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SanctuaryRPG (now at v1.1.9) Semi-$
« on: August 30, 2013, 11:56:42 AM »  Also now a Pay What You Want thing.

SanctuaryRPG is a roguelike-like RPG which entered development in late 2012 by two fledgling game developers Daniel Doan and Charles Seat. After months of internal testing, the initial beta was released in January of 2013 to positive reviews by the Reddit community. The two knew that they had created something awesome.

However, the two had a much larger vision than simply releasing a game on Reddit. Realizing that the grand scope of the game would require additional assistance from the community at large, the two then branched out and recruited a talented team of designers, writers, artists, and developers from all around the world to assist in their quest of excellence.

The game uses cutting-edge ASCII graphics technology, and includes many different types of gameplay, drawing inspiration from role-playing games such as Diablo, Path of Exile, Frog Fractions, and Modern Warfare 3.

Fixed a billion bugs
    Added 100+ Art Assets
    Improved Intro Cutscene
    Enabled skill swap mechanic
    Retooled Q ability
    Retooled W ability
    Retooled E ability
    Implemented damage stack function
    Added life steal to Strength
    Uncapped skill tree points
    Added randomized boss bars
    Modified wound and reposition
    Modified resting animation
    Enabled 66% chance of missed move
    Modified A2Z1 boss
    Modified dexterity
    Modified strength
    Fixed statsheet bug
    Modified charm graphic func
    Fixed Blue Slime ensnared run bug
    Modified itemdrop animation
    QOL fix for character erasure
    Modified stat scaling
    Modified paladin debuff aura
    Fixed graphics display bug for a1z3
    Made salvage mats visible
    Increased enemy trample damage
    Rebalanced heavy armor damage reduction
    Increased drop rates across the board
    Modified salvage drop display
    Fixed heal bar bug
    Modified wording for arena
    Added 10 random events
    Fixed minor speech bugs
    Added custom launch graphic
    Modified credits from UI
    Modified arena shard display
    Fixed lyssa talk bug
    Modified out of stock display
    Modified keystone enemy scaling
    Retooled inferno calculation
    Fixed yellow boss bar bug
    Retooled enemy atk scale formula
    Fixed paladin passive display
    Modified guardian types
    Retooled events
    Modified inferno display mode
    Modified soul shard crafting
    Rebalanced legion warrior scaling
    Modified skeleton spawn formula
    Modified UI for crafting screen
    Fixed statsheet display bug
    Fixed grammar issues
    Fixed double knockout issue
    Fixed gameversion icon bug
    Modified discipline screen
    Modified silver key restock rate
    Modified guardian scaling bug
    Scaled arena a bit more to end game
    Rebalanced difficulty of end game
    Maces and Mauls now scale with STR
    Added additonal info to help index
    Stabilized zConstat reset in inferno
    Fixed buycost bug in inferno
    Modified guardian display bug
    Rebalanced inferno zones

Save files are now located in Data folder
    Implemented Placeholder Audio
    Implemented Advanced Crafting
    Implemented New Game+
    Implemented audio toggle in options
    Added 30+ new events
    Added event background navigation
    Revised Wizorbs
    Added 30+ art assets
    Enabled save/load of zxranges
    Modified credits display on exit
    Keystones unlocked after endgame
    Modified guarding display
    Modified tutorial run chance
    Added five new prefixes to items
    Fixed title bar display
    Fixed regen display bug
    Modified save/load folder
    Modified version number display
    Fixed skillselect
    Enabled legacy display of stats
    Modified Savefile location to Data
    Enabled tracking of time played
    Fixed display issues with cursed
    Modified guardian meter display
    Fixed level cap bug
    Fixed negative damage bug
    Fixed gold and exp rounding issue
    Fixed restart bug
    Fixed ultimate triggering prematurely
    Fixed Mastery level up issue
    Added automated directory handling
    Added additional art
    Modified wording on crafting mats
    Implemeneted crafting leveling system
    Added randomization of charm names
    Modified weapon buy menu display
    Modified commodity drop algorithm
    Fixed triple affix display
    Modified enemy naming convention
    Fixed walking crash bug
    Fixed levelup check bug
    Colorized character select
    Boss meter screen enabled
    Fixed weapon image bug
    Modified help index
    Fixed gyropick bug
    Modified soulshard tutorial
    Modified specselect points
    Modified text color for item drops
    Fixed weapon buy template bug
    Modified the vault crafting
    Modified item rarities
    Added tutorial cues for arena zones
    Added chest open explation
    Fixed activate guardian display bug
    Fixed 1% armor bug
    Modified blue slime starting HP
    Fixed blacksmith itemroll bug
    Modified randomize dungeon algorithm
    Fixed salvage bug
    Fixed graphic incorrect key bug
    Added additional crafting materials
    Modified MP tutorial
    Modified xplots for less confusion
    Enabled eighteenth zone
    Modified frozen and stuned status
    Enabled additional enemies in the beyond
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Re: SanctuaryRPG (now at beta v0.9.2)
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2014, 01:48:06 PM »
beta v0.9.2

// New Features:

    Added Quality Of Life features to character screen
    Added linear scaling experience
    Added fullscreen support
    Added clean UI mode
    Added new item type: Shield
    Added 5 new possible item affixes
    Added 10 new events
    Added 500+ lines of dialogue
    Added 3 new skills
    Added 30 different class perks
    Added new transition animations
    Added soundtrack and SFX
    Added Mastery respec mechanic
    Added colors to enemies
    Added ELO decay feature
    Added 30+ new art assets

// Fixes/Changes:

    Modified graphics rendering
    Modified level cap to hard cap of 200
    Modified MP bar
    Modified MP scaling
    Modified ULT and COMBO meters
    Modified statsheet display
    Modified credits display
    Modified tutorial display
    Modified inventory screen display
    Modified keystone talk function
    Modified vending machine output
    Modified selection screen
    Modified item salvaging
    Modified starting gold
    Modified vampiric formula
    Modified molten formula
    Modified paladin heal bonus
    Modified double strike
    Modified charm armor scaling
    Fixed combat UI display bug
    Fixed hardcore display bug
    Fixed armor item stat scaling bug
    Implemented shield perks
    Increased drop rates in act 1

Full release aimed at March 30.   8)
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Brian Emre Jeffears
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Re: SanctuaryRPG (now at beta v0.9.5) Semi-$
« Reply #2 on: February 12, 2014, 01:13:13 PM »
beta v0.9.5   (and .9.3/.4)

0.9.4 Changelog:

Fixed infinite battle bug
Fixed red pause text bug
Fixed achievements display bug

0.9.3 Changelog:

Added Achievements system (Trials)
Added 200+ new art assets
Added "mute" and "unmute" commands
Added penalty to respeccing weapon mastery
Added weapon mastery to weapons help index
Added new salvage dialogue
Added more flavor to race select
Added Break Free SFX
Added Blacksmith dialogue
Added more colors to various pages
Reduced volume of new game sfx
Made rare loot music more rare
Reworded reset prompt
Reworded intro cinematic
Fixed pamphlet spelling error
Random encounters will kick player back
Renamed encounters to question marks
Buffed weapon mastery bonus damage
Reduced Reckoning mantra damage significantly
Modified cutscene text
Made reposition tutorial more clear
Fixed grammar issue on druid perks page
Modified race selection
Modified double strike display
Reduced Feral burst and Feral Barrage damage by 50%
Modified guardian found dialogue
Character screen now shows time played
Act and L now turns red on inferno mode
Modified DR to MIT
Modified randomly generic introductions
Modified character starting gold
Edited all detailed perks for tone
Modified tooltips for gametype select
Increased rewards for Classic mode
Classic mode is now the default mode
Music fades now only happen if sound is on
Modified blue slime hp for non tutorial
Rebalanced all zones
Colorized several items
Fixed barbarian tooltips
Reduced volume of tutorial text
Increased Assassin reposition confuse chance
Reduced Assassin reposition damage bonus
Modified boss meter tooltip
Reworked Thorns to Bane Aura
Blacksmith now shows up earlier
Modified intro cinematic
Formatted weapon centering
Disabled music on skeletons
Reduced skeleton HP globally
Modified terminal reference page
Modified Ranger's Riposte perk
Modified Paladin's Riposte perk
Bleed cannot reduce HP less than 1
Added music to pamphlets
Added fading to load character
Buffed Cursed status
Nerfed Doombringer affix
Updated help tooltips
Modified random dialogue formula
Modified salvage text
Modified tutorial
Modified early gate unlocks
Highlighted key perks in chararacter select
Removed slime tut indicator
Nerfed paladin heal bonus
Buffed Wizard Barrier passive
Modified Traskarr art
Modified inventory for stacking items
Modified introduction cinematic

Fixed unnamed character issue
Reduced mob HP in Grassy Fields
Fixed riposte combo count issue
Fixed [2] and [3] crash bug
Fixed randomly getting killed bug
Fixed MP bugged display issue
Fixed subclass display bug
Fixed pamphlet crashing bug
Fixed incorrect key return bug
Fixed Skeleton static hint bug
Fixed hint dialogue
Fixed charm item string overflow
Fixed ragemeter heal bug
Fixed additional red text bugs
Fixed riposte combo count issue
Fixed revival HP bug
Fixed item music level up overlap

0.9.5 Changelog:

Added new game mode: Survival
Added new navigation options
Added TWO new audio tracks
Added screenshot feature (F12)
Added more specific hint rolls
Added two act 5 bosses
Added 10 new art assets
Added Monster Power difficulty adjustment
Added 10 new enemies
Added over 100 lines of dialogue
Added overwrite protection prompt
Added act 5 boss
Added bars to act 4 bosses
Added 200 lines of text
Added unlock dialogue screens
Added new character art
Added Disable Dialogue option
Added several new enemies
Added "cinematic" command
Added mastery respec gold cap
Added volume controls to options
Added new affixes to hints
Added new affixes to help screen
Added new affixes
Added BLINDING - Hides player's movelist in battle.
Added RESISTANT - Immune to all status effects.
Added OBSTINATE - Heal themselves while guarding.
Added CRIPPLING - Upon moving, 50% chance of crippling you.
Added RECKLESS - Bleeds both you and itself often.
Added SILENCER - Breaks mantra and barrier often.
Added VENGEFUL - Deals heavy damage to you upon death.
Added AFFLUENT - Yields double gold and experience rewards.
Added IMPOSING - Your heals will slowly diminish.
Added WRANGLER - Ensnares you frequently with vines.
Added GIGANTIC - Deals major damage to you often.
Added IRONCLAD - Takes 50% reduced damage from attacks.
Added CURSING - Inflicts a continual curse.
Added FOCUSED - Enemies attacks are impossible to dodge.
Added NOXIOUS - Surrounded by a cloud of poison.
Added BREAKER - Wounds you if your HP is less than 50%.
Added NUMBING - Hides your health values.
Added LINKED - Enemy will also heal when you do.
Added SMITER - Drains your MP/RAGE/ULT often.
Added NIMBLE - Dodges all of your finishing attacks.
Added BARBED - Will deal immense damage to you if you ULT.
Added ALPHA - Always accompanied by a powerful minion.

Buffed enemies in arena
Modified location of a few UI elements
Modified quest color
Feral ult now restores guardian mana
Feral ult no longer heals hp
Increased blacksmith rewards for quests
Revised achievements
Increased level cap to 300
Retooled intro cinematic
Reduced sacrifice damage
Modified ult unlock text
Modified salvaging old display
Revised post battle colors
Reduced sleep time for unlocks
Removed extra window
Increased economy inflation rate
Nerfed arena gold and exp drop
Buffed invigoration mantra
Improved keystone dungeon visibility
Buffed keystone enemies and rewards
Increased keystone enemy itemdrop rate
Reworked adrenal smash
Modified soul shard text color
Adjusted intro diane sequence
Nerfed vit scaling
Nerfed armor in passive stat allocation
Modified spacing issue with subclass select
Modified time output
Reduced HP of keystone enemies
Modified blue slime hp
Modified post enemy slain sleep time
Changed help to help index
Retooled options menu
Reduced tavern upgrade cost
Modified item rarity display
Modified blacksmith reject dialogue
Adjusted difficulty in Act 2, 3 and 4
Modified help index
Nerfed Wyspera scaling
Buffed Human race
Modified race select text
Increased exp payout of bosses
Modified exp gain globally
Modified gold gain globally
Moved adlibintro back to start
Modified spacing in post act screen
Improved rendering speed
Increased Legion Warrior stats
Modified alternate heal UI display
Reduced Druid's ULT max HP boost slightly
Changed SAPPER to scale differently
Nerfed Adrenal Smash damage
Modified Sonite perks
Modified escape text
Modified ELO system
Riposte nerfed by 50%
Reduced exp and gold drops in inferno
Reduced exp and gold from arena
Reduced exp and gold gain from ranked mode
Buffed no stat legendaries
Reduced damage on feral burst
Changed defense to def on charms
Modified charm types
Edited pamphlets for grammar
Modified mastery respec
Modified armors help text
Modified slime damage
Modified tutorial
Modified Ult tooltip
Modified grammar issue in lyssa speech
Modified Ultimate display
Modified Ultimate damage
Nerfed [2] in hand crafting
Reworded mantras
Upped crafting level ceiling
Improved rendering optimization
Modified enemy meter flavor text
Rebalanced Inferno mode
Modified guardian function
Modified affix names

Fixed respec bug
Fixed auto combat stuck on ult bug
Fixed zhighestconstant bug
Fixed cutscene text bug
Fixed chaos orb display
Fixed case sensitive a for shops
Fixed matron crashing bug
Fixed weapon drop freezing bug
Fixed act 4 music bug
Fixed act 4 progression ambiguity
Fixed tavern restock beer spacing
Fixed handcrafting bug
Fixed time played function
Fixed spelling error in lyssa dialogue
Fixed legendary names too long bug
Fixed ambush skeleton no music bug
Fixed non windows audio bug
Fixed exe metadata
Fixed Blacksmith not showing up bug
Fixed armor graphics not showing up bug
Fixed stability issues with pauses
Fixed act 4 save and progression bug
Fixed display bug in post act
Fixed missing enemytype bug
Fixed recursion
Fixed event grammar issue
Fixed ULT meter red bug
Fixed Bleed saving player bug
Fixed Sonite bugged perk
Fixed act 3 escape bug
FIxed redeem quest bug
Fixed color character time bug
Fixed itemroll bug
Fixed craft clearscreen bug
Fixed centering issue on a few weapons
Fixed Pamphlet grammar issue
Fixed sticky goo bug
Fixed no silver key frustration
Fixed Inferno mode bug
Fixed mute and unmute commands
Fixed stats rolling 0 bug
Fixed obscure crashing bug
Fixed tooltips pause bug

Well, it can't be said they are failing to make progress!   :P
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Re: SanctuaryRPG (now at beta v0.9.6) Semi-$
« Reply #3 on: March 09, 2014, 11:50:53 AM »
beta v0.9.6


Added 3 new keystone tracks
Added additional barrier unlock text
Added additional text to blacksmith tutorial
Added another town music track
Added Augment character customization feature
Added augment: Freeze duration increases from 2 turns to 3
Added augment: If enemy is confused, reposition restores full MP
Added augment: Non critical hits restore 1% of your current HP
Added augment: Repositioning has a 20% chance to confuse enemy
Added augment: If ragemeter is maxed, criticals will minor bleed
Added augment: If ULT is maxed, ragemeter+=2 per turn
Added augments to help index
Added color change to finished trials
Added custom names to ranked matchmaking
Added cycling town music
Added guardian select to survival mode
Added mantra unlock pre-screen
Added monster power bar help
Added extra blacksmith conversation lines
Added extra gladius conversation lines
Added more color to selections
Added more dynamic crafting progress bar
Added neutral event outcome graphic
Added new armor graphics
Added new Augments system
Added new footsteps SFX
Added new terminal font
Added new town music track
Added pauses between crafting help chunks
Added pre-boss transition screens
Added secret name to skip intro cinematic and randomized story
Added separate volume controls in options menu
Added specific hint displays for skeleton affixes
Added Spiked Armor affix
Added stat roll bonus to survival mode
Added tavern tiers
Added tip to spiked armor help screen
Added Ultimate pause
Added walking animation to keystone
Added wall of text scroll
Added wizard graphic to subclass select
Added-Implemented Novice mode
Added-Patrons in the tavern may now leave gift boxes
Added 10 new legendary items
Added boss at the end of keystone portals
Added portal opening animation
Added secret artifact drops to keystone bosses
Added wizorb explanation in help index
Added 18 new armor assets
Added new battle music track


Buffed enrage status effect
Changed confusion status to orange
Changed E to Enraged
Changed ensnare status to lighter blue
Changed legendary items to orange
Changed Novice to Softcore
Changed salvage color to grey
Clarified bonus exp in character screen
Clarified monster power info
Colorized assign later input
Colorized credits page
Colorized selection numbers
Doubled starting MP in Survival mode
Dramatically lowered cost of vending machines
Fixed affix overlap bug
Fixed arena capital F bug
Fixed cannot break ensnare in survival mode bug
Fixed card event dialogue logic clash issue
Fixed charm spacing issue
Fixed complete quest color bug
Fixed crafting capital A bug
Fixed crafting durability bug
Fixed lyssa dialogue grammar
Fixed metal event bug
Fixed negative damage bug
Fixed negative stat issue
Fixed numerous grammatical mistakes in events
Fixed post combat pause bug - DONE TEST
Fixed Priest not refreshing barrier stacks bug
Fixed random story grammar issues
Fixed refuse text bug
Fixed riposte dealing too much damage bug
Fixed rose quest glitch
Fixed run tooltip
Fixed skeleton music stop bug
Fixed speech off cutscene bug
Fixed subclass green input
Fixed Survival corrupting saves bug - DONE TEST
Fixed text issues for boss dialogue
Fixed wild dragon centering bug
Fixed window scaling issue for 4:3 resolution
Fixed window scaling issue for 5:4 resolution
Fixed minor steve grammar issue
Increased affixes in inferno mode
Increased blacksmith weapon price scaling
Increased crafting requirements
Increased difficulty of Survival mode
Increased heal charge purchase cost
Increased Poison damage value
Increased potential chest rewards
Increased Terminal ATK by 25%
Increased variability in Survival mode
Modified <BLINDING> to blind for initial 10 turns
Modified Affix display brackets
Modified auto-screenshot to PrintScreen key
Modified background area tutorial
Modified blacksmith name display
Modified blacksmith reject input
Modified blacksmith restocking at start
Modified blacksmith speech text
Modified Blinding affix display
Modified boss bar display text
Modified boss colors
Modified Breaker to Punisher
Modified boss names of several bosses
Modified diane speeches
Modified Casual mode
Modified chain salvaging inside crafting
Modified character info screen
Modified character introduction lines
Modified character select screen transition
Modified character selection audio
Modified charm graphic
Modified chest opening tutorial
Modified crafting help display
Modified EXP bar color to reflect continuous battle bonus exp
Modified gift box feature
Modified guardian select in survival
Modified heal charge restore upon level up to 1
Modified help index to reflect new items
Modified hints
Modified Infernal scaling
Modified keystone display
Modified Keystone dungeon difficulty
Modified keystone text
Modified main menu button
Modified molten flavor text
Modified naming of meter help display
Modified Novice mode: Only gold/exp loss
Modified null square cashing in reward
Modified passive skill points scaling
Modified perks text
Modified personality select
Modified Priest subclass wording
Modified race select
Modified race select screen
Modified race selection screen
Modified rage meter capacity
Modified redundant boss encounter names
Modified riposte display
Modified scaling secret artifact rewards with level
Modified status for different colors
Modified survival mode bars
Modified survival mode display
Modified survival mode scoring
Modified survival mode wording
Modified survival post battle screen
Modified survival stage display
Modified trials wording
Modified wall of text
Modified Wizorbs to grant massive exp
Modified-Buffed armor passive
Modified-Corrected Sonite tooltip to 20% trample reduction
Modified-Doubled chances for chest spawns in background
Modified-Edited intro cinematic
Modified-Edited wall of text scroll
Modified-Extended affixes to second and third namemods
Modified-Going to crafting screen does not reset bonus exp
Modified-Improved late game itemization
Modified-Restructured affix help index
Modified-Spiked Armor is now broken by ULT/Guardian
Rebalanced monster power scaling
Redcued inflation rate of palladium by 25%
Reduced hyper trample damage
Reduced inflation rate of diamonds by 25%
Reduced inflation rate of mithril by 25%
Reduced Obstinate affix heal by 200%
Reduced random NPC dialogue encounter
Reduced tavern upgrade cost
Reduced Terminal HP by 25%
Removed ability to save in survival mode
Removed all death events
Removed bonus stat point from soul shard
Removed heal charge restore upon defeat
Removed IMMUNE+ affix
Removed pause on cooldowns
Removed press any key to continue on certain pages
Removed run ability from survival mode
Renamed Arena to Colosseum
Renamed LINKED affix to RESILIENT - DONE
Renamed mesmerite to manathresh
Renamed vending machines
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Re: SanctuaryRPG (now at beta v0.9.7) Semi-$
« Reply #4 on: March 16, 2014, 12:18:01 PM »

    Added a plethora of boss dialogues
    Added additional debug functionality
    Added dysentry river event
    Added more flavor to race select


    Changed Reckless affix to Unstable
    Dialogue now transitions in and out only if music is on
    Edited mastery points UI
    Fixed Blood Pact not working bug
    Fixed first blacksmith weapon free bug
    Fixed pamphlet text spacing issue
    Fixed press any key to continue text input bug
    Fixed randomized introduction spacing issue
    Modified act 3 boss names
    Modified Augment find conditions
    Modified guardian mode selection
    Modified inferno attack boost for enemies
    Modified skeleton scaling formula
    Modified Wisdom mana regen
    Removed skeletons from inferno scaling
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Re: SanctuaryRPG (now at beta v0.9.7) Semi-$
« Reply #5 on: March 16, 2014, 04:26:18 PM »
No one's tried this yet?  Looks interesting.


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Re: SanctuaryRPG (now at beta v0.9.7) Semi-$
« Reply #6 on: March 17, 2014, 07:09:31 PM »
Gave it a try myself. It's pretty interesting. The ascii art and animations are great and the music is very nice too.

The gameplay is mostly just console style rpg combat. But the combat system is pretty interesting and fairly deep.

There is no real movement in the game though. You just move from static scene to the next and fight. I was hoping for more of an overhead dungeon exploration or an ascii wizardry style first-person dungeon exploration.

My two main gripes with the game are no fullscreen support (as usual) and no way to navigate the menus with the arrow keys. You can only navigate the menus by pressing the indicated key. Wouldn't be so bad if the game wasn't entirely menu based and the command keys range quite a bit.

Also, the combat tutorial could be a bit more in depth and clear. Some things were a bit hard to understand. It would greatly benefit from having an actual manual included with the download. The tutorial is a bit to quick and unclear to be as effective.

Otherwise an interesting game.


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Re: SanctuaryRPG (now at beta v0.9.7) Semi-$
« Reply #7 on: March 17, 2014, 07:52:30 PM »
Crazy ass ascii art?! I will definitely check this one out.
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Re: SanctuaryRPG (now at beta v0.9.8) Semi-$
« Reply #8 on: March 23, 2014, 12:04:30 PM »


Added dialogue story debug command
    Added new weapon specific perks
    Added secret area dialogue back in
    Added weapon perks to help index
    Fixed boss music fading bug
    Fixed Chrono Capture ULT cost bug
    Fixed crafting area graphic bug
    Fixed hyper trample typecast bug
    Fixed mastery spacing issue
    Fixed ragemeter not incrementing bug
    Fixed stat input validation bug
    Fixed typing after death bug
    Fixed typing during cutscene bug
    Fixed various dialogue issues


    Increased gold and exp rewards in inferno by 500%
    Increased vitality health scaling
    Modified Blue Slime intro text
    Modified Inferno attack scaling
    Modified mana regeneration tooltip
    Modified post act screens
    Modified post-death name change
    Modified softcore death penalty
    Modified subclass select spacing
    Modified vitality tooltip
    Reduced Immolation mantra damage
    Reduced mystic guardian attack in inferno
    Reduced random boss atk by 30%
    Renamed Hard Leather armor
    Using ult on IMMUNE enemies now wastes ult
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Re: SanctuaryRPG (now at v1.0.1) Semi-$
« Reply #9 on: April 19, 2014, 12:06:05 PM »


    Added narrative dialogue for all bosses
    Added over 500 lines of narrative text
    Added bonus weapon stat roll for new characters
    Added randomized diane introduction speeches


    Fixed bunny event spelling
    Fixed gift opening exit bug
    Fixed Gladius spacing bug
    Fixed inventory tooltip back bug
    Fixed Keystone spacing bug
    Fixed multiple spelling errors
    Fixed tavern page bug
    Fixed the elusive screen dropping bug
    Fixed UI color bugs in Colosseum
    Improved blacksmith tooltips
    Increased Augment drop rate by 100%
    Increased Blacksmith restock rate
    Increased random NPC speech chance
    Increased Rose event probability
    Increased secret area chest spawn rate
    Increased The Terminal's special attack damage
    Modified and made character info more prominent
    Modified race select clarification
    Modified Blacksmith dialogue lines
    Modified boss meter text
    Modified footer graphic
    Modified Gladius reset skill dialogue
    Modified intro cinematic text spacing
    Modified mastery respec page
    Modified Milk That Ghost event
    Modified Rose event trigger
    Modified stat select display
    Modified unknown name spacing
    Renamed boss bars to meters
    Renamed Help Index
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Re: SanctuaryRPG (now at v1.0.1) Semi-$
« Reply #10 on: April 19, 2014, 12:49:01 PM »
This is such a great game. It really has a roguelike spirit to it, although the pillar dancing is all in the mind :)


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Re: SanctuaryRPG (now at v1.0.2) Semi-$
« Reply #11 on: April 26, 2014, 09:35:04 PM »


    Added 10 new Legendary weapons
    Added 5% EXP bonus to Legendary weapons
    Added additional blacksmith lines
    Added additional debug commands
    Added higher durability
    Added in Error 37 and Error 99
    Added new challengers to the colloseum
    Added new information to help index
    Added new legendary music
    Added new music track: MechaE
    Added Potato weapons
    Added two speech variations
    Added: 11 brand new events!
    Added: 120 brand new hints!
    Added: Carrying a potato grants +5% bonus EXP
    Added: Keystone chests will always reward a Soul Shard
    Added: Starting craft durability scales with crafting level
    Added: Starting craft durability scales with playerlevel


    Adjusted purple item drop rates
    Double potential quality roll on Heavy crafting strike
    Fixed blacksmith green leaking bug
    Fixed charm roll name bug
    Fixed continue button graying out bug
    Fixed crafting not giving item sometimes bug
    Fixed dagger spacing issue
    Fixed display bug for blanktooltips
    Fixed druid coloring issue
    Fixed feedback graphic glitch
    Fixed gift box return screen bug
    Fixed Kraste initial damage bug
    Fixed legendary color bug
    Fixed legendary weapons color bug
    Fixed lyssa rose bug
    Fixed minor legendary bug
    Fixed numerous grammatical errors
    Fixed potion bug
    Fixed race select visual glitch
    Fixed random dialogue interface
    Fixed skill select UI bug
    Fixed Terminal grammar error
    Fixed tutorial turning back on bug
    Fixed wizorb display bug
    Fixed Apollo in dialogue bug
    Higher monster power now grants increased ELO gain
    Increased Sacrifice damage scaling by 20%
    Increased skeleton exp in act 4
    Modified affix indicators
    Modified affix list
    Modified armor display screen
    Modified bunny event
    Modified colosseum key color display
    Modified crafting kits
    Modified detailed UI display
    Modified Game Manual Arena display
    Modified hints display bug
    Modified level zone requirements
    Modified lyssa speech
    Modified names of enemy affixes
    Modified stranger event formula
    Modified ult tutorial
    Modified weapon names
    Modified mode select UI
    Reduced blacksmith quest demands
    Reduced enemy Charge damage by 10%
    Reduced evasion scaling
    Reduced mana expunge damage
    Reduced Mana Thresh damage by 20%
    Updated ingame manual
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Re: SanctuaryRPG (now at v1.0.3) Semi-$
« Reply #12 on: May 04, 2014, 01:54:51 AM »

    Added 10 new events
    Added INFERNO+ mode
    Added Weapon Mastery info in help index


    Augment drop rate boosted by 200% for Monster Power Level 5 in Classic Inferno
    Corrected negative heat in handcrafting
    Modified centering of Eternal Guardian
    Modified Blue Slime HP on non tutorial
    Enabled use of capital A on various screens
    Fixed crafting armor/charm blank display bug
    Fixed Empty Abyss bug
    Fixed eternal gate spacing issue
    Fixed Guided Arrow not interrupting charges bug
    Modified intro cinematic verbiage
    Modified toggle guardian display
    Rebalanced damage mitigation scaling
    Rebalanced dexterity evasion scaling
    Rebalanced Shadow evasion bonus
    Reduced chance of player running into repeated events early on

WARNING: Enter Inferno+ at your own risk. There may be balance issues.
Brian Emre Jeffears
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Re: SanctuaryRPG (now at v1.0.3) Semi-$
« Reply #13 on: May 06, 2014, 08:20:26 AM »
how continue a saved game? a the start, my character don't go a the saved position but restart the entire campaign


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Re: SanctuaryRPG (now at v1.0.4) Semi-$
« Reply #14 on: May 10, 2014, 10:14:44 PM »


    Added INFERNO++ Difficulty
    Added new arena combatants


    Fixed grammar bugs
    Fixed INFERNO+ Difficulty bug
    Fixed tutorial turning itself on bug
    Fixed inferno mode display bug
    Fixed arena display bug
    Fixed dialogue bug
Brian Emre Jeffears
Aspiring Designer/Programmer/Composer
In Training