Author Topic: Xenophyte - Roguish? Content rich turn based scifi adventure  (Read 2554 times)


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This is my first release.  Some may consider it roguelike.  The game has quite a bit of depth and a number of ways to lose the game.  Xenophyte does have 4 or 5-ish of the "standard" feature list.

  • Turn based
  • Grid based
  • Permanent Failure
  • Procedural Environments
  • Random conflict outcomes If you get hit you take damage, nothing random about it.
  • Inventory Big inventory, the decision comes in where you spend the resources.
  • Single Character You control a single type of droid.  There are only a few left from the seed ship crash.  So, you do have a few "lives."

The game is Xenophyte and deals with a troubled seed world.  The presentation is very light (E for everyone) but the depth of the game might make it feel more difficult for some.

Gameplay Video

Xenophyte Demo on Google Play

Xenophyte Website

There is also a Windows version but no demo for Windows at this time.