Author Topic: The Slimy Lichmummy 0.39 (ARRP 2012)  (Read 4144 times)


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The Slimy Lichmummy 0.39 (ARRP 2012)
« on: September 16, 2012, 03:20:32 PM »
Hi hi hi

TSL 0.39 is out. You can get it at

I have also started a devblog at (beware of spoilers!)


* New menu system, inventory overhaul
* In-game options menu at ‘=’ (but it doesn’t save yet)
* Ability mapping, bestiary and the augmentation/facet screen also uses the new menu
* Ability shortcuts have fixed positions on screen
* Ammo is grouped in the inventory with their corresponding weapon
* You can partially id weapon damage sequences by using them
* Completing a damage sequences identifies the weapon
* Completing a damage sequence rewinds to the start without initial waiting
* Locked doors and keys
* Safe teleport option will prompt when you attempt obviously dangerous teleports
* Artifact auto-identification more interesting
* Crown of Thorns wounds you when you put it on
* Axe of Trollish Bloodlust
* Apply command is back
* You can assign powers when shapeshifted
* Bad book messages have different pacing and escaped monsters are sometimes in theme with the book
* Bugfix: Damage sequence no longer reset by save/load
* Bugfix: Save/load (64-bit)
* Bugfix: Map recenter (64-bit)
* Bugfix: Unequipping weapons now resets sequence properly
* Bugfix: EP regeneration
* Bugfix: Identify message used wrong article
* Bugfix: Flame hands expire message
* Bugfix: Suppressed equip messages for non-players
* Bugfix: Proper article for iron-shod staff
* Bugfix: The path to ascension can now be reached when floating
* Bugfix: Third person messages when weapons break


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Re: The Slimy Lichmummy 0.39 (ARRP 2012)
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2012, 03:28:51 PM »
Tis a fine changelog----welcome to the party and let's turn that frown upside down.   :)
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Re: The Slimy Lichmummy 0.39 (ARRP 2012)
« Reply #2 on: September 19, 2012, 08:59:18 AM »
Lanterns have the tendency to look like fire extinguishers in SDL mode.
And keys look like torches, torches look like lanterns.
And fire extinguishers look like mushrooms  ;D
I assume decapitated heads and corpses don't have SDL tiles yet?

I can browse up/down in the inventory with J and K, but if I press L or H I jump to the item that has that letter.
However, if there's an item that's L on the second page, then the inventory view/list remains on page 1, while the explanation screen DOES display the information for the L-item on page 2.
Further up/down scrolling with J and K switches items, but the inventory list doesn't lock on to the cursor untill it's scrolled back to page 1.

Yeah, not being able to browse inventory with arrow keys by default just wreaks havoc when using identify scrolls.
I think I ended up identifying "(k) mark scroll" about three times.

(I really liked the old inventory, for what it's worth.  ::))

FOR THE GLORY. (one try one win, kekeke*)

*Phase+Flash=Victory. Stormhammer is just icing on the cake.
I'll try a "challenge game" sometime where I don't use Flash and Phase.
Oh wait, turns out I did that in 0.38. (Victory with only Blade Hands, Data Jack and Vision Enhancement)
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Re: The Slimy Lichmummy 0.39 (ARRP 2012)
« Reply #3 on: September 24, 2012, 12:57:25 PM »
I made a mistake and the tool section of the tiles got offset by one... >:(

I knew about the inventory key bug but it seems I forgot to fix it. It should react to directional keys (already fixed this for the next version). I'm not sure about J/K, I might keep it as an option to use them for browsing but by default they should probably jump to index.

There's also the 'd'rop key, and - it seems I forgot to document this one entirely - you can press tab to bring up an item submenu.

I think I have fixed most of the scrolling problems now. The new inventory is designed as a hybrid that should work both for those that prefer index letters and those that want to browse freely. It will remain a bit experimental for yet some time but I should be able to find something that works for both camps. I personally find the new system much easier to navigate.

The new inventory can display item categories as well, but I disabled it before release since it got too confusing. Also there's the sorting - right now it sorts items that seem appropriate first, but I wonder if it should always sort items the same order and just jump to the most likely item.

There's a more in-depth discussion about this on the blog for those that care.