Author Topic: 7DRL Release : Tomb of Rawdin  (Read 4121 times)


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7DRL Release : Tomb of Rawdin
« on: February 10, 2009, 06:09:38 PM »
(I announced on rgrd but I guess I should announce here too)

Well, Im in before the deadline, I could have spent a few more hours testing/balancing but I'm done..

I cranked this sucker out so most of the code lies within main.c/dungeon.c there is support code I pulled from cnc like my memory management code, astar.
It uses libfov, libtcod (+sdl), etc.

The game was designed to kinda play like the original rogue, but without the food factor.

The name was supposed to be in the spirit of;
Amulet of Yendor / Rodney...
Wizardry / Trebor + Werdna...

Rawdin.. Darwin.. only the strong survive...

blah. cheesy I know.

What didn't make it into the game in time... Quite a few things actually...

The biggest omission was the lack of better magics, and there is no ranged anything. It is all bump combat.

Scrolls and Potions are limited and mostly gimicky but some really do help (cure poison, poison resistance, etc.)

Some of the buffs didnt get used...

If it were continued the todo list would be;

Finish the attributes that were half done
- Fire / Ice / Acid
- More items
- More monsters
- Lessen the AStar affect (astar pathing makes it overwhelming/too precise)
- Ranged weapons/magic?

Dragons on level 10 need to be buffed up a bit more too.

oh links...



git clone git://

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