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AliensRL (now at 0.8.2)
« on: September 08, 2012, 01:31:05 AM »
AliensRL or Aliens, the roguelike is a tactical coffee-break roguelike inspired by the Aliens movie, and Alien Breed: Tower Assault computer game.

    full color display
    point based skill system (no character levels!)
    plenty high-tech weapons
    7 different connected towers to explore
    sound, music and speech
    dark and scary atmosphere
    unique slot-based inventory system
    streamlined interface
Brian Emre Jeffears
Aspiring Designer/Programmer/Composer
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Re: AliensRL (now at 0.8.2)
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2012, 01:32:32 AM »
AliensRL has too long lingered in the shadow of it’s older cousin. Time to resume active development, for among all of ChaosForge roguelikes, this is the one with the most potential. The 0.8.2 release brings you several notable changes, and despite that is just a stepping stone on what AliensRL can become with your support!

Read below for details or check the forum for the ChaosForge announcement. Start downloading from the downloads section now, and don’t forget to come back and donate if you like it and would want to see further development!

The most obvious change is the completely rewritten level generator, which not only produces much more interesting levels to explore, but also gives every tower a distinctive style. To compliment the generator, several new features were added, such as glass walls that you can see through and a basic terminal implementation.

The terminals themselves are a start of the implementation of a very antcipated feature. Along with them come the first possibilities of hacking — a hero with some technical skill (boosted by a few multi-tools) can now power down proximity doors, locate elevators or even restore light to levels that are dark! Even broken elevators can be fixed if you have the right skills and equipment.

The equipment section was standarized as well as expanded. Several consumable items have been added, among them the forementioned mult-tools, armor packs (that can fix your armor which does degrade now), a few medical items (stimpacks!) and even a portable sentry turret!

To go with the new equipment we upgraded and streamlined the interface. Items now operate on user modifiable quickslots, general game options have been moved to a game menu, running is now SHIFT+direction, SPACE for using elevators and closing doors and several other tweaks have been added, some of them forshadowing the changes to come!

The arsenal has also been severly augmented, by two new major weapons — the 5.56 ammo weapons which serve as middle ground between 9mm and pulse weapons, and the eagerly awaited flamer (which is a bit overpowered now, so take advantage of this :). Additionaly several variants of the existing weapons are to be found. Oh, and everything can be now destroyed (with the right firepower).

The game now runs in pseudo-console by default, but die-hard-ASCII fans will be happy to learn that the same executable can run in standard console by running with the -console parameter or editing you config.lua.

Versions for Windows, Linux (32 and 64 bit) and Mac OS X (64 bit) are provided.

[add] -- TR#035 : completely new level generator, with separate styles for every tower!
[add] -- TR#046 : Lua AI implemented - different AIs present
[add] -- TR#028 : scent based AI! Beware, they can smell you...
[add] -- TR#--- : glass material added - rooms can be separated with glass!
[add] -- TR#--- : new async animation system - much smoother!
[add] -- TR#--- : slot system instead of hardcoded quickkeys!
[add] -- TR#--- : game menu (Escape) - no more Quit, Save, Help and Character
  screen keybindings
[add] -- TR#--- : running now is SHIFT+direction
[add] -- TR#--- : multi-tools - with some basic tech skills you can bypass doors and
  fix elevators!
[add] -- TR#--- : you can powerdown proximity doors with basic tech skill and
  multitool (or without with expert)
[add] -- TR#--- : added terminals -- with higher tech skill allow to do some fancy
  stuff (there'll be more!)
[add] -- TR#--- : reworked effect (e.g. Pain) system and display
[add] -- TR#--- : 'u'se command added (grenades, packs and other stuff)
[add] -- TR#--- : stimpacks, painkiller and military medpacks and stimpacks to be found!
[add] -- TR#--- : autonomus sentry turret kit to be found!
[add] -- TR#--- : medical skill increases stim effectiveness, fitness reduces withdrawal effects
[add] -- TR#014 : new fire mechanics and Flamer added!
[add] -- TR#014 : napalm barrels added
[add] -- TR#022 : 5.56 ammo and 5.56 weapons
[add] -- TR#--- : weapon variants - M4A4 and M4A5, MK 88 pistol, M3A and M12 Beretta SMG,
  H&K G32 rifle and Mk 12 sniper rifle and model 1894 rifle
[add] -- TR#--- : added -console command line switch, and related config.lua options
[add] -- TR#057 : smart in-game hints (dissapear with character experience)
[add] -- TR#--- : new config file format
[add] -- TR#--- : shotguns and explosions cause knockback! many variables influence it
[add] -- TR#052 : different alien attacks
[add] -- TR#054 : a *really* deadly attack for preatorians and the queen!
[add] -- TR#048 : armor is damaged over time!
[add] -- TR#048 : armor packs for reparing armor
[add] -- TR#048 : armor has different durability and repair ease, technical skill helps
[add] -- TR#057 : random helpful hints are displayed during level generation
[add] -- TR#017 : mission and log interface added (nothing new though)
[add] -- TR#--- : new config options - clear_messages, more_prompt,
  message_buffer, message_coloring (with DoomRL style coloring)
[mod] -- TR#--- : sidearm master skill reduces reload time instead of increasing damage
[mod] -- TR#--- : technicians start with 3 multi-tools
[mod] -- TR#--- : tech skill cost increased
[mod] -- TR#--- : removed DROP ARMOR - 'd' is a common drop with menu (harder
  to accidentaly drop)
[mod] -- TR#--- : military keys and doors made light magenta
[mod] -- TR#044 : doors, crates, lockers now destroyable
[mod] -- TR#--- : bonus equipment for techs, medics and hw
[mod] -- TR#--- : SPACE is used to activate lifts
[mod] -- TR#--- : ASCII mode and GFX mode are now in same executable
[mod] -- TR#--- : 9mm ammo made weaker, mp5 slightly more accurate
[mod] -- TR#--- : alien movement made a bit smarter
[mod] -- TR#--- : pain mod may be up to -5
[mod] -- TR#--- : reduced amount of aliens, temporarily reduced spawns by 10%
[mod] -- TR#044 : full level destruction possible with the right firepower
[mod] -- TR#037 : non-proximity doors open/close/unlock in unison
[mod] -- TR#--- : ammo on ground shows amount
[mod] -- TR#--- : picking up a weapon equips it
[mod] -- TR#--- : medpacks are a lot more common in medical lockers
[mod] -- TR#--- : crates and lockers have more often goodies too
[mod] -- TR#--- : military/security crates will at least have ammo
[mod] -- TR#--- : security crates have +1 roll level
[mod] -- TR#--- : player color dependent on class (and lighter)
[mod] -- TR#--- : better brightness calculation (squared)
[mod] -- TR#--- : gradual_brightness value can be changed in config.lua (although
  the default should be pretty good)
[mod] -- TR#--- : pain reduces vision range
[mod] -- TR#--- : Perception reduces pain and low-light vision penalty
[mod] -- TR#--- : skill advancement screen shows [maxed] or [mastered] for
  maxed out skills

A mighty update for more to come from the Chaosforge stable!   8)
Brian Emre Jeffears
Aspiring Designer/Programmer/Composer
In Training


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Re: AliensRL (now at 0.8.2)
« Reply #2 on: September 08, 2012, 03:50:47 AM »
 One of my favs.