleport your attackers away
H or Q to hack - No matter which slot your Icebreaker is equipped in!
Halloween Surprise 2014 - Find your own #HackOLantern, or make one IRL and win a Black Ice T-Shirt!. Don't like the Black & Orange servers? Select "I Hate Halloween" in the top left of the main menu.

Not to mention Bug Fixes and System Enhancements all over the place!

Just select PVP from the Advanced Options when creating a multiplayer match to jump into PVP. You'll be automatically assigned to the Red or Blue team, although you can switch teams at any time by holding Tab and pressing the Switch Team button. Note that all servers and enemies are still active - and not friendly to you - so it's a race for each team to try to outlevel each other via hacking. Damage numbers are enabled for all players, which makes it much harder to hide from your enemies if you're hacking.

LAN Mode:
This takes a little extra work (instructions here![]) but the benefit is that you can play multiplayer with no internet connection and with drastically reduced latency. And if you also own Disco Dodgeball, it's the same LAN setup :)

Dying to a server near or below your level will cause it to level up, but also will increase the odds of getting good loot from that server. And of course, the server will taunt you by displaying a large red skull hologram on the roof.

New Enemies:
The megacorps have been busy upgrading their security. First, the Ghost in the Shellfish is a big beefy crab-like enemy who can really knock your socks off (or your ass out of the hacking radius). The other new enemy is called the Scorporation. This high-tech scorpion AI packs a highly-damaging lasgun and can be very accurate, so keep moving!

Ever wanted your own pet AI? Now you can have one! Or eight! Minions are great for distracting enemies and can put out some damage to boot. Grabbing a health powerup will also heal your minions.

The world of Black Ice just got a bit brighter with the addition of high-fidelity raytracing reflections. This does affect performance, but you can turn it down to Simple Reflections mode in the options, or turn reflections completely off. One side effect of the Fancy Reflections mode: enemy death particles look super cool now.
Brian Emre Jeffears
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Re: Black Ice (now at Beta v0.6.0) $
« Reply #37 on: March 03, 2015, 03:18:45 AM »
Hi everyone! This is what I've been working so hard on, I hope you like it :) This, and showing the game off at PAX South, East, and GDC!

Controller Support! This should "just work" for any controller. Try it out!
UI Overhaul - many menus are updated, prettier and easier to use
Gorgeous new server/building paint jobs.
Added Scorporation minion. All minions are now shiny!
Added Antialiasing as an option in the options menu
Drastic performance improvements, especially on large cities
Added a Colorblind mode for item rarity colors
Loot Cubes are a lot more descriptive and easy to see
Added new modular projectile type: Bouncy Ball! Reflects off all walls/floors but pierces through enemies. Can hit the same target multiple times!
Mysterious new Dark Servers

Enemy blood particles are now the opposite color of enemies. Rainbow sometimes!
1990 Mode looks better (bloom takes affect afterwards, causing a glowing pixel effect)
Scorporation damage has been reduced by 50%, and other balancing tweaks
Removed "Simple Reflections" mode. Reflections are now on or off.
Buildings drop bitcreds instead of items sometimes now :)
Added a big floating $ hologram above shops
F7 is now Quick Save

Too many to count, but the game is going to run a lot smoother, faster, and better, especially on lower-end machines.
Brian Emre Jeffears
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Re: Black Ice (now at Beta v0.6.004) $
« Reply #38 on: April 02, 2015, 03:28:14 AM »

Hi everyone! This is a culmination of several indev patches over the past few weeks, mostly aimed at fixing bugs in multiplayer but also adding two new unique items, a bunch of small balancing changes that add up for better quality of life. I think you'll be quite happy with the results!

WARNING: This patch will break previous characters. They'll still load, but they won't be able to regenerate RAM. Please just create a new character. I tried really hard to avoid this, but was unable to.

BIG CHANGE: TL;DR: 10-Player multiplayer works with no problems now! I did a huge networking code update and you can *see* it in multiplayer games - all the projectiles move much more smoothly
Added a new unique item: The Disco Dodgeball. Must be picked up after fired, but can be retrieved by activating again
Added another new unique item: The Spicy Meatball, which is a bouncy fireball (with 100% ricochet but no innate piercing)
Added Gisborne Industries as a reference to Mike Bithell's new game, Volume. He's a really nice guy
Players in multiplayer now get a +15% XP bonus for each player past the first
If you cheat, you will be marked as such
April Fool's day joke :) Wait and see!

Item Balancing Changes:
Shotguns + high accuracy should feel more like shotguns now (more spread)
Nerfed bouncyball damage to be more in line with other weapons
Mine damage has been reduced (including spider mines). I doubt anyone will notice
RAM Regen from leveling has been decreased
RAM and RAM Regen from items has been decreased
Icebreakers cost more RAM per hack now
Lasbreakers do more damage now
Health per Second items now cost more RAM and heal less per level

Other Changes:
You can now see the highest level server you've hacked, which is important because:
Shops now sell loot only up to the level of the highest level server you've hacked
GITSfish health has been lowered, but their damage has increased
Bitcred drops have been quadrupled
Multiplayer city size is now set to max at all times - not infinite, but large.
Hacked buildings are much more transparent now, this should let people see the loot better (Known issue: They don't show up on Macs now)
The select button now closes the inventory menu on a controller
Player and enemy movement in multiplayer is much more accurate now

Invert controller toggle works now
Punchthrough achievement works now
The Main Menu should lag less for lower-power machines. I expect this to improve next major patch when I upgrade to Unity 5
Overlapping buildings no longer spawn near the starting area
Nemesized servers now show up properly in multiplayer
Mines are colored appropriately in PVP now
Loot (including dropped credits) from every server is now always the appropriate level
Shared XP in MP now has a minimum of 1, not 0
Brian Emre Jeffears
Aspiring Designer/Programmer/Composer
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Re: Black Ice (now at Beta v0.7) $
« Reply #39 on: August 06, 2015, 09:11:40 PM »
v0.7   8)

Biggest. Patch. Ever. I've been working really hard on this patch since March, and even though I've been releasing patches almost every week on the Indev version, I wanted to make sure it was great before sending it out to everyone. With all these improvements, I feel the game is now worth $15, so I've raised the price.

NOTE: YOU MUST START A NEW CHARACTER FOR THIS PATCH. This was a necessary evil, but with the new save and perk systems (details below!) it shouldn't ever happen again.

New Features:
PERK SYSTEM starting with unique 8 perks to change how you play (details below)
Leveling/Difficulty Overhaul - The game still starts pretty easy, but will get much harder, especially after level 100.
- Talents cap at 100 (to increase end-game difficulty and reduce treadmill effect)
- Percentage Talents are now multiplicative with item stats, which keeps them valuable even as you level
- It's now faster XP to always try to hack higher level servers, although multihacking is still good too.
Engine updated to Unity 5, meaning a major physics update, so character movement feels great, the graphics are AMAZING with a new bloom plugin and DX11
Save/Load Update - Cloud Saves, Hackable Saves (for you modders) and:
You can now drop items for other players in multiplayer
Full Controller Support with Key Rebinding
Drastic Multiplayer Performance Improvements - play with 10 players at once with no issues
Four new amazing music tracks from V-Axys (These will not be added to the soundtrack, as V-Axys is planning a second album)
Aim Assist - This is subtle, but it really helps. You can turn it on for controller and mouse separately

Currently, you get one perk point at level 10, and one at 20, although I will be adding more points as I add more perks. These are intended to make each character play differently, so you will need to create multiple characters to try them all.
Perk damage bonuses stack multiplicatively with items and talents
Aimhax - Adds +30 Homing to all Sniper weapons
Emergency Overclocking - Adds a 25% Damage and Movement Speed bonus when you're below 25% health
Bomb Voyage - Dropping a mine grants you a movement speed bonus - which stacks with Sprint.
I Expect You To Die - Lasguns pierce through everything, allowing them to deal damage to multiple targets at once
Discipline - Launch up to 5 Discs at once, from each Disc item
Drunken Master - All projectiles gain +100% Chance to Ricochet, but also 25 Drunk. It's hilarious
Stopping Power - Standing still grants you a 15% damage bonus
Hard Drive - Moving forward grants you a 10% damage bonus, but moving backwards reduces your damage by 10%

New Items:
Scorchporation - A Scorporation minion with the power to set your enemies aflame
Oersted's Mallet - Hammers circle around you, piercing and damaging everything
Ice-a-Kill - Icebolts circle around you, piercing, slowing and damaging everything
Disco Deathball - Saved the best for last. This ultimate item has a long (30s) cooldown, and only fires one disco ball - which then fires HUNDREDS of lasers in all directions, which ricochet. (shown below)

All projectile particles react to explosions and
Jetpack and Charge Jump items overhaul - much more fun!
Added rocket jumping
Infinite city size performs much better on every computer
Aimbots can now fly
Unique items are now more rare, and only truly unique items will drop (Loot Find is still OP)
The Options Menu has several new options and is organized better
Minion overhaul - Minions now do much more damage and are improved by your damage and health stats, but have less health overall.
The Homing and Drunk item affixes now work much better

Main Menu Lag eliminated
Private Multiplayer games now properly require passwords
Your Highest level server hacked is now saved, this affects which items stores sell
Innumerable additional fixes. Chances are if you noticed a bug in the live version before, it's gone now.

Known Issues:
Achievements work, but aren't pushing to Steam. This is due to either Steam or the plugin I'm using, and I will be fixing this as soon as I can

Stay tuned, everyone. I've got much more up my sleeves!
Brian Emre Jeffears
Aspiring Designer/Programmer/Composer
In Training