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BrogueX 1.7.009
« on: November 01, 2012, 04:46:17 AM »
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- Update to Brogue 1.7 release.
- Added a directional movement touch mode.  More info within help menu item.
- Restored support for keys that require shift to be pressed (e.g. >).
- Improved pinch to zoom gesture support.  Maybe works worse.
- Added a help menu item to view instructions & controls.
The flu, conjunctivitus and blocked ears in quick succession combined to prevent me from finishing this.

Those with external keyboards can now use a wider range of keys, and should be fine for playability.  This without, with this release should find the game to be more playable especially on smaller screen devices.   To try that out, open the menus, select the options menu, then enable the move tapping layer.  Then Android UI buttons will overlay the screen and should allow play.

Note that with the move tapping layer, the screen is divided up into 9 parts:


When no UI elements are shown on the screen, tapping the corresponding part of the screen will move the player in that direction.

When the inventory is displayed, NN will move the inventory selection up, and SS will move the inventory selection down.  WW will back out.  So if an item details panel is displayed, NW, WW or SW will close it and simply show the inventory.  And then NW, WW or SW will close the inventory and return to gameplay.

If the screen is waiting for a mouse click, or key press, just touching anywhere on the screen will suffice.

Source code is published in the usual places, see links on the Play store page.