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Programming / Which Aesthetics of Play can Roguelikes Satisfy
« on: June 28, 2013, 07:46:21 AM »
Watch this before responding please:

(Sisclaimer: I'm pretty drunk, so if this post makes no sense, I'll edit it tomorrow)

I think this video makes a lot of good points on how we categorize games as opposed to how we should be categorizing games. We define games based on mechanics instead of aesthetics.

To refresh your memory, here are the eight aesthetics defined in the video:
  • Sensation: Game as sense-pleasure
  • Fantasy: Game as make-believe
  • Narative: Game as drama
  • Challenge: Game as obstacle course
  • Fellowship: Game as social framework
  • Discovery: Game as uncharted territory
  • Expression: Game as self-discovery
  • Submission: Game as pastime

It seems to me like roguelikes generally only satisfy challenge, and possibly submission with some exceptions. As far as discovery goes, it is true that the dungeons are randomly generated, but I feel this more just goes towards making the game more challenging since you will generally come across the same things either way, just in a different order. I feel there are exceptions, such as brogue, which satisfies sensation very well in my opinion. What aesthetics do you think roguelikes satisfy, and what aesthetics do you think they CAN satisfy.

(Disclaimer 2: drunk)

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