Author Topic: Lost Labyrinth to 4.0.0  (Read 2550 times)


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Lost Labyrinth to 4.0.0
« on: August 19, 2010, 10:03:06 PM »
Finally a feature release.
- The templates have been totally rewritten. Now we can save as many as we like and give them names. The keys "l" and "s" can be used to save and load them too.
- Players skill selections are remembered now for all players. Even if we quit the game and restart it later
- The options menu has been rewritten. Now we need only one line per option.
- Every player can have his own mousepointer. It gets saved with the character and can be changed in the options
- Character names are entered at gamestart now and not when we die and want to upload the score
- In the highscores screen there is a button to delete them. They are not really deleted at first, only when we make a new highscore they are are finally written to disk.
- New spells: Song of Wealth (every round a gold coin),Remove Runes (destroys all runes nearby),Sword to Ploughshare (transforms a weapon to food).
- Weight fractions are shown in inventory
- Added keys "a" and "f" in field selection screen for convinience of archery and mystic users
- Standard equipment is already equipped at gamestart
- When we die we can enter the characters final words. Which are displayed in the online highscore

- Flickering for teleporting creatures fixed
- fixed crash in archery triggered by autodelay()
- disallowed dropping items on closed doors
- no longer ranged criticals on mosters immune to criticals possible
- fixed mix up of status for both amount and poison status of arrows
- fixed non-stackable food items
- fixed animation for thrown stones
- stop automovement when detecting secret door (issue 145)
- prettyfied select item screen
- fixed a bug causing poison arrows to poison monsters already dead from arrow
- moved summon skeleton to level 1
- Debian/Ubuntu package no longer requires dev files
- messages what we have to do with blue/green chests
- made watermonsters hide and rise like skeletons again
- prevented spawning of monsters on waterchests and gold
- fixed graphical artifacts in bat animation and plant drawing
- improved spell info in spell selection screen (power,duration etc.)
- Linux executable no more ends in .exe
- Readmes for Sourcecode rewritten for elice usage
- made lamia look different from banshee by using unsused picture 178
- fixed gfx of blood shadow,blowfish,jellyfish
- removed skill blocking for "no attack" and monster type skills (hunter,paladin etc.)
as those should be available to archery or mystic users too
- added skill blocks for "weak arms" (dual wielding,sword fighting etc.)
- fixed some icons spell effects: helpful winds/song of travel (ca. 4 h)

Nice little progress jump there.
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