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C-Wars (now at Early Access Beta v1.2 PC)
« on: September 29, 2013, 08:11:46 PM »

No visible log at present, but the gist:

Rogue-like + fast RTS combat = C-wars. Try Alpha demo on PC/Mac/Linux/Android.

1- About this game

    Special/Random encounters in Cyberpunk Sci-fi world view
    Permanent death
    Combat system: a RTS on grids
    Fast combat: 8 mins MAXI per

Old school rogue-like gameplay marries a cyberpunk apocalyptic world view with an original combat system.

Additional to the numerous special/random encounters commonly seen in a regular rogue-like game, we have forged an unique combat system. It follows RTS’ spirit with ARPG’s essence. Our goal is to amplify units collaboration and micromanagement.

It’s a magnificent combination of retro-style visuals and innovative gameplay.

2- Plot

A global nuclear war reset humans’ achievements. Luna base was the final stand of our civilization. 150 years later, Alpha, the largest Luna city, was infected by zombies. Use human wave attack to rush the infected city, or strike with smart strategy. It all depends on you - our final hope.

Please save the mankind.

concept art:
pixel art:

3- Game system

    The battles are real time, a RTS-like.
    Your soldiers are self-propelled towers! But They are mortal as well.
    You have to fully micromanage your captain.

4- Dev state

We are at Alpha stage.

    PC/MAC/Linux alpha build [ONLY combat system] is out now. [Resolution: 800*480]
    If you have an Android phone [not yet optimized for tablets], you try alpha build 1.4.5 here:

5- FAQ

Q: On what platforms will C-wars be released?
A: PC/Mac/Linux and Android phone/tablet.

Q: Playable demo?

    PC/MAC/Linux alpha build [ONLY combat system] is out now. [Resolution: 800*480]
    If you have an Android phone [not yet optimized for tablets], you try alpha build 1.4.5 here:

Q: Inspiration?

    Super Robot War: Animation-making skills
    Fallout: Apocalyptic theme
    CoD: summoning soldiers, combat rewards
    Dead space: [It’s more at the world view level] Nano machine implantation and enhance

Q: Magaman EXE [AKA Megaman battle network]?
A: C-Wars’ combat system and EXE do look alike in some way, but if you look closely, the two have essential distinctions.

    C-Wars’ combat sys is a Real Time Strategy like, aka Army vs. Army. You do have a Captain in C-Wars, but he alone will be dead quickly without his squad, while EXE is RPG, aka One Super Hero vs. Many.
    C-Wars has a non-stop real time gameplay, but EXE is command based with pauses for taking new tiles.
    C-Wars is rogue-like while EXE’s battle is a RPG fighting system. In C-Wars, You will have to think how to corporate with different types of soldiers. For example: use Shield PVT to cover your fragile gunner; place a Supply Cadet to power a Beam Sgt; deploy a Barrier generator to protect your precious Mega Cannon; order two fighters to beat one enemy, one after another, etc.

A: It’s a rogue-like, so a sub-genre of RPG. It’s not exactly like a traditional RPG where you role play a hero. But we do have some classic RPG elements integrated such as level up your heroes, get more skills, build/buy/get weapons and encounters, etc.

Q: Why do you have the guys in normal clothing and girls in booty shorts? That’s not cool.
A: That one girl in shorts is Valky, heir of Gwen Indus, a spoiled and rebellious rich kid who resents formal military uniforms. Actually it was her request to make her stand out with a jumpsuit especially designed for her. Generally speaking, most girls in SpeOps of Luna Defense Forces wear formal uniforms. But oh well, for an elite sniper like Valky, we can make some exceptions, right? :P

Q: Zombie? Again??
A: Don’t you think zombies are kinda cute? ^^ They look like humans but are so slow and everywhere! Be cautious though, as zombies are not your only opponents in C-Wars! There are also super tank Creatures and the seemingly weak but actually strongest (and female) Boss in C-Wars - “Weapon.” If you don’t like zombies, just see them as low level mutants (and that’s what they really are) and perhaps that way you would be happier.

6- Feedback

Please follow us here, or leave a message. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Hi, this is Loup the lead programmer at C-Wars project.

1.6 was finally finished. It's also the Tokyo Game Show version. Please feel free to download it. There is no known bug so far.


1- Press KEY 123 to launch Hero's attack, there is NO cooldown, you need to be careful with timing though.

2- Press WASD [4 directions] and QEZC [diagonals] to move.

3- Press Shift key for Medical Spray.

4- Press Space Key for Mine deployment.

5- Windows: Click Mega Cannon icon to deploy it in front of Hero [need 4 free blocks].MAC: Click Command Key to deploy the cannon

6- F123 to Summon soldier [need to click on the map to confirm the summoning].
6.1- You can move your summoned solider after selecting him/her.

7- Developer KEY:
7.1- Click Villain's portrait [TOP RIGHT] to go back to menu.
7.2- Click Hero's portrait [BOTTOM LEFT] to pause the game.
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Re: C-Wars (now at Early Access Beta v1.2 PC)
« Reply #1 on: December 11, 2014, 11:57:13 PM »
Now at Early Access Beta v1.2, which is one strange gap to jump to, but the odd saga of this moving forward may finally have some momentum.   :P

You need to do the following:
1- Install JRE [link]
2- Unzip it into a folder
3- Windows: double click .bat
4- Mac/Linux: double click .jar

What's new:
1- Save, load and quit
2- Help
3- Battalion Formation
4- Ranged unit, supply unit, shield, medic and roadblocker
5- DnD dice

Have fun!

Hello everyone!

First off, we would like to thank you all for your patience. We have a lot of things to show you!

Another happy update! Most importantly, another happy build ^^ The BETA 1.2!!!! You can download it here.

We've been working hard the past few months so let's take a look together.

0- Unity!

We made the decision a while back to move over the Unity platform to develope C-Wars in.

Even though the builds we have been providing you were done in Java they are pretty much on par with the builds we have been creating in Unity.

The big advantage of Unity (and the reason we decided to move production of C-Wars to it) is the flexability of the platform. The features it offers such as code flexability and better asset management will help us in make C-Wars more efficiently.

Another major advantage of Unity is the ability to easily port C-Wars from one platform to another. Once we finish C-Wars on one console platform, the rest of them will be very easy to convert over. The dawn of C-Wars is coming.

1- IndieDB

From now on, we will publish ALL our beta builds on INDIEDB till the early access release on Steam. Check it out and download the DEMO!!! 

2- IGF main competition

As usual, Onipunks is AGAIN competing with all our indie brothers in IGF 2015. [Link]

If by any (and tiny) chance you are the judge on C-Wars, well, you know what to do, XD

3- Team zombie

These zombie brothers are forging a dark alliance. Let's kick some butt shall we?

A few of the Kickstarter zombie team members have been implemented into the latest build of C-Wars. They are pretty tough to defeat, but the rewards will be worth it. Show them no mercy!

We will continue to add the rest of our Kickstarter Zombie team as we go forward.

NOTE from Eric the zombie: "We're not going to show you any mercy, either! Prepare to die!"

4- Feature: Autosaving + French Keyboard + F1 for Help + Button-to-Quit-The-Damn-Game

Autosaving has been added! Now you don't have to keep the game running for an emergency meeting or anything.

With ZW and AQ reversed on a French keyboard, WASD movement was kind of difficult to perform. By clicking EN/FR at right-bottom of C-Wars title menu, you shall have the possibility to use ZQSD instead of WASD. French language translations will be coming in a later build.

If you have trouble or don't know how to play in combat, just hit F1 on your keyboard, then some nice tips for control will appear.

A "Save + Quit" button in the game! You can actually exit the game like a proper game now.

5- Feature: the Battalion Formation

"That lovely grid, did you guys remove it completely?"
"I can't control all these units, it's too much!"
"I WANT to control all these units, dude!"

Well, you guys knew we've been working on this, right? We have the solution now: the "Battalion Formation"! Just press pause and you will be allowed to move units and plan out your formations.

6- Feature: Ranged units, Shield, Medic, Supplying units and Road blocker

So you think there are no more challenges left for you in C-Wars. Think again! Check this out!

7- Feature: DnD dice

Look at this beautiful screenshot. Many of us have experienced DnD and the rolling of a d20 dice. Just watching it makes us feel warm inside. In our humble opinion, every RPG has its roots in DnD, and so does C-Wars.

Combat: Affects hero's attack power.
Endurance: Affects hero's health point.
Leadership: Affects squad units' power.
Technology: Affects power for mines, turrets and drones.
Anatomy: Affects power against living things, like human and mutants.

Each attribute has a unique icon for it.

And we use levels to determine how weak and strong the character is.

These levels are: weak, base, normal, good, elite and supreme. Only the last 4 have icons. Weak and base don't have anything, but the attribute remains effective. 

This is a core element of the game. So please roll the dice and see what happens!

8- PAX East Indie MEGABOOTH!!

Onipunks has put in its application for a booth at Pax East (March 6-8, 2015) so let's cross our fingers ;) If we get accepted to be part of the Indie MEGABOOTH, our team will be in attendance. So if you are attending PAX and are not far from Boston, go say hi to them ^^ .

9 - New Music

Eddy our composer has added some new tracks to his Soundcloud account that he recently composed for C-Wars. You can check them out here.

10- Rumours and clarifications

Recently, there has been some rumours and misinformation going around regarding Onipunks and C-Wars. We would like to take some time to clarify a few things for our backers.

Team Members Leaving – Yes, unfortunately most of the original members of the C-wars team have left the project. Most of them left during the early part of 2014 to pursue other opportunities. Onipunks is grateful for their contributions to C-wars and wish them the best on their future endeavors.

Unfortunately, with most of the team leaving, Onipunks was reduced down to a skeleton crew. The amount of responsibilities we had to juggle was difficult for the remaining members and we were not able to maintain the level of communication we used to have with our backers. For this, we would like to apologize to everyone and hope you understand.

C-Wars is Dead – No way! Despite some hard times during our development, we have since rebuilt the team and have been working even harder to ensure we bring C-Wars to everyone!

Now that our team is back to full strength, this allows us to fulfill some long overdue items such as the Pixel U rewards we recently posted. This also means we are back on track with C-Wars.

The project looks great. It's becoming a fun game. This is the number 1 most important thing we want you all to know. We are getting here, no matter what.

Well, guess it is time to get back to work, we shall see you next time!

Waiting is, till fullness.

Team ONI
Brian Emre Jeffears
Aspiring Designer/Programmer/Composer
In Training