Author Topic: Okay, guys, I'm back and I'm bringing the pain. ((New 7DRL))  (Read 13062 times)


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Okay, guys, I'm back and I'm bringing the pain. ((New 7DRL))
« on: October 08, 2008, 09:10:53 AM »
It's been a while! It feels good to be back.

But, enough with the small talk. I'm getting right down to business!  >:(

Allright, so my last 7DRL attempt failed just a few days before I got it finished, due to busy-bodying around and losing interest.


I'm currently studying a new language and will be attempting to code my first *full* game in it, and I'll be making a 7DRL project out of it!

Of course, there's a difference this time. THIS 7DRL WILL BE ON THE GAMEBOY ADVANCE!

I won't be starting immediately, I've been redoing my website and don't have time. BUT, I have set a start date. October 12th, I will begin programming the game. This will give me until the 18th to finish, and then I shall try to post it on the 19th.

By the 12th, I will also have a website up for the project, which will have daily (if not constant) information and updates from me via a blog.

I'm going to go code some little pieces of stuff to prepare myself. I'll be here nearly every day up until the start of the project and most likely every day until the end.

But for now, I'm out. Wish me luck. Again.

EDIT: My version of DragonBASIC for the GBA has an error with Arrays, so I will be focusing development on PC :/
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