Author Topic: ADOM II (JADE) 0.3.1 has been released!  (Read 2759 times)


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ADOM II (JADE) 0.3.1 has been released!
« on: December 27, 2012, 11:22:14 PM »
Hi everyone!

I'm happy to announce ADOM II 0.3.1 (formerly known as JADE), which specifically fixes various problems with the new audio support and adds a slew of minor changes.

Here you can read the details:

The list of changes is:

* Updated the credits (sorry, folks, for being late!).
* Enhanced the error information in the error dialog with an internal diagnosis protocol.
* Added a means to turn rocks into stone sling bullets.
* Added (de)activation of immersive window mode to the context/configuration menu (issue 1557).
* Added "w_" command to walk to the nearest known altar (RFE 1559).
* Fixed an excessive dot in the forge description.
* Fixed a problem with the reduced missile breakage professional ability which accidentally
  increased the chances of missiles breaking when hitting something. Doh!
* Fixed a problem with looking at secret doors (issue 1192).
* Fixed (added) damage for being thrown into objects (issue 1193).
* Fixed shopkeepers losing readable items (issue 1194).
* Fixed various typos (issue 1205).
* Fixed the composition of wooden walls (issue 1207).
* Fixed excessive SPACE handling (issue 1542).
* Fixed a sound panning problem (issues 1543, 1545).
* Fixed a problem unequipping missile weapons (issue 1547).
* Fixed a typo in the beginner screen (issue 1548).
* Fixed starting equipment for hurthling and hill dwarven archers (issue 1550).
* Fixed the starting equipment for trollish archers, barbarians and commoners (issue 1551).
* Fixed a problem with entering positions that contained a "killing shot" (issue 1552).
* Fixed a problem with attribute wasting (issue 1553).
* Fixed a summoning impression (issue 1554).
* Fixed a summoning message (issue 1555).
* Fixed the hint concerning saving and quitting (issue 1562).
* Fixed a problem with processing map features (trees in the example, issue 1564).
* Fixed a problem with "Detect Item Status" in conjunction with gold (issue 1567).
* Fixed a problem with item conversion (issue 1570).


Thomas Biskup
ADOM & ADOM II Maintainer