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@Star Wars
« on: September 19, 2012, 07:04:25 PM »
Hi everybody,

I've been slowly working on a little Roguelike simply named "@Star Wars". I have a lot of developmental momentum right now (largely thanks to ARRP!) and I'm planning on releasing a new build this weekend. A few notes to prevent any misconceptions:

The game is far from finished (though that might have been obvious, considering where the thread is located);
You cannot win yet (if you can make it to Floor 8 or so, you've effectively beaten the game for now);

All forms of feedback would be useful at this stage. I'm open to suggestions for species, backgrounds, traits, enemies, colors, symbols, etc. I'd also really appreciate some feedback on how the game feels: what feels bad, what feels good, what feels too strong, what feels too weak, etc. Furthermore, information about "oddities", crashes, and wins/losses would be very welcome.

You can download the latest version from my blog post or directly:


You can get in contact with me here, on twitter (, on my blog (leave a comment), or by e-mailing me (roocey at gmail dot com).

Please note that @Star Wars is only available on Windows currently. Sorry for any inconvenience.  :'(

EDIT: The main page of my blog will now always have two separate download links in the top right gadget (conveniently labeled "Downloads"). The stable version is currently 0.6a.
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