Author Topic: sick peter (made for the Molyjam 2012)  (Read 3765 times)

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sick peter (made for the Molyjam 2012)
« on: April 02, 2012, 07:40:04 PM »
Some of you may have heard of the Molyjam event over the weekend, where indie gamemakers across the world met up and made games inspired by the tweets of Peter Molydeux (the parody of Peter Molyneux, who encourages designers to think outside the box, and beyond that, and to find ways to make gamers cry).

Well, I took part, and made a little roguelike in 5 hours on Sunday at the London event.  And Peter Molyneux (designer of Populous, Black & White, the Fable series, etc) was there, and personally congratulated me on my game, which is pretty fecking awesome  :D  I also got a cool (though uncomfortable) t-shirt.

My game is called sick peter, and is a stealth adventure roguelike of sorts, made using the T-Engine.  It's about a four year old Jewish boy in Nazi-occupied Holland searching for his missing mother.  He also is terminally ill.  You can find it here:

Even if you don't want to try it I'd appreciate if you give it a quick download as this improves my rating on the site, making the game more visible to the general public.  If you want to download from multiple locations multiple times even better  ;)  There's also a video of me presenting the game here (around the 8:44:00 mark):

There were a lot of other interesting games displayed that I was very impressed by, like one where you are a ghost and must influence cats using sounds in your microphone.  Was pretty cool to be around other developers in general.  There was a lot of humour and camaraderie.  Was good fun!  I've done game challenges in the past, but never physically around other people.

Oh, and I feel much better about failing my 7DRL now  :D


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Re: sick peter (made for the Molyjam 2012)
« Reply #1 on: April 03, 2012, 04:08:05 AM »
Pretty cool concept.  Unfortunately they always get me on level 3 >_<