Author Topic: Welcome to Temple of the Roguelike Forums! (a.k.a. Introduce Yourself Thread)  (Read 202998 times)


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Hello, my name is (dammit) Victor. I'm an author and (tabletop) game designer from Wyoming. My interest in roguelikes started with NetHack in the mid-Nineties-- I studied the source code in my high school C++ class, until they made me delete it because of the name-- but I didn't really branch out until I picked up DoomRL when it was still fairly new. (Before the classes.) I drifted away for awhile, but found myself drifting back with Jupiter Hell and now I'm branching out into other "modern traditional" roguelikes.

I'm signing up for this forum because I've developed a colossally stupid idea for a game, too amibitious by far for someone's first project... and I think I'd like to start delving into these games in depth.

I am late to the party but: Which sort of tabletop games do you work on? May we see your portfolio?