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Other Announcements / Roguelike Radio podcast
« on: August 30, 2011, 02:44:21 AM »
A new roguelike podcast has been started, and the first episode released, with Cardinal Quest as the initial focus of attention.  You can find it here:

Feedback is very welcome, since none of us have done this before  :/

The Roguebasin / Rogue Basin registration problems
« on: August 16, 2011, 05:50:25 PM »
Several people have reported problems registering on RogueBasin - apparently there's no registration page any more.  Anyone know how to fix it?

Temple of the Roguelike / Roguelike Round-up
« on: June 30, 2011, 11:09:16 PM »
I've started a new monthly article called "Roguelike Round-up".  It's a successor of sorts to Slash's old Release Wire - rounding up lists of all games released or updated that month, but also adding in some general news and events and briefly noting what's upcoming in the month.  I've posted an article for June here.

This is a first post, and experimental.  It didn't take long to make, and I don't foresee any problems being able to quickly knock together like articles at the end of every month.  But if you have ideas on how you'd like it changed, please let me know.  I'd like it to be useful and informative to others in the roguelike scene (as I always found the Release Wire to be) so if I'm missing out important stuff then let me know!  Also feel free to post in the thread any time with info you think should be included in the next round-up.

Programming / Achievement ideas
« on: April 06, 2011, 08:29:05 AM »
I'm getting ready to release a new version of Toby the Trapper (my 2010 7DRL game) based on some suggestions from Michał Bieliński and a few tweaks I'd like to do myself.  Part of the upgrade is to include a high score system and an achievement system, with total achievements gained displayed on the title screen.  Problem is I'm a little starved on achievement ideas...

For those unfamiliar with Toby the Trapper it's a roguelike where you are twice as fast as most enemies, have only 1 HP, and the only way to attack is to lay down traps.  Achievements I'd like to implement are:

 * 1 for each ending (total 15)
 * 1 for each boss (total 6)
 * killing giant in 1 round
 * killing more than 9 enemies in one round
 * making a trap explosion chain of more than 10 traps, with enemies killed on each end
 * winning on hardcore mode
 * winning in under 5000 turns

Other than than I'm a bit starved of ideas.  Think that's enough?  Or have any rough suggestions for more?  I don't want to have any simple "kill x enemies in the game" achievements, and I want them all to be positive things based on real gameplay challenge.

Temple of the Roguelike / IRLDb Suggestions
« on: March 16, 2011, 07:55:18 PM »
The database is very very funky, but I think a few tweaks would be nice.  Primarily:

1. If updated date field is blank then pull through released date instead.

2. Show search criteria/customisation in the url instead of masking the home link.  This would let one link to a specific search externally.

3. Have quick links at the top to "All Roguelikes", "All 7DRLs", maybe some others.

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Broken Bottle 1.1
« on: March 13, 2011, 07:56:22 PM »
I've made some bugfixes and tweaks to the 7drl version:

Those on OSX or Linux will have to download the T-Engine and put my module folder into the \game\modules\ directory.  You can get the engine and the module folder on the following links:

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world, following an alcoholic with a murky past as he tries to ascend to the surface.  The game has a grim and dark theme, with story elements revealed through game progression, and through hallucinations or dreams induced by alcoholic abuse or withdrawal.  Alcohol is a core element of the game - living without it is difficult, as it highly replenishes stamina which is used up in melee (fighting on very low stamina will make you miss most of the time).  There are also withdrawal effects if you go without for a long time.  On the other hand abusing alcohol too much can be bad for you, and can even send you into a immobile state.

Some screenshots:

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / 4DRL Success: UNSTOPPABLE
« on: October 26, 2010, 10:43:20 PM »
So I made a new roguelike, this time in 4 days. You can get it here:
(contains Windows and Linux execs and FPC source - I'm trying to get an OSX compile at the mo)

Alternatively you can ssh (many thanks to Whales for this)

UNSTOPPABLE is a sci-fi themed roguelike(esque) game where you play a robot with invincible armour and wield an unstoppable weapon. The enemies in the game can't directly harm you, but with looping map edges all those shots you keep firing suddenly start getting dangerous. The object of the game is to defeat the Rogue AI on level 10, who also wields an unstoppable weapon, but is thankfully lacking the invincible armour.

Gameplay is tense and hard, but generally fair. Just watch the map edges - those bloody Flashers creep up outta nowhere...

Ugly screenshot:

Programming / Annual Roguelike Release Party
« on: March 27, 2010, 07:34:21 PM »
A new idea has just been proposed on

In short, the idea is we have a release date every September where every roguelike developer should try and get a game out.  It can be a completely new project, an unreleased RL that's been in development for ages, or an update of an already published title (no matter how big or small).  The date should give an incentive to get a lot more developers producing real results by a certain deadline.  It'll also give us a lot more games to play coming into the winter months!

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Trapper 1.1 released
« on: March 25, 2010, 02:10:58 AM »
You can download it here:

It's a bugfix and polish update of the 7drl version.  No real gameplay changes, though it should solve some issues people complained about.  Any comments/criticisms/suggestions are abundantly welcome.

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