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« on: January 03, 2015, 11:45:25 PM »

Hello gamers!
I'm a hobbyist game developer and 2014 was dedicated to this game: Runelock.
It's now Beta. The gameplay is very close to the final product I have in mind.
For the first quarter of 2015 I will add more feature to the game.(Objects, puzzles, enemies behaviors, etc...). I will then have a fully playable demo.
Included: 9 planes. The three characters are already playable.

Afterward, I will add more planes(that's how level/depth are named in the game) and I will look for a way to commercialize it.
Final product will include 20 planes.

Topic is here:

Feel free to download, play, comment and the most important: share it with your friends!

Thank you for reading!