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Angband/65 0.0.1 release (preAlpha)
« on: April 10, 2009, 08:08:13 AM »
Windows binary is available here:

Source code can be downloaded here:
(click Download GNU tarball)

This is the first, trial, release for Angband/65. It is a long way from the full version and only provides a taste of the features planned. The primary reason for this release is to encourage people to find and report bugs.


0.0.1 (preAlpha) Apr 10 2009

This project is based on the Angband 3.1.1 development code in their SVN repository. Major changes from that code are noted below.

* Basic support for Angband/64 races.
* Basic support for Angband/64 classes.
* Monster list made compatible with Angband/64 monsters.
* Item list made compatible with Angband/64 items.
* 'History' values and tables (character background) set up for Angband/64 races.
* Second 'bonus value' system applied (this allows, for example, Ring of Brute Force +3 str, -1 wis, -1 int)
* Initial equipment matched to Angband/64
* Updating Artifact.txt content.
* Ego items have low and high resistances.
* Magic devices skill bonuses possible on ego items and artifacts.
* Now as many KILL_foo flags as there were SLAY_foo flags. (e.g. Can now have Broad Sword of Kill Animal)
* Item flag system redone to allow many more flags.

Known issues

* Reportedly 'not possible to move' in Linux.

* Spellcasting classes are not yet supported.  Play a warrior type.
* Items with negative bonuses are generated in the shops (also things like Rings of Strength with +0).
* Ego items are not being generated in the black market.


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