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Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Steam Sky
« on: April 18, 2021, 07:35:36 AM »
Steam Sky is an open source roguelike with a steampunk setting. You are a commander of a flying ship, as leader you will be traveling across floating bases, engaging in combat, trading goods etc. The game is more strategy based than tactical like most of roguelikes. There is no mandatory ending to this game, you may freely play until your character die. The game is currently in a development, but is in a playable state.

Main of the game features:

* Trade, fight or do randomly generated missions on the open world map.
* Update and repair your ship, train or hire its crew.
* Craft various items for sale or to equip your character and crew.
* Modify the game to your needs, from setting its difficulty in the game to adding or removing items, races or enemies by editing the data files. It is also possible to change the whole game without editing its code, just for now this feature is very fresh and complicated.

Why it is roguelike:

* One run, one life. Permadeath.
* Randomly generated the world and the enemies. Every enemy ship is generated from the prototype, can have random bonuses or minuses.
* You fully control only your character. Even if at the first glance it can look like you control the whole crew, they can refuse your orders if their loyalty is low.
* Turn based.

Why it isn't roguelike:

* Only open world, no dungeons. Maybe they will be later, but they are very far on my wish list.
* There is more than just hack-and-slash. The more focus is put on exploring the world than the combat.
* By default the game don't show the numbers to the player. It can be enabled in the game's options.


The game is available for free at and GameJolt.

Technical details (boring things :) ):

The game is made in probably unique set of technology: it is written in Ada programming language and uses Tk  library for the graphical user interface. Its development is done mostly in Fossil version control system. The mirror of the code is also available on GitHub and GitLab.

P.S. Links removed because the forum doesn't allow me to add them ;D

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