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Adventure Ideas for Dungeons and Dragons
« on: January 07, 2009, 08:35:22 AM »
Make some adventure ideas for Dungeons and Dragons (version 3.5), or other games (maybe some ideas can even be used in a roguelike game?).

Here is some:
  • You find yourself in a completely different universe. In a few hours it reverts back to normal.
  • A wizard's time stop spell went awry and you now find yourself in someone else's body in the past.
  • A curse prevents people from walking in any direction other than straight N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, or NW.
  • You find a dungeon with a strange smell. It contains a artifact that duplicates itself.
  • Along the road, you encounter a kobold that looks injured, unconscious, bleeding slowly from an arrow wound.
  • You receive a letter from your dead wife (or parent).
  • Townsfolk are somehow being shrunk to six inches in height, and authorities can't figure out why
  • You have a magic item that you must figure out how to use in order to escape
  • Help an army of gnolls take back their city from a force of mindflayers.
Now you can make more to add to this list.

Also, I wrote a program in Furryscript to generate the adventure ideas from a list, look at: (There is a lot of things already, but I want you to suggest more, and make comment of what I already have) (Push "View selected script codes" to view the entire script, learn how Furryscript programs work)