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Mines of Morgoth v.078
« on: February 26, 2009, 02:28:45 PM »
 25th of February 2009 :

v0.78 released.

The game is now Vista compatible.
dx7vb.dll for VB was missing in Vista as well as msxml.dll (v2.0) so it could not start.
Resolved some strange slowness in the initial opening graphic effect by cancelling it if Vista is detected.
Another weird thing was the sudden refusal of the DirectInput key "Grave" or "~" from responding.
So I added "1" as a potential replacement for Vista users.
I noticed they finally got round to upgrading the clock and calendar in Windows but still have kept
the basic File Explorer without really improving it or adding functionality to it such as the option
of having a source/destination dual layout as in Directory Opus for example.
Other than the prettying up of the interface I didn't see much else worth mentioning so far.
Look out for a final release around mid-March.

Totally looking forward to some weeks from now then!   8)
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