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I actually released this towards the end of last year, but never got around to posting about it here, despite being an occasional lurker. It's a game I've worked on for around two years, based on ideas I'd had for a long time beforehand.

Afterlife 3: Legends of Rickard Bronson is a heavily roguelike action platformer (or a heavily action-oriented platform roguelike?), and ostensibly the third game in my Afterlife series, though as it's a prequel, it's very much designed to be playable regardless of experience with the other games (although, that having been said, experience with the first game in particular might be of some small advantage in quickly getting used to the physics and controls...)

The game is a score-driven arcade-style treasure-collecting roguelike (much like the original Rogue), with fully procedurally-generated levels and quests, and quite a lot of weapons, items, skills and upgrades to experiment with along the way (there are over a hundred learnable skills in the most recent update). There are also unlockable advantages and minigames, and online high-score charts.

I should also mention that, being primarily a roguelike, it's really quite brutal for a platformer; and as a very 90s-inspired platformer, it's very skill/action-oriented for a roguelike; a combination which almost certainly makes it offputting to the widest possible number of people. :P


More about the game here:
Download here:
Scoreboards here:
Changelog here:
Forum here:

Final note: I continue to be open to suggestions for the game, and will likely be (every so often, at least) releasing occasional updates with new content, so do let me know if you have any ideas you'd like to put forward. :)


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