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1k JavaScript Roguelike
« on: August 27, 2010, 04:17:09 AM »
Hope it's okay to announce this in the forum. I made a 1k JavaScript Roguelike game called "The Legend of Ecma" for the js1k competition that's going on right now. You can check out my entry here:

"The Legend of Ecma." Descend the dungeon to find the amulet of Ecma and then return it to the top floor. Monsters subtract 1 health, potions add 1 health. Features: 1 bit pixel art, randomized dungeon, can return to previous levels in the dungeon and their state is maintained, monsters chase you around obstacles. Boos: A bit sluggish in Opera, canvas scaling artifacts, no victory screen (yet?). Version 2 notes: Fixed timing issues with Firefox, tweaked difficulty a bit.

Don't worry, I do have (much) larger RL plans, actually, something as an entry to the year 10 competition going on here:,75.0.html  So that will be pretty much the polar opposite in terms of scope of my js1k game ;)