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7DRLs / Dead Horizons Roguelike (7DRL 2017)
« on: March 04, 2017, 10:30:39 PM »
Hey all,

This will be my 7th 7DRL , holy cow! It was 7drl that actually taught me how to finish something, so thanks!

A wild-west-in-space roguelike with a focus on cover-based ranged combat.
I plan to start around 2pm EST on Sunday the 5th.

This year, I am working with game writer Matthew Ritter, and the whole thing is based on a story he wrote! We are using 7DRL to feel out the possibility of a larger long-term project.

The opening story:

It's a harsh world of desert, dust, and sadness.

If the sun and the sand don't kill you,
the blood vultures and water poachers will.

You're the last survivor of the town of Prospect.

Corpses behind you, maps and notes in hand,
You must take them back to civilization.

Even if everywhere you look...
...are dead horizons.

Good luck everyone!

Early Dev / The Curse Of Yendor (Windows, Android Beta)
« on: September 15, 2016, 03:07:14 PM »
Ok, it's been a few months since the original post here, and now...

"Curse of Yendor" is available on Steam!

It's a (mostly-)classical roguelike with terrain deformation, highly tactical combat, and mini-quests as its main themes.

The game is feature-complete, crash free, and winnable (and losable).

Here are some screenshots:

...and the mobile version...

7DRLs / Eden Sector - 7DRL 2014
« on: March 11, 2014, 06:32:54 PM »
Eden Sector will be my entry for 7DRL 2014. It's a mod of my current big project, Approaching Infinity.
A.I. is a work in progress, but it is near completion.

Eden Sector will be based in the same world, and on top of the same code framework,
but it will definitely be its own thing, and coded within the time constraints of 7drl.
It will have its own ships, monsters, items, and quests. It will in fact be quest driven,
but utilizing A.I.'s robust randomized quest system. It will also feature things that are
simply not a part of Approaching Infinity; unique to Eden Sector.

And whereas A.I. is intended to be a commercial game, Eden Sector will be entirely free,
playable and winnable for everyone. It will be a good way to see what A.I. is capable,
without giving away too much of the full story/content of the main game.

I just started the work today, 3/11/14. I will finish on sunday (hopefully!)

Approaching Infinity, A Space Adventure Roguelike .   $7.50-$75.00, various things at each level

Pilot a spaceship of your choice through an infinite sci-fi universe, exploring planets, gathering resources and technology, battling space pirates, and picking sides in an interstellar war that's been developing for millenia.

most important commands:
 numpad or hjklyubn to move
 right & left arrow keys scroll helpful menus
 [F] to fire, [ + ] to cycle targets
 [D] to dock, land, or leave

now with mouse support!

What's planned for the game?
 - a randomized crafting system for components and devices
 - Random Officers with individual skills to help you
 - More Devices with more powers
 - unlockable ship classes
 - elemental monsters(!)
 - more alien races (Gruff, Tentaculons, Limoquee, Vordalene, Firaxughinians)
 - unique monster powers, and more monsters.
 - several major quest lines (at least 1 for each of the alien races.)
 - 3-5 different ways to end the game, and countless ways to just keep playing.
 - any great ideas from players and supporters!

Here's what the game is looking like these days, thanks to David Gervais.

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Random Realms , version 009c
« on: August 21, 2013, 03:34:02 AM »
finally after more than a year, a new version of Random Realms is released.

complete and free for windows, download it here:

What sets random realms apart is that in each new game,
an entire set of 26 new monsters is generated.
in one game, you might fight the Lebral, abbreviated L,
which is an ooze that damages weapons it's attacked with.
in the next , the L might be a golem with tons of HP that only takes
half damage from magic and ranged weapons.

here is the original release thread:

* Full Documentation Included
* Variable Game Length and Difficulty
* Set Perma-Death On or Off at Game Start
* Full Magic System
* Simple Controls and Interface
* Many Automatic Gameplay Features
* Online High Score Tracking
* Over 1 Million Possible Weapons!
* Over 10 Million Possible Monsters!

Programming / keep an Endless Sci-Fi Roguelike interesting?
« on: August 20, 2013, 03:26:34 AM »
(Original post below, but exciting news here!)

This idea has developed into a full game, thanks to people here (and other forums) for the early encouragement and ideas
And Now It's On Kickstarter!
You can also download the alpha here for windows.

i am thinking about writing a graphical, sci-fi, endless roguelike.
endless levels, with monsters, and equipment getting progressively more powerful.

Been working on this for 30 days now. Here's The ARRP version 0.0.2
Approaching Infinity

what would keep this interesting for players?

(I like hack'n'slash and love finding the next awesome weapon, so that's a big motivation for me)

what are your thoughts?


basic design:
you fly ('are') a rogue spaceship, collecting salvage and treasure,
getting better ship parts & equipment.

in space, you explore new areas, battle aliens, and dock with space stations to sell salvage and buy upgrades.
you can land on planets to search for ancient artifacts, but it's dangerous. aliens, acid, volcanoes, disease.

the world would be random but each 'sector' would be constant once it was generated.
(I actually forget what that's called right now!) (persistent!)

the game would be essentially infinite, since you could keep finding new random technology forever,
but you could also 'retire' at any time, and keep that score.

using brian's idea (below) , tech upgrades would have interesting names (though still random)
more than just being a bunch of numbers.

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / 88 Pages - a 7DRL 2013 Success!
« on: March 18, 2013, 04:29:55 AM »
Hey, all!
finished with another 7DRL, and it's a success!

it's called " 88 Pages "
it's a puzzly coffee-break graphical roguelike,
where you try to collect all 88 pages without dying,
and there is no bump-to-attack!

it was finished 11:58pm 3/16/13, and announced on rgrd yesterday.
Download The Finished Game Here!

Every Wizard Knows The Legend Of The 88 Pages:

An Incantation so powerful that it was written one
syllable at a time on eighty-eight seperate pages!
And the monk transcribing it who went insane and
scattered the pages to the winds of the Haunted Forest.
Where the paths change as quickly as you turn your head.
Where hope and sanity are lost as easily as your life.

the inspiration for the game was to make a single
ever-changing infinite dungeon level, and i think it worked!

this is for windows, and has no known bugs.
i won a game today, fair and square on easy difficulty ("optimistic")

Programming / weight / encumbrance in roguelikes
« on: May 04, 2012, 01:50:22 PM »
ok, so how do people feel about items having weight in a roguelike,
and the player only being able to carry a certain amount?

i intend to have both a limited # of inventory slots,
and items with weight that can eventually slow you down
and limit what you can carry.

is this too limiting to the player?

please discuss & inform me!

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