Author Topic: libjcsi 0.0.2 released  (Read 5144 times)


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libjcsi 0.0.2 released
« on: November 11, 2008, 05:13:53 PM »
Hello all!

We have release a new version of libjcsi, the Java Console System Interface library!

libjcsi allows you to develop your Java roguelike to interact with an abstract console layer, from which you can later choose a concrete implementation on deployment. This means you forget about IO and concentrate on developing your game!

Current implementations are the JCursesConsoleInterface, which works for win32 and linux32, and the SwingConsoleBox, which is platform independant.

Some New Version Features:
* Custom RGB colors can now be used and will be emulated by the JCurses implementation
* Critical refresh bug now allows the library to be used for ASCII special effects
* LUCK game is now provided as an example

Further info and downloads:

Please add a link to the website if your project is using it! We would like to hear about you too :)