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Classic Roguelikes / Re: Crawl and Nethack question
« on: December 17, 2010, 03:30:05 PM »
Or you can just buy acouple of scrolls..

Classic Roguelikes / Re: Does anyone play Angband any more?
« on: December 17, 2010, 03:26:34 PM »
 A -very- well adapted version of Angband was released to my Android-phone, and it does have a full qwerty-keyboard, just that it's too hard to move around, if not I'd be playing it on a daily basis.

I remember one of the first RLs I played was Nethack, then Angband (and I LOVED it, even though I didn't understand anything and died over and over). Then I went over to T.o.M.E (which was actually a great RL back then)

I tried revisiting Angband after that, but with aaaall the variations that was released from it, I felt like Angband wasn't a game anymore but just an engine, and that ruined the feel for me. Then I found ADOM, and that's it - DCSS ofcourse.

Considering buying a blutooth-numpad to use with my phone though, just for playing Angband again :)

Classic Roguelikes / Re: Legerdemain - A major roguelike, right?!
« on: November 21, 2010, 02:52:16 AM »
Well what exactly makes a roguelike? I mean, ofcourse if you use rogue as an example you have the basics: randomly generated dungeons (although Rogue have some pretty basic pre-defined borders), random monster generation, permadeath..I don't know what else you'd put on the list, but a roguelike don't have to incorperate all these things in order to be considered a roguelike.

Sure, Legerdemain IS an adventure game. Several roguelikes can be considered rpgs, or adventure games, even though they are a roguelike. Even though I was mostly trying to be funny with the ascii-remark,  I want to say that ascii IS a red thread through the genre.

I agree with the remark about permadeath and randomly generated dungeons, I wish it could incorperate those elements somehow, but I have to say, since its gameplay revolves alot around talking and collecting pieces of a story, I suspect it'd be boring after afew characters if you had to start over each time (like ADOM has gotten for me).

Anyway I think it's an interesting debate, and I really love this game :)

Classic Roguelikes / Legerdemain - A major roguelike, right?!
« on: November 20, 2010, 07:29:04 PM »
I've played Legerdemain alot lately, and it's stunning..I don't understand why I haven't heard of it before! It seems to me like it should be respected like, and be considered as "one of the big boys".

I mean, in some ways it's more like a RPG, but c'mon. It IS ascii, and quests/information is obtained by typing stuff manually. I have to be honest though, I haven't played it more than perhaps.. 30-40 hours alltogether, and I'd only count 10-15 of those hours as efficent, I mean, before that I didn't know what the hell I was doing and I didn't know if I could "trust" the game enough to pour that much effort into..

Some untraditional things are the saving-system. I think that's okay. That makes it possible to play Legerdemain as if it was a "coffee-break" RL, when it isn't.

I just think it has an amazing depth to it, the characters you meet, the stories and by all means - the presentation, and the way it seems just as well-polished (if not more) than ADOM and DCSS.

Have you played Legerdemain? Do you consider it a "Major RL"? Why/Why not? :)

Yeah man, use Z's brilliant "cons2tcod"! :D It's hardly worth playing in a tiny window, with bland colors and that horrible font windows loves so much! I love you Z!

Classic Roguelikes / Re: help choosing a game
« on: September 21, 2010, 09:39:37 PM »
ADOMs story is not that grand.  Its kind of like "Go down that hole and defeat Chaos". It does have a few NPCs though, that give you side quests and the like .
Maybe you are right, but the complexity of the world with all of its elements and their possible interactions, and always new things to discover makes Adom the deepest roguelike I ever played.

Yeah I agree. However, ADOM also is the most "static" roguelike of the ones listed. I want to say ADOM is my favorite, because it's the one I got closest to when I played it alot, however after a while it gets abit boring to "create characters" (You just want to get past lev10 again in a hurry) so atm. it is Crawl Stone Soup. Oh and Legerdemain! (Google it, or something) :)

I suppose it was more a MUD than a roguelike. - it was just a multipalyer grid, with simple rules of gameplay but it was really really entertaining and addictive anyway. When you died, you died. You could interact with other players, by killing them or becoming a "champion" of the realm, then gaining access to certain powers that et you find coordinates of other players, incase you felt like hunting them down etc.

Anyway, the game has been down for about 2 years or so. I've tried to track down the creator, but no luck.

Does anyone remember this game or have any idea who the creator is/know how to reach him? :)

Works great now, that's brilliant! :)

Great idea!

I've tested it in Vista.

Before entering Crawl, no key-input gets registered to the console, unless I hold down Left Alt. If I hold down Left Alt, all the keys seem to work. I got crawl.exe running like this, but once inside the game, this "trick" ceases to work.
Inside the game, the only keys that I found to be working was the function-keys, except F1 turned into "p", F2 "q" etc.

I have a norwegian keyboard and language settings.

Programming / Feedback on an idea I have..
« on: June 10, 2010, 11:45:17 PM »

I hope my post isn't unsuitable for this forum, I have some programming experience, but I'm no programmer. I've just gotten an idea for a game I personally would love, by collecting inspiration from all my favorite games. I'll try to lay out the idea here, and hopefully get some feedback on whether a game like this would be possible to make or not, what tools/programming languages I'd have to integrate etc.

Anyway on to the idea:

I want the game to run in-browser, where you register and log on to play. An interface I've found impressive, simple and really exciting is the way you play "Lands of Hope": What is this really? Flash?

Anyway, another game I draw inspiration from is an old game (that's currently offline :/) called Phantasia4, It was a -very- simple MUD-rpg that ran in java, where you had NO graphics. You just started within a coordinate-range of X:-100 - 100, Y: -100, 100, then you moved around within this infinite grid. At intersections like 100,100, 400,400, 1200,1200 etc. you would find shops, and you could interact with other players.

Third source of inspiration is "Dragon Court" and what I specifically want to draw from this game is the way it only give you a certain amount of turns each day.

Soooo, what I'm envisioning is this: A space-exploration game, where "space" actually would be generated as players "found" planets. Like having a certain chance each time the player moves, to "find" a planet, then the game would generate this planet and make it persistent in the world for other players to find the same planet. OFcourse setting some sort of ruleset where only 5 planets could be generated within each 10x10 square, and also possibly making them dissapear after a while or something.

On each planet generated there would again be different possibilities. For example landing and finding a dungeon where each dungeon would be generated as in any roguelike, and gameplay would be like a roguelike.

Does anybody get my idea? What type of programmer(s) would I need to make something like this happen, any advice on languages and how to integrate stuff like this into the browser? :)

Thanks for any replies!

The solution is ofc to make a tiled version using ASCII-only tiles.

Haha, yeah exactly! :)

It cannot be fullscreened, it has a horrible range of colors/symbols. Windows' console version really looks and feels like a bad port. Kinda like acouple of Final Fantasy games and Devil May Cry, that they just ported as quickly as possible over to PC from PS2.. it was unplayable. Hope somebody makes a DOS-version! =)

I was suprised and really excited to see that DCSS had a new release ready, with added content aswell as bug-fixes, improving and tweaking! But I was suprised to see there's no DOS-version available for download this time. Maybe some of you who have been around longer than I, can answer my question; Is DOS-version usually released abit more casually, later? Or does this mean that they aren't even going to make a DOS-release?

DCSS seems to be the most popular roguelike at the moment, it's really well documented and presented through wikis and the homepage, however, to contact developers, ask questions and things like this seems to be abit complex. I couldn't find any better way to do so than posting a comment on one of the last news-postings on the page, and I saw several other comments who were of the same nature.

I seriously hope a DOS-version will arrive. The tiled version reminds me of these amateur, low-budget RPG games, with a cluttered interface and choppy graphics/engine, and the ASCII-version for Windows is barely playable in Windows Vista/Windows 7. It's forcewindowed, colors are -ugly-... ARGH, ASCII in DOS fullscreened is so pure, clean, solid and sexy! :p

Classic Roguelikes / Re: Never beat Crawl? Enter here! :-)
« on: March 14, 2010, 11:05:26 PM »
I think they are magical "tools" that you only can use once. Some can be very dangerous too from what I understand :X I'm sure someone has a better explainationxD I remember reading about it on a Wiki-site for Crawl when I found two lanterns.

Classic Roguelikes / Re: Never beat Crawl? Enter here! :-)
« on: March 07, 2010, 11:53:03 PM »
Haha, well in a way there is seldom any -reason- for a char to die.. But due to acts of carelessness, one ends up in situations where there's no reason for the char to live through it either xD

I've become addicted to trying out "exotic" class/race combinations, but the score-system in Crawl is so demotivating, if you can't even get to the first rune.. It's like, you feel like the char finally is strong enough to maybe start doing some damage, but then you die, and you get 3k or something as score. When if you'd just get abit further and pickup a rune, you'd be at 100k right away ;D

I try to make some runs now and then, but gotten so addicted to chess atm, so it's hard to find time.

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