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Re: Chengband (Now at v0.0.137)
« Reply #30 on: October 14, 2012, 12:19:21 PM »

   -Rewrote low resistances to make double resistance less overpowering/necessary. Double resistance no longer gives 100% inventory protection.
    -Stone Skin is now +10+4L/5 to AC.
    -New Personality: Craven.
    -New Magic Realm: Armageddon.
    -Pets and Friends no longer scare the player.
    -Some minor artifact changes


    -Craft loses "Way of Genji" and regains "Living Trump". If cast on surface, this spell now always grants controlled teleport (So you no longer need an annoying period of scumming in Zul).
    -Priests and Warrior-Mages can no longer cast Force Branding.
    -Force Brand now calculates as (1.5*Slay + 1) rather than (1.5*Slay + 2). Costs of driving a force brand decreased accordingly.
    -Extra attack weapons no longer dice boost.
    -Powerful extra attack weapons limited to just +1 blow.
    -Powerful Holy Avengers can't get +1 blow.
    -Evasion is now only 25% damage reduction.
    -Death's "Resist Poison" is now "Undead Resistance" and gives Poison and Cold resistance.
    -Daemon's "Devilish Cloak" now gives Fire, Acid and Pois resistance as well as an aura of Fire.
    -Crusade's "Holy Aura" is now "Angelic Cloak" and gives Acid, Cold and Elec resistance as well as a holy aura.
    -Sorcery's "Charm Monster" is now "Stair Building". Nature will lose this spell as soon as I can think of a replacement.
    -Sorcery's "Explosive Rune" is now "Door Creation".
    -Sorcery's "Detect Items and Treasure" is now "Inventory Protection".
    -Sorcery's "Mass Sleep" becomes "Mass Stasis" at L35. Stasis and Sleep are the same thing in Chengband, the only exception being that more monsters are immune to sleep (NO_SLEEP in r_info.txt).
    -Sorcery's "Charm Monsters" is now "Device Mastery"
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