Author Topic: Triangle Wizard R 5.02 Released!  (Read 3827 times)


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Triangle Wizard R 5.02 Released!
« on: March 08, 2009, 04:49:26 PM »
Patch R 5.02 Notes:

-Maximum creatures allowed in dungeon is now 75 instead of 50.
-You can now turn shaded walls on via the gloval_settings.tri file. It is now on by default.
-Press ALT (or SHIFT) + U to create a character dump. A dump is automatically generated upon death. Press ALT (or SHIFT) + C to delete the character dump file.
-Game will no longer crash when going to the Tomb screen while there in noone in your tomb.
-Thaumaturgic shrine will no longer stack power ups.
-Persistant invisibility will not briefly reveal you anymore during the recast phase.
-Persistant spells can no longer be nullified when two creatures overlap.
-Persistancy now keeps original spell level.
-Dweomer Casters receive much less score from having spells (since they gain them for free). This avoids having Dweomer Caster characters with a huge score in low levels.
-Dweomer Casters can now pick up regeneration powerups for Magic Missile and Dweomer Thief again.
-Dweomer Casters can no longer buy regeneration powerups in stores.
-Spiked walls are more random in appearance.
-Nymph Dweomer Casters can no longer regenerate spells on the first level.
-Added several new classes (thx Sealer ;)).
-Spell selection via letters will no longer require you to scroll past the same spell multiple times after rearranging letters.
-Using letter selection will no longer let you select spells which you don't have.
-Projectiles can no longer penetrate walls when those walls are being visited by a creature that can walk through walls.
-Added the Gnome as a playable race.
-Cerebremancers now also start with Anarchy.
-Creature information now also shows active effects.
-Fixed a minor bug involving shattering.
-Added Dragon Emulator class (thx. Planeswalker!)
-Fixed a major bug involving friendly buff spells cast upon dying.
-Toxic water can now contaminate or dillute nearby water or toxic water over time.
-Made the tail of the Cyclone Blast larger.
-Electrical damage does 25% more damage to creatures near water.
-Electrical damage does 50% more damage to creatures submerged in water. (i.e. non swimming creatures).
-Fire damage does 50% less damage to creatures in water.
-Being in water will douse fire. (i.e. remove the burning effect).

Pretty major stuff in this "minor" patch....wall shading, new classes, new race, character dumps....tis coming along people!   8)

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