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The Thirty One Lieutenants of Sorcerer Bedsui


The Thirty One Lieutenants of Sorcerer Bedsui is a Java roguelike, created as a prototype to show off novel, squad-based combat mechanics. I am hoping to incorporate feedback into a more ambitious game in the future, so feedback is very welcome.

All combatants, monsters and player characters, move about the board like tafl pieces (or the rook from chess), only stopping when blocked by a wall, unit, or wandering into an enemy's melee range. In most roguelikes, the melee range for units are the eight immediately adjacent squares. In T31LoSB different weapons provide different melee ranges specific to the weapon type. Units, player and monster, are fragile. Any attack which rolls higher than a unit's relevant defense stat is fatal. My intent is the create combat that focuses on maneuvering and coordinating a squad of various weapon types, and where trapping enemy units is the primary challenge of killing them instead of relying on more hit points and stronger attacks.

Project Site:

I have a playable alpha, as well as a bunch of screen shots, online here

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