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Classic Roguelikes / Re: Never beat Crawl? Enter here! :-)
« on: February 19, 2010, 01:24:57 AM »
Haha, that character is sick. How could you level all the skills that high without starving to death?

Classic Roguelikes / Re: Never beat Crawl? Enter here! :-)
« on: February 10, 2010, 11:08:29 PM »
I understand what you're saying. But we all know roguelikes is all about numbers and calculations, and to try and always make the best decition. I am currently playing a Kenku basher. Aptitude for U C is 80, Maces and Flails (which is the best weapon I currently got) is 75. I have now trained U C to level 5. Maces and Flails are 4. Should I now start using weapons? Or is it possible that without an artifact weapon of some sort, U C is actually the best attack?

Off-topic (Locked) / Re: Your browser game isn't that damned important.
« on: February 09, 2010, 01:47:15 AM »
*Shrug* Who cares what he is, what site he has, etc. etc. He's not even accusing people, he's just raising afew questions. On his own blog. I don't see any problems :)

Classic Roguelikes / Re: Never beat Crawl? Enter here! :-)
« on: January 29, 2010, 01:19:37 PM »
Oh btw, I have a question about Monks. They are ofcourse specialists in UC. But what does this MEAN? Does it mean UC gets so powerful melee-wise that I should NEVER use any weapons?

Classic Roguelikes / Re: Never beat Crawl? Enter here! :-)
« on: January 29, 2010, 01:13:53 PM »
Dedastary: I don't think this thread have any proper warnings anywhere (my apologies for that), but it's been spoily throughout the entire thread. I don't mind spoily information, and haven't seen anyone else complain about it either here so I think it's all good! :) I personally appreciate all advice.

Nice char rz.berry! But you collected zero runes? (Or am I just not seeing them?) That would've boosted that char's score ALOT if you really got that score without any runes =)

Classic Roguelikes / Re: Never beat Crawl? Enter here! :-)
« on: January 26, 2010, 12:24:13 AM »
Ohhh many nice scores and some new contributions too, cool! =) Dedastary, you want your score up too? If you are this 1337zor, Crawlzor, ninja-RL player I'd actually prefer to keep the highscore list for those of us that haven't beat Crawl, before this post was created anyway. It's just because I've seen lots of highscore boards for all kinds of RLs different places on the net, and for Crawl Stone Soup for example, the best players make these great runs so frequent I don't even understand how it's possible! xD Just lemme know. Either way, the advice and postings are great help.

I'll put in the others for now atleast! =)

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn-based) / Re: Frozen Depths: cool! :-)
« on: January 22, 2010, 12:14:36 AM »
Look for settings in whatever terminal you are using, where you can define number of rows and colomns (or how it's spelled :) The standard for terminal-play is usually 80x25. If you can't find that option anywhere, consider getting a different terminal! (Or get off that filthy Macintosh! *Shivers* MbWahAHaha!) ;)

Classic Roguelikes / Re: Never beat Crawl? Enter here! :-)
« on: January 21, 2010, 01:46:45 AM »
Well my problem with casters is that....I've played too many bashers =P My MAIN problem is ofcourse that my fragile casters don't make it that far usually. But I have made some casters that managed to get pretty powerful before they died. Thing is; the caster is tough to kill aslong as he uses his spells correct. I usually get careless or underestimate a mob, you can never really afford to do much mistakes on a caster xD And I always do mistakes at some point in these big roguelikes. :-/

I don't bother playing roguelikes if I can't use numpad. I'm a perfectionist, if I have to spend 2 turns to cut a corner, when I COULD'VE done it in 1 turn, I can't enjoy the experience! :-) Even considered buying a USB-numpad to use with my laptop.

I was going to suggest Stone Soup Dungeon Crawl too. It's not that it is easy, but it is simple to understand. I too "hated" Nethack (although it was the first roguelike I ever tried, and I WISHED I could understand it, or have the patience to enjoy it, but it felt overwhelming) and once I started finding roguelikes with colored ascii, I never tried nethack again.

Anyway, Stone Soup Dungeon Crawl, and also I can reccomend this game: I haven't gotten far in it, but it is simple to understand, simple to learn the controls and pretty intriguing since it's like a novel :)

Have fun exploring the world of roguelikes

I just stumbled upon this game: I love how well this game's user interface is represented in ASCII only, it's really beautiful. Space exploration, shooting/trading game. Check it out! =)

Classic Roguelikes / Re: Never beat Crawl? Enter here! :-)
« on: January 19, 2010, 02:47:35 PM »
Well take a break. Or take a break from melee chars and try out some whacky combo. It's harder, but very fun when you feel you've accomplished something with!

And on the positive side, that's another nice run :) I gotta get one of these damn Merfolk Crusaders to survive till midgame so I can see about knocking one of your scores down a notch! ;D

Lots of good advice btw for Berserker. I think one of the biggest mistakes (as for things you can affect/control) is that weapon too. 3 is horribly low. If you really wanted to adapt to that Axe, I think you would've been forced to practice it some in safer areas first. My last Merfolk Crusader was tearing things up easily with a normal Trident. Got a much better Dagger bound to me by curse (and both weapons rely on DEX I think) and it made my melee close to useless!

Classic Roguelikes / Re: Never beat Crawl? Enter here! :-)
« on: January 17, 2010, 04:24:47 PM »
AhhhrrrgFS¤QT#! YASD.
I had been playing a Merfolk Crusader on and off for several weeks. It was actually looking great (potential wise) because of a ring of magic energy (or something like that, that gave me tons more mp) and early discoveries of several neat spellbooks. PLUS, I found a hefty trident right away!

However, I managed to get my trident cursed and ruined by a mummy. I didn't care too much, because I had also found a new, artifact-trident. However, I could NOT find any freakin scrolls of remove curse. I had 2 rations of bread left when I finally found one scroll. I equipped the new trident, and was back in business, finally able to switch to my knife to chop up corpses again. Then I decided to throw away the knife, and rather use this dagger for chopping. Turns out, this dagger is cursed too. With -2 and some other ugly effects, and 0 fighting skill with daggers, this was the end of this char.

I should've quit and played later when that happened, instead of throwing a tantrum by diving down, recklessly into certain death.

Classic Roguelikes / Re: Never beat Crawl? Enter here! :-)
« on: January 13, 2010, 08:31:19 PM »
I've discovered that scroll too in the last version. Just never been able to id it, as I've only ever found one.

Classic Roguelikes / Re: Never beat Crawl? Enter here! :-)
« on: January 10, 2010, 10:21:03 PM »
Holy shit! Hehe cool character. Yeah, that death looks abit silly. Badly trapped there at the end, and dying from a 5-damage hit!

I find it hard to treat situations with enough respect when I get characters that are too good. I almoast tend to make it further with worse characters, just because I don't get reckless so easily then xD

Edit: Did you find any Runes? I can't find it from the chardump. Thanks for shortening it abit though, every stick and stone in inventory isn't that interesting :)


(1) 488106 AmnEn the Heavyweight Champion (level 25, -3/187 (239) HPs)
     -233558 AmnEn the Merfolkian Porcupine (level 20, 0/177 (194) HPs)
(2) 276097 Mother Superior the Severer]/u] (level 21, -3/193 HPs)  (Player: rz.berry)
     -49097 Vice the Brawler (level 13, -1/127 HPs)    (Player: rz.berry)
(3) 210030 Numeron the Severer (level 18, -26/163 HPs)
(4) 72034 PerKiller the Black Belt (level 14, -2/106 (122) HPs)   (Player: Omnivorous)
(5) 52993 Rotog the Hacker (level 14, -11/130 (134) HPs)   (Player: dweller)
     -24878 Moprog the Frost Mage (level 12, -12/77 (85) HPs)   (Player: dweller)
(6) 31629 Karzack the Hacker (level 13, 0/132 HPs)
(7) 4300 Karis the Slicer (level 10, -2/56 HPs)   (Player: Archaalen)
(8) 3149 Grand Axe the Cleaver (level 9, -5/75 HPs)   (Player: Fenrir)

Color-coding: Old Score, No Runes, One Rune, Two Runes, Three Runes, Three Runes+, Orb of Zot, All Runes+Orb, Winner!.

This is a highscore table for people that are attempting to beat Crawl! This post is merely the highscore table, please post attempts, questions and comments here.

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