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Designed to look like Nethack, but written from scratch.

Q: Ok. What is already implemented in this game?
A: I have already done level and player generation, movement, fighting with monsters, using weapons and tools, saving, level changing and so on.

Q: And what is not?
A: There are still some bugs in the game. Also, the game functional is simple now. Later, it will grow. I am going to improve interface, fighting, add new tools and monsters  Tyrant

A graphical Java Roguelike that seems to have made good progress before being, seemingly, abandoned.  Labyrinths & Legends

A very interesting looking ongoing attempt at a fusion of Wizardry stylings and Roguelikes, with a party of up to 6 members, ASCII and Graphical Tile mode, etc.  Last update was fairly recent as there seems to be a bit more hope in this versus Darkhall in terms of said interesting combo trying to manifest out of Japan.

Finally, there is HidingHole---the status of which I can't divine as I don't understand Japanese script in the slightest, but should the recentish Youtube videos be any indication, seems to be decently along and perhaps nifty.  Channel with the 2 videos thus far
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