Author Topic: Triangle Wizard R 11.03 released  (Read 2258 times)


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Triangle Wizard R 11.03 released
« on: November 10, 2011, 12:43:50 PM »

Time for another update! It quite bigger than aluded to at first, mainly because people kept suggesting things to be added. But user suggestions make this game great, so I was happy to put them in! :D

Patch 11.03 Notes:

-You can no longer buy Chant of Discord using the INS screen if you don't already have that spell.
-Fixed some spelling errors.
-Picking up spell incantations for your familiar will now also grant a single spell level and incantation, allowing for immediate use.
-Sacrificing your familiar to Montezuma will now also grant bonus healing as was already the case with sacrificing a charmed creature.
-Increased the gold bonus gained from worshipping Gechen.
-Added a new deity: Gemini, The Mimic.
-Quest givers now have a compelling visual aura.
-Added floor spikes.
-Gorian will no longer place his Wards inside walls.
-Empowered spells will now count as empowered when checking if the spell level satisfies a Sigil's requirement.
-Added deity specific items. These items cannot be used by believers of other religions (doing so will cause a conversion). This is only a restriction on believers; atheists can use any item regardless of claimed divinity.
-Familiy heirlooms can now correctly have sockets.
-Worshipping Shaco no longer allows the cycling of items. This lead to too many exploits. You can still cycle powerups and shrines.
-Items that are family heirlooms now have this displayed in their description and no longer in their name.
-Resistances now also show their caps in the character dump.
-Character dump now also shows the number of free sockets for items.
-Added the Silent Sentinel medium level quest.
-Added the Iconoclastic shrine.
-Items found on the boss in a deity quest are now usually bound to that deity.
-Added a warning if the next level is much bigger than normal causing level generation to take longer.
-Added deity disciples.
-Fixed a bug that caused Alters dedicated to your deity to be not recognized as such.
-Added the Manual Labor low level quest.
-Added a new deity: Azmodan, The Lord of Sin.
-Made the wishes gained via Euphoria somewhat more powerful.

Nice to see more quests and the new Deity system continuing to get fleshed out and outright added to.
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