Author Topic: Triangle Wizard R 4.02 Released!  (Read 3861 times)


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Triangle Wizard R 4.02 Released!
« on: February 18, 2009, 08:05:34 PM »
Patch R 4.02 Notes:

-Added Gelatinous cube.
-You can now unsummon creatures or release them from control by pressing DEL over said creature.
-Liches can now correctly no longer use the sacrificial shrine.
-Reaper and Grim Reapers now move more slowly.
-Flood now has an area of effect which increases with proficiency level.
-Fixed a small bug involving the F2 when used on creatures with death spells.
-Added three new unique levels which have a certain chance of appearing in a range of dungeon levels.
-Creatures in the Maevalin's Outlet Shoppe are now called Customers.
-Dark Elf now gains bonus resistance per level in all resistances (except physical and poison) instead of a greater chance to receive resistance powerups.
-Raise Wall now has an area of effect and has a chance to produce spiked walls. This chance increases with increased spell level.
-Added two new unique creatures. (incl. Gnome with the Wand of Death).
-Fixed melee enemies freezing after jumping over them in a straight line.
-Benificial Enchantments can only affect their intended targets. This also fixes a problem with persistant enchantments being transferred to nearby creatures.
-Added keymapping support.
-Pressing INS will now provide a list of basic information of every spell.
-There should no longer be any powerups lying on any stairs.
-Dweomer Casters can nog longer gain spell levels above the limit.
-New game menu now shows information about races and classes.
-Fixed a small bug involving geyser and jumping.
-Doors should no longer be generated atop any kind of stairs.
-Spell powerups which boost spells of current proficiency level zero now have a cost.
-There shouldn't be any more powerups underneath doors.
-Increased Pestilence's damage.
-Increased Fire Wall's damage.
-You now need to press ALT to descend stairs.
-You can also use ESC to quit messages.
-Added additional information to spell information screen such as damage, next level statistics, etc.
-Added a new shrine.
-Animate Dead and Recall Spirits can now be combined with Prismatic Sphere and Watcher.
-Autopickup is now off by default.

Even being a revision patch, this is very meaty and should allow for much improved playability, good times, and so forth.
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