Author Topic: Lost Labyrinth 4.3.0 released  (Read 2225 times)


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Lost Labyrinth 4.3.0 released
« on: October 04, 2010, 06:29:39 PM »
- Rooms improved: Above level 50 there are 2 rooms now in each level.
Rooms with a monster (like the hydra) are completely closed at first.
When we kill the monster the exit appears.
- new skills: undead (does not need food or water), cannibal (killed humanoids sometimes leave blood or meat behind)
- new items: human meat, blood
- Staff of the last covenant reworked. Every part is an item now that characters can pass on.
They can be combined in the inventory screen. (This way they do not use up our inventory space)
Special thanks to Caitlin Brenna Johnston for allowing us to use the staff picture for Lost Labyrinth
- cancel spells and ranged combat with escape key or right mouse button
- life and mana points are shown as a combination of numbers and flasks
- spells on scrolls and items are explained now
- inventory screen displays the last messages too. As sometimes we could not see what items, scrolls or potions did.
- Display of thirst and starving inverted. Counts down now to next level.
- setting chests, nexus and the like on any floor tile
- sound artists added to credits screen

- every character can train only once with each trainer in a level
- changed formula for Appletree, Library and Laboratory to 20 + luck*5
- Spell exorcism now destroys all undead on the screen with 100%

- non-animated traps if no wall around
- items under player invisible while monster appears and while attacking
- block spawn for closed portculis
- skill selection screen sped up. hopefully this solves the mouse lag in windows vista
- prevent skipping turn to avoid ambush
- fields with black backgound in map fixed
- Walls of firedemon room cannot be extinct

Yep...nice that the pace is as lively as the change list meaty.
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