Author Topic: Roguestar version released  (Read 3666 times)


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Roguestar version released
« on: June 19, 2010, 12:01:00 PM »

New gameplay features:

    * Melee combat, sundering and disarming attacks
    * Weapons can sometimes overheat or explode
    * Gateway teleportation between planets
    * Use material-spheres to craft new tools
    * Use material-spheres to heal
    * Tab-completion of typed commands
    * Compass directions to significant artifacts
    * “Jump” short distances by teleporting

New objects:

    * Chromalite material spheres
    * Metallic material spheres
    * Gaseous material spheres
    * Energy sabres and fleurets
    * Gateways
    * Monoliths

New graphics features:

    * Randomly generated sky spheres and landscapes
    * Unique fractal trees
    * Zoom-in/zoom-out

Changes under the hood:

    * Major re-write of the RSAGL FRP architecture
    * Multi-threaded 3D scene assembly and rendering
    * Multi-threaded, anticipatory engine
    * Various OpenGL performance improvements

Not yet winnable, but apparently made from the very darkest of Haskell and OpenGL sorcery----I get the feeling this will be a rather nifty one as it rolls on, gets winnable, instills terror and gains power via yet more Haskell!   :D
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