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Commercial roguelikes
« on: November 12, 2008, 01:52:54 AM »
Have you played any commercial roguelike?  What would you consider to be the best ones?

The closest I think I've played to a commercial roguelike is the Diablo series, which really needs you to stretch the definition for it to count.

I've heard of a DS game called Shiren the Wanderer, is that any good?  Supposedly there's a sequel on the Wii that may or may not get released outside of Japan, would it be better to wait for that if it comes?


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Re: Commercial roguelikes
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2008, 12:07:00 AM »
Do mystery dungeon games count as roguelikes? I kinda think they are similar genres and not quite the same. (egs pokemon MD or azure dreams)


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Re: Commercial roguelikes
« Reply #2 on: November 13, 2008, 02:11:33 AM »
Mystery Dungeon games DO count at Roguelikes, though sadly a good amount of them never made it out of Japan.

Roughly, here's what ye've got to try, from memory....

-Fatal Labyrinth on Genesis
-Dragon Crystal on gamegear/Master system
-Shiren the Wanderer  (only game in english is on the DS, fan trans for SNES, spans multiple other consoles and systems....excellent game.  Fay's Final Puzzle is VERY close to a PC Roguelike in a good deal of ways)  There is a Shiren DS 2 coming out in Japan fairly soon that is a remake of a GB(c) Shiren game and not the same as the Shiren 2 for N64
-Nightmare of Druaga  PS2
-Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon Wii and an upcoming DS version with some expanded content that may or may not make it to the US
-Baroque on PS2 and Wii....real time Roguelike.  Very experimental....original version on the Sega Saturn and never made it to the states
-Dicin' Knight on trans....essentialy Legend of Zelda in Roguelike form but realtime and such unlike Slash's work.  (I think that was Slash...)
-Rogue Shadow Hearts:  Remake of the original Rogue for PS2...still hasn't made it to the states....REALLY want to play this game proper.
-Kamyran's Eye 2 for PC...check my topic in this very board on it.  Very reasonable price, I foresee good times with the game
-Izuna 1 and 2 for DS, Pokemon Mysterious Dungeons for DS, Azure Dreams for PSX and the sequel Tao's Adventure for DS....etc

Overall, there are MUCH more commercial Roguelike efforts on the home consoles and handhelds over the years then there have been on PC...see my topic on JauntTrooper for instance.   There IS a paying audience of sorts out there for it, but for whatever reason the PC dev side of things hasn't approached it really since the days of JauntTrooper aside from the likes of Diablo.
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