Author Topic: Triangle Wizard R 6.05 released  (Read 2967 times)


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Triangle Wizard R 6.05 released
« on: September 05, 2009, 11:35:19 PM »
This new update finally allows one to have the game randomize your name in the 'new game' screen (thanks to Freggle for nagging me about this).  Of course it also has some other improvements, like the weakening of the Soulstealer and the upgrading of two underused spells: Prismatic Sphere and Anti-magic screen.

Also the ingame spell statistics now reflect increased casting times due to equipment and the character dump provides some more information. I've also added a new spell named Poison Darts, which is a circle one projectile spell (which poison lacked) capable of rapid fire on high levels, and a class to go with it (the Assassin).

Patch R 6.05 notes:


-Slower incantation regeneration and slower casting are now correctly listed in the character info screen.

-Increased/decreased magic item finding chance is now also displayed.

-Soulstealer now has 170 hitpoints (was 240).

-Character dump now also lists whether a particular item was equipped at the time the dump was made.

-Character dump now also lists item quality values.

-Added the 'of Clairvoyance' item suffix.

-Unseen Ones are now much more difficult to see.

-Modified casting rate and spell regeneration rates due to items are now shown in the spell information screens.

-Added the Poison Darts spell.

-Added a few traps, creatures and unique monsters.

-Added the Assassin class.

-Prismatic Spheres now retain more of the original spell level.

-The anti-magic screen spell now also has a chance at converting spells.

-Anti-magic screen will no longer reflect Dispel Magic spells.

-Increased Anti-magic screen typical incantations.

-Character dump now also displays amount of healing potions and the game's version.

-You can now press left and right in the new game menu to scroll between class and race selections. Pressing left or right on your character's name will generate a new random name (pressing right will also randomize class and race).
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