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0.1.73 Demo Change Logs

Fixed wrong time bar position after ending a turn
Fixed hovering over abilities not always being detected
Fixed "Dung Trap" ability not triggering on a fatal hit
Fixed the "Tugging Arrow" ability not working properly
Adjusted camera movement in battle
Added a turn count indicator in the battle UI
Adjusted "Crippling Arrow", removing knockback but adding damage[/li][/list]

Fixed bug where food resource is visible on the map
Fixed bug where Merchant sells only Crude quality items
Fixed bug with the recruit button not working properly
Adjusted starting attributes of initial Goblin peons

Fixed issues with party order not updating correctly
Fixed bad camera transition when moving between rooms and exiting battles
Fixed bugs related to the AI of patrolling enemies

Early Dev / [In development] Goblin Stone Steam Early Access in 2022!
« on: August 23, 2021, 06:54:05 AM »

What is Goblin Stone?
It's a procedurally generated side scroller RPG where the players lead goblins to survive and reclaim the monster realms from the evil humans who hunt them for fun. The main features of the game are the adventure, base-building, and breeding. Permadeath in this game is not a punishment but rather helps the player evolve goblins through traits and abilities that they acquire through the goblins' ancestors.

Orc Chop Games recently released a Demo last March 2022 and it is available for download in Steam until Early Access release. The development team plans to hit EA by the 1st quarter of the year.

You can play the demo here:

The team is currently focused on developing and polishing the game while building a community around the game. We currently have 300+ members in discord where we do giveaways, share development news, and sneak peeks.

Join our discord here:

Goblin Stone is developed by an indie game studio called Orc Chop Games and partnered by Top Games.

Overadventuring has wiped out 90% of the goblins in the wild. Lead these goblins in a desperate struggle to reverse their fate through this turn-based RPG crafted in charming hand-drawn 2D style.
  • Battle despicable humans, elves, and dwarves in an innovative turn-based battle system.
  • Explore procedurally generated levels with hand-drawn 2D environments.
  • Discover and build a great goblin lair, chamber by chamber, from the Barracks to the War Room.
  • Selectively breed your goblins with the best genes and traits for future generations.
  • Build an adventuring party and mix unique goblin classes like the Raider, Guard, and Shaman.
  • Difficult choices await as you decide which goblins to keep and discard.
  • Expect many goblins to perish, with each death a new ancestor strengthens your lineage.
  • Listen to a fully narrated storyline, accompanied by music from award-winning composer Peter McConnell, famed for his work on Hearthstone, Grim Fandango, Psychonauts, and Broken Age.
Join our discord to watch our game development progress:

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