Author Topic: Stone Soup 0.7.0 released  (Read 3598 times)


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Stone Soup 0.7.0 released
« on: July 24, 2010, 12:50:54 PM »

Balance fixes
* Monster double actions due to energy randomisation always include a move.
* Greatly accelerate armour training when armour is heavy relative to skill.
* Make heavy armour guaranteed damage reduction percentage independent of
  armour skill.
* Heavy armour doesn't affect weapon speed anymore.
* Shields reduce attack speed.
* Nagas and worshippers of Cheibriados don't suffer from as much hunger.

* New mini-game, Dungeon Sprint.
* New tutorial, old tutorial is now a hints mode.
* Aptitudes now on a scale +5 to -5.
* Track the source of poison for death messages.
* Magic mapping and Lugonu's self-banishment now work in Pandemonium.
* Ghouls can no longer starve; they just rot faster.

* New starting menus, mouse-operable in tiles builds.
* New tiles monster list tab.
* Swap water and disturbance glyphs ('~' and '{').
* Show effective weapon speed in '@' character info.
* Player body size is now described on the "A" screen.

* Walls in the Slime Pits are acidic.
* Changed shop distribution between branches.
* Removed instant stat death.
* Monster silence.
* Monster halos.
* New demonspawn mutations.
* Make Shoals monsters generate on land.
* Reduced missile enchantment effect on mulching.
* New maps.
* Fix old player ghost speech, and add player ghost speech fitting the
* Monster equipment can be corroded by acid.
* Lost stats are now recovered one point at a time.
* Magic contamination effects are more than twice as harsh.
* The Abyss may now include hand-made structures.

* Zin no longer objects to deaths of non-sentient allies, and takes
  collateral kills of unclean and chaotic monsters.
* Zin has a new power: Imprison.
* Elyvilon's Divine Vigour scales better in terms of power.
* Yredelemnul no longer gifts vampires.
* Sif Muna's piety is no longer unfair to skilled species.
* Nemelex no longer takes gold sacrifices.
* Fedhas can now evolve ballistomycetes into hyperactive ballistomycetes.
* Jiyva now gives the player conservation and unique slime-related
  mutations, and produces temporary friendly slimes instead of permanent
  neutral ones via the royal jelly effect.

* Scrolls of holy word do more damage to susceptible monsters.
* Blowguns no longer show damage, as they do none; accordingly, scrolls of
  enchant weapon II no longer work on them.
* Flame- and frost-branded darts no longer always mulch, and the steel brand
  is properly applied for thrown weapons.
* Demon tridents can be blessed by TSO.

* Thieves and Death Knights are no more.
* Warpers receive darts of dispersal.

* Anacondas are now amphibious.
* Skeletal dragons are renamed to bone dragons.
* Manes are now iron imps, with stat tweaks.
* Imps lose see invisible while shadow imps gain it, and white imps resist
  poison but are vulnerable to fire.
* (Very) ugly things are no longer amphibious.
* Glyph change for demonic crawlers.
* Orange demons' poison can now drain any stat.
* Hell hounds, hell hogs and demonic crawlers now leave corpses.
* Hell knights have more HP and do more damage.
* Blink frogs have phase shift.
* New monsters: elephant, dire elephant, hellephant, spriggan, spriggan
  druid, spriggan firefly rider.
* New unique: Grinder the shadow imp.
* Wayne is now capable of laying a major smackdown.

* Call Imp is now level 2, takes spell power into account, and can summon
  iron imps.
* Call Canine Familiar replaces Summon Elemental in the book of Callings,
  and is removed from the book of Summonings.
* Summon Ugly Thing summons very ugly things less often at high power.
* Invisibility no longer works on glowing monsters.
* Extension only extends spells that you know.
* Death's Door only blocks healing, paralysis only for Revivification.
* Summon Ugly Things is level 6, Haunt is level 7.

* LOS and areas recalculated on-demand.
* Asserts are enabled by default.
* Abstract tiles code from SDL and OpenGL.
* Cleaned up game selection code.

Big changes, new art style.   8)
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